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Pseudonym: Carela, Rafael

Rafael Carela was an alias that was to be used by anti-Castro Cuban activist and CIA asset, Rafael Quintero (AMJAVA-4), when meeting with Carl E. Jenkins in late May of 1964.

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

06/04/64: Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez, WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 (note: Manuel Artime Buesa) and Martin Ferrer (note: Raul J. Hernandez): Date: 29 May 1964 at 0130: "1. After being informed by night security that 'Mr. Ignacio' had called I returned A-1's call. 2. A-1 mentioned he would need four RB-12's and two RB-9's for the next operation. A-1 asked if they could be given to him directly to take to (REDACTION) I told him this would have to be checked out with Dick. 3. For security reasons A-1 felt it would be best for AMJAVA-4 (Rafael Quintero) alone to meet with Carl. A-4 will be staying at the same hotel he stayed the last time they met. Meeting scheduled for 29 May 64. After 1430 Houston time, A-4 will use alias of Rafael Carela."

Gavin McDonald

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