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Pseudonym: Conniff, N

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Jack M. Bauman. A cable on January 22, 1954, stated that N. R. Conniff was the security officer of PBSUCCESS. J. Anthony Lukas, in his book, Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years, stated that Jack Bauman was "the security officer for the CIA's Guatemala operation."
A cable on February 1, 1954, stated "if persuasion successful, Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) to be escorted by Conniff to vicinity local Mexican tourist commission. Applies for tourist card with present documentation. If questioned and/or detained Conniff takes action. B. Prior departing, Calligeris phones in Mexico City to meet him and arrange lodging. C. Outside airport, Conniff introduces Matthew H. Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez) to Calligeris as ‘Juan’, who will tail him and provide fast emergency communication to group."

A cable on February 19, 1954, mentioned that Conniff was debriefing Pivall (probably David Morales) over compromised cryptonyms and pseudonyms.

Memoranda on Ross Crozier in August of 1962 mentioned that Jack Bauman was SO (Security Officer) at JMWAVE (CIA Station in Miami). Moreover, a memo on November 9, 1962, stated that "Reuteman (Theodore Shackley) and Conniff would like to have the (REDACTION) at WAVE for TDY about 13 Nov to consider execution of the above plan." This plan involved JMWAVE casing and possibly breaking and entering a Cuban exiles' building. Carter of the Office of Security, George Ladner of TFW security, and Seymour Bolten were also mentioned in this memo.

A FBI memo in 1963 on the Directorio Estudiantil Revolucionario (DRE) mentioned Jack Bauman, CIA, Miami. In addition, Bauman was later interviewed in June of 1972 in regards to the Watergate scandal.


01/11/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: RE: (REDACTION)-0858 (IN 46108): RYBAT PBSUCCESS SECUR: CONNIFF TO ZAHM: "1. Request POC on FOLL persons to be used in KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) training: A. (REDACTION), Guatemalan living in Managua. He will act as CO in Nicaraguan area. B. (REDACTION), a Spaniard living in Managua. He will act as training area medical officer. C. (REDACTION), who will act as KUHOOK CO. 2. The following will be KUHOOK training personnel: A. (REDACTION). B. (REDACTION). C. (REDACTION). D. (REDACTION). E. (REDACTION). F. (REDACTION). G. (REDACTION). H. (REDACTION). I. (REDACTION). J. (REDACTION). 3. Station files fail to reflect additional information. Cable Secretariat Comment: Col. King, WH notified of receipt of this message at 1535, 11 Jan 53."


01/22/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: PBSUCCESS RYBAT: RE: DIR 35049 (OUT 64759): "1. Conniff requests HQs be advised as follows: As security officer of the project he is aware of the type clearances needed for persons in the various categories utilized in this project. 2. CSC’s were requested On F, G, H, I and L of ref cable. With regard to A of ref cable, Conniff specifically requested a CSC for this subject for definite operational and security reasons. 3. Conniff strongly urges consideration be given to allowing info copies of security matters to go directly to SO to avoid confusion, delay, and misunderstandings."


02/01/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: ATTN: DUNBAR: ..."4. In view importance Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) and mission, LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) wishes review travel plans with HQs: A. If persuasion successful, Calligeris to be escorted by Conniff to vicinity local Mexican tourist commission. Applies for tourist card with present documentation. If questioned and/or detained Conniff takes action. B. Prior departing, Calligeris phones in Mexico City to meet him and arrange lodging. C. Outside airport, Conniff introduces Matthew H. Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez) to Calligeris as ‘Juan’, who will tail him and provide fast emergency communication to group. D. In transiting Havana, Ontrich notifies KUBARK (CIA) in case of emergency, such as detention for questioning. E. In Mexico, Ontrich goes to hotel and notifies call Calligeris..."


02/04/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: PBSUCCESS RYBAT SECUR: CONNIFF TO MOWADE: "1. IDEN A (REDACTION) reportedly resides (REDACTION) Miami and has made statements he has a million dollars at his disposal to overthrow Communist in WSBURNT (Guatemala). Reported to be active in ousting of Prio of Cuba. Also reported to be member of Florida legislature. (Handwritten: Action). 2. Request SI including complete agency N/C’s on IDEN A (handwritten note: Cable sent 8 Feb will sent (REDACTION) when (REDACTION) gives us (unintelligible) from their files) priority basis."


