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Pseudonym: Conway, Phillip.

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Captain W. C. Arms. Phillip Conway was an alias used by Captain Arms when meeting anti-Castro Cuban, Antonio Veciana, in January of 1963.
Captain Arms met Veciana along with Harold Parker (an alias for Alex V. Drashpil).


01/29/63: INSCOM/CSF document: Memorandum from J. E. Boyt, Colonel, Infantry Commanding to Chief, AUTOBOAT (C), San Juan, Puerto Rico: Subject: Alpha 66: "1. (C) Mr. Phillip Conway (Capt Arms) and Mr. Harold Parker (Lt Col Drashpil) met Veciana on two occasions, 22 January at 1100 hours and 23 January at 1230 hours. A copy of the Memorandum for Record of those meetings is attached. 2. (C) For your information, an ISR is being conducted on Dr. Duany, since he met Conway and Parker. Veciana stated that he would not be returning to Puerto Rico for at least 60 days. He intends to spend a month in New York and go from there to Chicago. He was given the Jackson telephone number and said he could be contacted by mail c/o Alpha 66, PO Box 2398, New York 1, New York. His telephone number there is UN 4-9366. Aside from a sympathetic audience, he has been given no promises and was told that we would look into the possibilities for release of the boat. We expect to be in periodic contact with him on this matter and you will be informed of any significant developments. Parker and Conway only identified themselves as 'interested parties.' 3. (C) The ACSI has expressed interest in exploring the possibilities for assistance to Veciana in order that the potential of the group can be exploited for intelligence purposes. You will be informed of any recommendations or directed courses of action as appropriate. J. E. Boyt, Colonel, Infantry Commanding. M/R Antonio Veciana, fund raiser for Alpha 66 and Second Front of the Escambray. Developed by AUTOBOAT (C). Recently met by USAOSD. In connection with current considerations of policy by the Cuban Coordination Committee, this case is being given active consideration as a means for implementing policy when established...Prepared by: Capt Arms...Coordination: Maj Swafford, Lt Col Drashpil. FILE: SD VECIANA."

194-10003-10407: MEMORANDUM FOR: EPIDEMIC (C)

02/01/63: : INSCOM/CSF document: Memorandum from W.C. Arms, Capt LA Desk to EPIDEMIC (C): Subject: Alpha 66 Boat Seizure: Handwritten note at top: File - Veciana's dossier. "1. (U) Reference the seizure of an Alpha 66 operated boat in Miami on 31 October 1962. 2. (C) Maj Decker, Lt Col Drashpil and undersigned this date visited Mr. Lester Johnson, Deputy Commissioner, Division of Investigations and Enforcement, Treasury Department Bureau of Customs. Purpose of the visit was to ascertain the current status of the case involving the seized boat and contents. Mr. Johnson was told we were in contact with some of the parties (unnamed) and in order to maintain our relations with them desired to know the current status of this case. We stated that we were not a party to any petition for release of the boat. 3. (U) According to Mr. Johnson, there is no record of the seizure in Washington. He stated this indicated that the case was still in the initial stages of investigation or that a formal petition had not been received. In any event he directed as to inquire in Miami. He was given your name and told that you would be in contact with them in Miami for this purpose. Their man is Mr. Joseph Fortier, Supervisory Customs Agent, Room 354, Post Office Building, Miami. 4...The boat owner is Raimundo Molina Gonzalez, who has retained the services of Richard R. Booth, of the firm of Walters, Moore & Constanzo, Attorneys, Suite 1008 Ainsley Building, 14 Northeast First Avenue, Miami 32...5 (C) Would appreciate your looking into the matter for us to find out if there are any untoward circumstances prejudicing the case and what, if any there policy is. Do not, of course, wish to give impression we are interfering. This too, may be an opportunity to establish liaison channels for your own purposes (Mr. Johnson understood we were ACSI reps)."


