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Pseudonym: Campbell, Frank

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Frank Campbell was probably an alias used by Frank Kappel.
A cable in 1965 stated that Campbell was a personal friend of Frank Sturgis, and was a former Miami chief intelligence metro officer. The cable later mentioned that Campbell was probably identical to Frank Kappel.

Lieutenant Frank Kappel's name appeared in a ARRB document on backup for Secret Service: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=205485&search=#relPageId=2&tab=page


05/21/59: FBI report from Miami Office: Titled: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities: Pages 3-4: ..."John Lovell, Frank Glidewell, Patrolmen, Miami Springs, Florida Police Department: The Miami Office of the FBI received information that Alfred Youngblood and Patrolmen Lovell and Glidewell were involved in a plot to kidnap Rolando Masferrer, former Cuban Senator, living in exile in Miami. This information was disseminated to Lieutenant Frank Kappel, Intelligence Unit, Dade County Department of Public Safety. Lieutenant Kappel subsequently advised that police officers were assigned to guard Masferrer's residence and after no kidnapping attempt was made, Lovell and Glidewell were picked up and on interview, admitted their part in the scheme to kidnap Masferrer. They stated they were to go along with the kidnappers as a 'front for the plan.' Masferrer would be taken to the airport where he would be flown to Cuba and delivered to the Fidel Castro Government. Lieutenant Kappel stated Lowell, Glidewell and Youngblood are now charged by the Dade County States Attorney's Office with conspiracy to kidnap. Lieutenant Kappel stated it is believed there are possibly seven more Dade County law enforcement officers involved in the plot to kidnap Masferrer. Kappel advised that his opinion is based on evidence found in the possession of Youngblood which reflected that the division of the money to be received from the Cuban Government would be divided into nine shares after a successful completion of the kidnapping..."


07/15/59: FBI Miami report from SA John R. Barron: Titled: Rafael Cabrera Chamorro: Pages 4-5: ..."On May 5, and 7, 1959, Deputy Frank Kappel, in charge of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, DCDPS, advised that he and three other deputies went to the house at 2460 S. W. 16th Street, after receiving a tip that guns were stored there and that within minutes after their arrival, through pure coincidental luck, they observed at Hertz Rental Truck drive up and two men break into the residence and load the truck with guns and drive off. Mr. Kappel said that examination of the house reflected that it had apparently been occupied from time to time and had apparently been used as a place to break down, clean, oil and reassemble weapons. Mr. Kappel said the house was rented on October 17, 1958, to Roberto Garcia. The deputies found in the house a card reading, 'Rafael Cabrera - Coffee Planter and Exporter - Managua, Nicaragua, Miami telephone MO 5-2575, 1425 Baracoa, Coral Gables, Florida.' Some ammunition boxes were addressed to 'Abastos, G. N. Den. Managua, Nicaragua.' Mr. Kappel said a confidential source had advised him that Rafael Carbera is dedicated to the overthrow of the Somoza regime in Nicaragua. His investigation also disclosed that there has been some travel by Carbera between Miami and Cuba. Mr. Kappel concluded by stating that the arms recovered at 2460 S. W. 16th Street, Miami, consisted of Garand M-1 rifles, as well as Springfield and British Enfield rifles. He stated also seized were approximately 13,000 rounds of .30 caliber ammunition..."


01/29/60: Memorandum from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Juan Fernandez de Castro Rodriguez, et al, Rolando Masferrer Rojas, Victim Kidnapping - Conspiracy, IS - Cuba: Page 2: ..."Supervisor Howard R. Albaugh directed this investigation and determined that we should endeavor to place one of our agents in an undercover capacity. Since Taaffe said that the most logical person to contact in some local law enforcement capacity would be a representative of the Dade County Sheriff's Office, Supervisor Albaugh directed that we endeavor to secure a cover for Special Agent William B. Holloman. Special Agent Holloman contacted Lt. Frank Kappel, Intelligence Unit, Dade County Sheriff's Office. I also contacted the County Manager and chief law enforcement officer of the County, O. W. Campbell, who is most cooperative with the Bureau. Neither Special Agent Holloman nor I divulged the reason we wanted the credentials and badge for Holloman's use. We had the credentials made up for Holloman with his photograph as a portion of the credentials under the name of William Haley. Lt. Kappel furnished his own badge to Holloman. All of these plans were formulated and action taken on the same day, 1/27/60..."


05/31/60: FBI Miami report from William A. Wightman: Titled: 26th of July Club of Miami, Florida: Page 5: "On April 29, 1960, Frank Kappel, Lieutenant, Intelligence Unit, Dade County Department of Public Safety, advised that officers of his unit had participated in the search of Flights 809 and 811 of Cubana Airlines, and that nothing unusual had been located during this search..."