02/10/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: FOR KUSODA/MOWADE: RE: Conversation Dunbar, Langlough, Conniff 19 Jan 54; LINC 184 (IN 10910): "1. Ref conversation included request Langlough discuss with Mowade, Ainsworth, and Galbond (J.C. King) urgency and need of making available security man to furnish support, assistance and security guidance to KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) operations in both DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama, used by CIA as a secret interrogation center) and PBPRIME (U.S.) such man urgency needed during initial staging phase at DTROBALO commencing 13 Feb 54. Staging phase will include coordination and reception of additional material at DTROBALO. This material then must be packed and prepared for dropping and caching. Details of overflights must be coordinated both into ROBALO and over drop sites. 2. Request for security man was made on 20 Jan 54 and his services now urgently needed as staging phase commences at ROBA on 13 Feb. He should arrive at LINC soonest for briefing and be properly documented for travel to ROBA on/about 12 Feb. Initial phase and preparation for his KUHOOK operation is the time when security man needed most. He will be subordinate to Conniff but will have authority at ROBA to insure operational security procedures and personally supervise sterile packing of equipment. He will be responsible for coordination with LINC and reception and departure of all black flights into and out of ROBA. 3. If IDEN A not available for this assignment request consideration be given to assignment of IDEN B or IDEN C. Duration of assignment estimated minimum three months with probable travel to PBPRIME to coordinate packing and shipping of equipment to ROBA." - - - KUSODA was the cryptonym for CIA Office of Security.


02/19/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: RYBAT/PBSUCCESS/SECUR: REF: (REDACTION): "1. Pivall (probably David Morales) arrived LINC 0830 Feb 19 with five pages slightly paraphrased text of following messages with all cryptonyms and pseudonyms as in original instance: A) LINC 167, 169, 172, 173. B) (REDACTION). C) DIR 34829 and DIR repeat direct to (REDACTION) of LINC 164. 2. Conniff debriefing Pivall now meanwhile Cadick (William Robertson) reported Pivall had obtained papers from IDEN A (REDACTION) who voluntarily gave him papers saying owing to importance information contained therein he had shown them to (REDACTION). 3. Recommend HQs review compromised cables soonest and: A) Prepare new list of all compromised cryptonyms and pseudonyms; B) Study context view extent compromise PBSUCCESS (project to overthrow - "without bloodshed, if possible" - the Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954) with STORAX (probably President Anastasio Somoza) - urge Seekford be thoroughly debriefed re this relationship; C) Determine from Seekford how many other messages were left at this site. 4. LINC must assume other messages were compromised and that STORAX has copied all received. LINC urges HQs debrief Seekford thoroughly on all indiscretions affecting PBSUCCESS (see also LINC 608). 5. LINC forwarding above pages this date by special courier with Pivall statement and will study further and advise comments. Will notify ETA and identity courier by telephone." - - - This cable on February 27, 1954, stated that "5. Believe LINC should send Conniff to aid due to intimate knowledge details of case. Advise." https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000135974.pdf


05/23/54: Memo from William D. Playdon (Tracy Barnes), LINCOLN to PBSUCCESS Headquarters: Subject: Operational John P. Kempton's Visit to (REDACTION): "1. When John P. Kempton arrived at (REDACTION) at 0030 hours on 6 May 1954, he was met by a representative (REDACTION). The latter took Kempton's flight bag, containing twelve tapes, and accompanied him to the waiting room. From there the (REDACTION) representative carried the bag (REDACTION) out to his automobile. 2. When Kempton's suitcase was brought in and he approached the (REDACTION) the customs official, the latter asked, 'Where is the bag you were carrying when you got off the plane?' Knowing that the customs official must have seen the bag, Kempton replied that a friend had it. The 'friend' was then questioned. He stated that he had merely carried the bag to the car to assist his friend. The customs official asked him to bring the bag in from the car. 3. Before bringing the bag to the customs official, the (REDACTION) representative dumped the tapes on the floor of the front seat of the car. The customs official, upon seeing the bag, stated that the contents must have been removed since he had observed that the bag was well filled out when it was taken from the plane and now had only a few items of lingerie and magazines in it. 4. The customs official then stated that he wished to search the car. The (REDACTION) representative refused to permit that. The customs official said that, in that case, he would have to call in the police. 5. Three policemen who were on duty at the airport then entered. They agreed with the (REDACTION) man that they had no right to search his car, stating that it was a matter that would have to be settled by the customs officials...7. The customs official then proceeded to examine Kempton's suitcase thoroughly, and he departed from the airport around 0200 hours." Below William D. Playdon's name is the name N. R. Conniff.


