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Pseudonym: Cayo

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Ricardo Cabrera Amoedo, informant with Cuban intelligence.
See 104-10308-10294 - p. 2 and p. 5 make it clear he was 201-298345.


Re 1960-63: Cabrera was born in Habana, about 35 years old...appointed to the National Police in 1952 by the BATISTA regime...surveilled the revolutionaries in asylum...became friendly with such Cuban asylees as...Carlos Prio Socarras and Antonio de Varona...CABRERA became a TRUJILLO agent...in 1960, as an active G-2 member, CABRERA returned to Miami and continued working as an informer under VALDES' orders...In Miami, CABRERA worked for G-2, together with PIMENTAL (fnu) (note: Ricardo Pimentel) and Pepe NOVA, who were the chiefs of the G-2 agents in Miami. CABRERA is still a man who would sell his mother and his best friend for a dollar. CABRERA became an American citizen and used to brag about being a member of the CIA." 4/30/63 CIA memo.


September 1962 report from "Carlos Blanco" re Ricardo Cabrera Amoedo aka 'Cayo': Ricardo Cabrera Amoedo reported as saying, "(Tony) Varona's group, to which he belonged, was acting freely to create an incident that would force the Americans to take action...they had means to deceive the Americans."

124-90045-10011 No Title

Re 3/17/63 raid of the SNFE (Operation Alpha 66): "Will locate and interview Ricardo Cabrera, 800 W. 53rd St., Hialeah, owner of boat possibly used by Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo." April 1963 FBI memo.

HSCA Report, Volume V Current Section: Narration by G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Staff Director

4/7/63: The RCA (Anti-Communist Civic Resistance) was a grouping of the ELN (Army of National Liberation), the MRR, the Montecristo Group and others. It was directed from abroad by Nino Diaz/AMNORM-1, a counterrevolutionary and CIA agent. "One of the plots worked out by the RCA was scheduled to take place on April 7, 1963, in the Latin American Stadium, with the participation of 16 men armed with pistols and fragmentation grenades. The group included Enrique Rodriguez Valdes, Ricardo Lopez Cabrera, Onorio Torres Perdomo and Jorge Carlos Espinosa Escarles, who were to be dressed in official Rebel Army uniforms and who were to assassinate the Commander in Chief." Also see 104-10310-10019 - CIA memo states that for the names listed above, "we have no identifiable information on or any indication that we ever had contact" with these individuals.


Memo from Juan Amestoy/AMCANOE-9 folder states: "8 April 1963 - Juan Armestoy (sic) told me: He works with Ricardo Cabrera chief of infiltration from CIA...an internal uprising is being prepared and six men, four Cubans and two foreigners, have already arrived in Cuba to assassinate Fidel. Ricardo told Rin last night that from now until December many things are expected in Cuba and that the American government will take advantage of the opportunity of the attack on the Russian boat (note: Probably Baku attack of 3/63) to control the gusanos (worms) who work on their own and then in the work of CIA in its job of infiltration." The next page states, "On 21 July 1963 AMAPOLA received a radio message which said that Juan AMESTOY, Ricardo CABRERA and Jesus GONZALEZ are members of a network of agents; that it is necessary to have data on these men and the names of each one of the remaining members of the network; the group with whom it has contacts; and the degree of friendship AMAPOLA has with AMESTOY and the others. On 5 August 1963 WAVE reported that AMESTOY and AMAPOLA had been in Sam Severino (prison) at the same time, and WAVE believes that AMESTOY may have been allowed by the Cuban IS to come to the US to provide counter-revolutionary contacts for AMAPOLA."

124-90090-10024: RESTRICTED

9/11/63 memo from CAS, Joseph Vidal to SAC, FBI re Jose Carbonell Marrero aka Agent AMAPOLA: CIA was interested in several of his contacts and his information sources "such as Antonio Rojas". Those of most immediate interest included Luis Aguiar Perez, the alleged second-in-command to the guerrilla leader Thorndyke (aka Magarito Lanza Flores, see 104-10227-10232, page 8) - no interest in Aguiar but interest in his former colleague Nilo Fernandez - note 104-10071-10264, which identifies Luis Aguiar, Luis Castro, and Edele Montiel as reps of the three groups in Miami that are financially supported by Masferrer; Juan Amestoy Dominguez/AMCANOE-9 - this office would like to know how closely Amestoy is associated with Subject; seeking the full name of Jesus Gonzalez associated with Amestoy/AMCANOE-9 and Ricardo Cabrera in the letter intercepted April 8, 1963; Ernesto Santana Carreras - how, when and where did Subject gain information from Santana..." See chrono with an April 1963 memo - 104-10506-10028 - p. 143 - for more on Rojas, Aguiar, and Santana. A 9/3/63 memo describes Carbonell as possibly the principal agent for AMAPOLA (crypt - Cuban Intelligence Service), and that its main objective is penetration of CIA and exile organizations directed against Cuba.

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