04/25/62: Teletype from SAC, Miami to Director: Titled: Santo Trafficante, Jr...."Lt. Frank Kappel, intelligence unit, Dade Co. So, received telephone call from Tampa PD on April 18 last that Louis Brady and Danny Lamar were flying to Miami from Tampa. Kappel had patrolmen at Miami International Airport to spot these two individuals on arrival and learned from cab driver that they were taken to 523 N.E. 71 St. On April 20 last, detectives of intelligence unit stopped subject while driving Fifty Nine Chevrolet Impala in Miami and only information learned was that he was in Miami awaiting Cuba to open up its gambling activities. Willing to be contacted but suggested not at his residence as his wife was not well. It is apparent subject returned to Miami prior to wife, however, he did not stay at his 71 St. address."


05/03/62: Air Mail from SAC, Miami to Director: Titled: Larry J. Laborde, Bombing Matters - Threat...Page 2: "Maruca said Laborde had participated in CIA operations out of Key West and knows the location of a warehouse containing arms. Maruca considers him as unpredictable and capable of blowing up a ship. He said Laborde was given money and a ticket to leave the Fla. area and go to New Orleans, but had not done so. He said if Laborde were arrested and brought to trial for attempting to blow up the ship, he probably would expose CIA operations, which CIA did not want. He asked if the FBI could 'pick up' Laborde and convince him not to go on with his plan concerning the ship...On 5/1/62 Maruca siad that on 4/26/62 his office notified the office of Sgt. Charles Sapp, Intelligence Unit, Miami PD, and Lt. Frank Kappel, Intelligence Unit, Dade Co. Dept. of Public Safety..."


05/11/62: Teletype from SAC, Miami to Director: Titled: Santo Trafficante, AKA: "Lt. Frank Kappel, Intelligence Unit, Metro Dade County Dept. of Public Safety, advised on eleven, instant that John Vitale and Sam Roth were to arrive Tampa, seven, last for possible meeting with Trafficante in either Tampa or Miami. Info apparently originated St. Louis PD intelligence Roth allegedly connected with Midwest Leasing Co. and Leonard Produce Co., St. Louis. Roth and Vitale believed to be driving rented sixty two Chevy two, sixty two Fla three e one eight four three. Kappel suggests possibility Roth and Vitale might stay at Rocky Point Motel, Tampa. Neither Trafficante nor his car observed through spot checks of Miami residence on nine and ten, last. On eleven, instant, Trafficante's car, sixty two white Falcon, Fla. one d three nine one five zero, observed parked Miami International Airport where subject has previously parked car when he has taken plane to Tampa. Airline manifests being checked in attempt to determine Trafficante's destination and time of departure. St. Louis will, without divulging Kappel as source of above info, attempt to verify Vitale and Roth's departure from St. Louis for a possible meeting with Trafficante in Fla. Tampa will attempt to verify presence of Roth and Vitale and Trafficante in Tampa, Fla. area, and cover activity. Trafficante should be considered armed and dangerous."


10/05/63: Airtel from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Criminal Intelligence Program, Miami Division: Page 2: ..."Frank Kappel, Chief Investigator of the Florida Racing Commission, Miami, advised that Rose Block of 10177 West Bay Harbor Drive, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, made application as a horse owner to the Florida Racing Commission and listed her husband as Charles Block. He said Charles Block attended the horse races at Gulfstream Racetrack daily. Charles Block, a number of years ago, was a partner of Bert Grober, aka 'Wingy' Grober and Dave Singer in the Part Avenue Restaurant and Lounge, Miami Beach. Grober, subsequently became a partner in the Cal Neva Lodge, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and later sold his interest to Frank Sinatra. Singer, a gambler, is a close friend of the hoodlum element..."


Circa 1964: CIA document: Second name under "Miami Police" on the right hand side of page: "Lt. Frank Kappel, FR-7-7841"

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

Circa February 1965: Cable from JMWAVE: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: "1. AMCLATTER/1 (Bernard Barker) provided additional details ref 15 Feb 65 by stating ransacking AMBIDDY/1's (Manuel Artime Buesa) house actually occurred some time between 1-3 Feb and discovered by maid Lucy Acosta 3 Feb. Fiorini however learned of ransacking about 1330 hours 13 Feb when RCVD phone call from AMWORLD intel chief (IDEN) who told Fiorini that altho house burglarized 8 Feb he did nothing until first speaking with AMBIDDY/1 who out town. AMBIDDY-1 recommended IDEN contact Fiorini with request Fiorini contact local authorities if able to do so without publicity. 2. Fiorini, after receipt telephone call from IDEN contacted personal friend Frank Campbell, former chief intel metro, who advised Fiorini contact police captain Lee Napir using Campbell's name. Fiorini, who also known to Captain Napir, contacted Napir with IDEN. Napir promised make investigation without making 'report'...Page 3: ..."6. Inspector (Captain) F. L. Napier assigned detective bureau Miami Police Department possibly identical Capt Napir para two above. Frank Campbell probably identical Frank Kappel former metro chief intel who resigned work with state racing commission..." - - - IDEN in cable above was Jose Antonio Mole Rosales, AMWORLD intelligence chief (see pages 5, 10-12).

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