08/17/62: Memo from Chief/ID/3 to Chief/Area Branch: Subject: Crozier, Ross #112569: "Chief/ID/3 spoke to Jack Bauman, SO at JMWAVE (CIA Station in Miami) who is in Headquarters on TDY (temporary duty), about the Subject's status at WAVE. Bauman said the Subject still (REDACTION) however, everyone connected with the project is aware of the situation, and in as much as the Subject is considered 'indispensable' there apparently is nothing to do but go along with the situation as long as possible. The Subject has reportedly (REDACTION). In view of the situation, as it has existed for two years now, it would appear the only sensible thing to do is return Subject's files to SRD and forget the matter." - - - 08/27/62: This memo, also on Ross Crozier, also mentioned Jack Bauman: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=14464#relPageId=2


11/09/62: CIA memo from HFS: "Paraphrase of First Ref (A): WAVE (CIA Station in Miami) is considering casing and possible breaking and entering exiles' building. Such action if necessary can be backstopped by local police. Reuteman (Theodore Shackley) and Conniff would like to have the (REDACTION) at WAVE for TDY about 13 Nov to consider execution of the above plan. WAVE wants a reply. Carter of the Office of Security was worried about need for reply or other action tonight, called George Ladner of TFW security, and then came to see me. I told Carter that there is no need for action tonight and telephoned George Ladner to the same effect. George will be in to see the cables on the morning of 10 Nov. Seymour Bolten also should see the cables. I'll call him in the morning..."

124-10281-10085: No Title

Circa late March/early April of 1963: FBI memo from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) (Students Revolutionary Directorate): IS - CUBA: Neutrality Matters: Partially obscured memo mentioned Jack Bauman, CIA, Miami.

Watergate FBI 139-4089 Section 28 Serials 2026 - 2100

"Interviews of Jack M. Bauman: On June 23, 24, 25 and 26, 1972, Jack M. Bauman, Winter Haven, Florida, (REDACTION) advised that James Walter McCord and Everette Howard Hunt are both known to him (REDACTION). During these interviews of Mr. Bauman, and through documents made available by him, it was established that on December 21, 1971, Everette Howard Hunt was associated with the Robert R. Mullen Company at WDC. At that time, Mr. Hunt was looking for an individual having technical ability as a photo engraver, locksmith and photographer. On December 28, 1971, Mr. Hunt and an unknown individual met with Mr. Bauman in Miami Beach, Florida, in Room 604 at the Playboy Plaza Hotel. Mr. Bauman stated that he believes this hotel room may have been rented under the name George Leonard. At that time, Mr. Hunt advised that he was developing a security program for the Republican Party. He requested Bauman to join him in this endeavor. Subsequently, in January, 1972, Bauman met with Hunt and an unknown individual in WDC. On that occasion, Bauman declined Hunt's offer of employment. Bauman further advised that he believed Mr. Hunt may have also utilized the aliases of E. J. or E. Warren..."


Extract from Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years (1999) by J. Anthony Lukas: Page 170: "Hunt had received a Christmas card that winter from Jack Bauman, the security officer for the CIA's Guatemala operation, who had retired early after a heart attack. He wrote Bauman in Winterhaven, Florida, asking if he would be available for 'some work.' Hunt and Bauman met on December 28, 1971, and later in Washington. Bauman received four $100 bills for his expenses, but ultimately he turned down the job. At Hunt's request, Bauman interviewed one candidate the CIA had suggested, but he wasn't interested, either..." - - - https://www.amazon.com/Nightmare-Underside-J-Anthony-Lukas/dp/0821412876/ref=sr_1_1?qid=

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