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Pseudonym: Carlos

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Carl E. Jenkins.
A memo in December of 1964 from Andrew D. Rohlfing, WH/SA/SO/HH, stated that Jenkins used the alias of Carlos, while Rohlfing used the alias of Andres, when the former contacted AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa).

Major Thomas P. Odom, in his book, Dragon Operations: Hostage Rescues in the Congo, 1964-1965, stated that William Robertson used the alias of Carlos to an U.S. missionary. This is an unverified alias.

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

12/07/64: Memo for the record from Andrew D. Rohlfing, WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation with AMBIDDY-1: "1. I telephoned Subject in Miami and introduced myself as 'Andres' and indicated that I was calling for 'Carlos' who wished to know what Subject wanted as per his telephone call to 'Martin' on the previous Friday. 2. Subject indicated that he had three messages he wished to deliver and they were as follows: a. The President of Panama had given his whole-hearted consent to 'Manolin' (Hernandez) in helping them establish their operations in Panama. This message was then relayed to 'Carlos' (Jenkins) who was listening in on the conversation. b. Subject then stated that he had promised to pay the passage of the individuals who were supposed to take part in the meeting set for 10 December. He indicated that he was worried since he had not heard from the 'Flechero.' This was related to Carlos who indicated that money had been approved but as yet had not been forwarded to the bank. This information was relayed to A-1 and he seemed satisfied. c. Subject stated that he was leaving for Nicaragua tomorrow. He also asked if we had read his message to the base. i said that we had not and he then gave me the gist of his message to the effect that the 'foreign power' had as yet not vetoed their plans but that in the event they did, he (A-1) would have to drastically revise his policy of adherence to their views. Subject stressed that the message was only to bolster the moral of the men."

Dragon Operations: Hostage Rescues in the Congo, 1964-1965 by Major Thomas P. Odom

Pages 115-116: ..."Vandewalle, accompanied by Rattan, (note: William) Robertson, and the Cuban exiles, proceeded at full speed to the airfield...While Hardenne and Vandewalle conferred, Rattan and Robertson met with Clingerman. Clingerman in his debriefings of American refugees had learned from Al Larson, an American missionary, that some twenty-five missionaries remained at his mission, referred to locally as the 'Kilometer 8 mission.' Larson knew that his companions were in grave danger. He had tried to get the Belgians to rescue them, but while sympathetic to his concerns, they just did not have the men or transport. Clingerman now turned to Rattan and Robertson to resolve the problem; both agreed to make the effort. Rattan went with Sam Weisel to find some transport, while Robertson, with Larson as a guide, proceeded to the mission. (65). Robertson introduced himself to Larson as 'Carlos' and led the group along the route specified by the missionary. Larson was impressed by the swarthy band, who were careful to describe themselves as 'not Castro Cubans.' The tiny force sped through the town in a jeep and a pickup truck, passed by Camp Prince Leopold II, and punched through two roadblocks to reach the mission. For one of the missionaries, they were three hours too late (65)..."

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