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Pseudonym: Clark, Raymond

A HSCA document stated that Raymond Clark was an alias used by Robert Chamberlain when meeting Tony Varona in July of 1961.
It also stated that Chamberlain had been designated as replacement for Gerard Droller in liaison matters with Cardona.


HSCA document: Page 160: ..."5. Varona called CIA on July 7. Robert Chamberlain has been designated as replacement for Jerry Droller in liaison matters with Cardona...7. Memo for record - by Robert Chamberlain dated 7 July 1961. Contact with Varona - Varona is in DC staying at Roosevelt Hotel. Will be in DC 3 or 4 days. Chamberlain gave name of Raymond Clark. Varona asked several questions re state of affairs. Got no answers. Asked how to get in touch with General Taylor. Told to go through Mr. Goodwin. 8. Contact with Varona on July 11 1961 and Robert Chamberlain. Varona wanted money for three prisoners who are now stranded at Mariott. Note on side says no - quid pro quo clear on this..."

Gavin McDonald

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