02/08/63: INSCOM/CSF document: Memorandum for the record from W.C. Arms, Capt LA Desk: Subject: DUP 748 (U): "1. (U) On 7 February, Maj Watlington called undersigned to report the results of his conversation with Mr. Fortier, Bureau of Customs, Miami. 2. (U) Fortier referred to his file and stated the following: No action has been taken on the case. It is being handled in Tampa. No government agency (meaning CIA) had interceded on their behalf, therefore there was little likelihood of favorable adjudication or prompt action. 3. (U) Fortier stated that the ten individuals on the boat at the time of impoundment, had come up for trial on 10 December 1962. He did not know the outcome as these cases were turned over to the Justice Department for prosecution. In most cases such as this, the individuals were released with a fine. He stated that if either property case amounted to more than $2500 it had to go before a Federal court for disposition, and that in cases such as this, the material, if confiscated, was turned over to the Government; in this case where arms were involved, to the Defense Department. 4. (U) Mr. Fortier suggested that if there were any effort to release the material by an interested government agency, it should be made through Mr. Philip Nichols (Mr. Nichols is Director of Customs, Washington)...5. DUP 748 (Veciana) has been called three times since his visit to Washington. In each instance there was no further progress to report to him, aside from telling him we were continuing to look into the case. On the latest contact he was told we would have an answer, one way or another, by 15 February. (Handwritten: wca). W.C. Arms, Capt LA Desk."


02/14/63: INSCOM/CSF document: Memorandum from J. E. Boyt, Colonel, Infantry Commanding to Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army (ATTN: Chief, Collection Survey): Subject: Cuban Operations (U): "1. (U) Reference: USAOSD Letter, Subject: Cuban Operations (U), dated 28 January 1963 Tab 'A.' 2. (U) On 31 October 1962, a boat of Alpha 66 was confiscated in the Miami river by U.S. Customs. The material on the boat consisted of small arms and other supplies and was also confiscated. It is believed that the boat and supplies were impounded to prevent the Alpha 66 members from conducting a raid on Cuba. 3. (C) USAOSD is in contact with Mr. Veciana, an Alpha 66 representative, and he has requested U.S. Army assistance in securing the release of the boat and equipment. Informal discussions with the Customs Bureau indicate that an expression of interest by another government agency might secure the release of the boat and equipment. Securing the release of this Alpha 66 boat very probably will assist USAOSD in collecting information on Cuba and may assist in creating a black infiltration capability. 4. (U) It is requested that the letter attached at Tab 'B' be signed and dispatched to the Commissioner of Customs in an attempt to secure the release of the Alpha 66 boat and supplies. J. E. Boyt, Colonel, Infantry Commanding. M/R Veciana has been promised a reply one way or another by 15 February. If letter is signed by the ACSI, suggest it be hand carried to customs. Prepared by: Capt Arms...Coordination: Maj Swafford, Lt Col Drashpil..." (CONTINUED BELOW)


02/14/63: INSCOM/CSF document: Memorandum from J. E. Boyt, Colonel, Infantry Commanding to Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of the Army (ATTN: Chief, Collection Survey): Subject: Cuban Operations (U): (Handwritten note: "Maj. Watlington called undersigned 18 Feb to report phone call from Customs, Miami. They stated that after Maj. W's initial conversation they decided to recommend release of the boat and so informed Tampa, which had the boat. Accordingly Tampa wrote a letter to the lawyers on 14 Feb saying their boat would be released. No (unintelligible) was made of the equipment. Grover was notified 18 Feb. He in turn will write Menoyo, taking credit and if Veciana AWOL, underground, he will be told Grover secured release. Ops B informed and this made known to DIA. WCA."

194-10003-10413: PANTOJA

Undated: INSCOM/CSF document: Titled: Pantoja: Handwritten note: "Contact dates: (C) Persons involved: 17 Feb 61: House met Menoyo. 13 Oct 62: Duke met a Rene Dechart. 20 Oct 62: King met Veciana. 16 Nov 62: King & Pat met Nazario, Menoyo & Huquet (first thing). 22 & 23 Jan 63: Arms & Drashpil met Veciana. 26 Feb: Pat met Menoyo, Huquet, Nazario & Bano. On 10 Sept 66 (Note: Was this supposed to have been 1962 instead of 1966?) Alpha 66 had a group meeting in San Juan following one of their attacks (the first?) on Cuba. There may have been some contact between Auto B and Veciana between 10 Sept and 20 Oct 62."

Gavin McDonald

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