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Pseudonym: Bynam, Oliver

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Unknown identity. A document in July of 1957 on Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier) mentioned that he had been in social contact with Oliver R. Bynam, C/WH/3/Mexico.
Three dispatches in June and July, 1959, were signed by Bynam, either as Chief of Station (COS), La Paz, or someone working under the COS. The dispatch on June 16, 1959, stated that Bynam was the case officer of KIAMBROSIA-29 (Lydia Duran).

A dispatch from COS, Kingston, in March of 1963 was signed by Oliver R. Bynam. Therefore, Bynam was either COS or someone who worked under the COS.


07/03/57: PRQ Part II - Operational Information: ..."2. Pseudonym: Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier). Section 1: Contact and Development: Noemayr was first recruited in Panama as HYDROPATHETIC in November 1948 and transferred to Costa Rica in approved (REDACTION) Project. Subsequently has served under the BIRADIAL Project, AMPHODARCH and finally in LIEDGE...Section III: Cover: 1. Cover used by Subject and Case Officer in their meetings: Social: Subject is now in direct contact with Oliver R. Bynam, C/WH/3/Mexico..."


05/15/78: HSCA document: Personnel file of Ross Crozier: ..."20 Aug 1958 - Letter of commendation from C. P. Cabell, General, USAF - Deputy Director for Noemayr's (Ross Crozier) initiative, resourcefulness, and courage infiltration Castro forces in Sierra Maestra's in March 1958. Also received bonus of $300 and requested by J. B. Brady, Chief, WH/III/Mexico..."

104-10073-10073: WITHHELD

06/05/59: Dispatch from COS, La Paz to Chief, WHD: Subject: Operational/Unintelligible PRQ Part I for Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca: "Enclosed are four copies of PRQ Part 1 biographic data on Subject. Oliver R. Bynam by (Unintelligible)."


06/16/59: Dispatch from COS, La Paz to Chief, WHD: Subject: Operational/KUTUBE PRQ Part II for KIAMBROSIA-29: "Enclosed are four copies of PRQ Part II information on KIAMBROSIA-29. It is requested that a Provisional Operational Approval be issued for her by 15 July, to be followed by full Operational Approval as soon as possible. Oliver R. Bynam." - - - Page 8: "...Oliver R. Bynam. Case Officer."


07/24/59: Dispatch from COS, La Paz to Chief, WHD: Subject: Operational/KUTUBE PRQ Part I for Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca: "It has come to the attention of the Station that names asterisked in Attachment to Reference were not asterisked correctly. The following names are listed as they should have appeared: Item 1: Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca. Item 13: Macedonio Duran. Item 14: Maria Rocha. Item 15: German Alzerreca Rivas. Item 17: Zoraida Duran Rocha. (Signature) Oliver R. Bynam." - - - 2022 release: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10073-10092.pdf

104-10215-10096: FILE ON ROSS L. CROZIER.

03/10/60: Cable from Mexico City to Director (ACTION: C/WH 2/MR. HEYN, WH DIV NOTIFIED 2150 10 Mar 60): RE MEXI 5261 (IN 10787)** "Noemayr (Ross Crozier) and family ETA WASH 12 March via American Airlines flight 380 will call Bynam at home on arrival. No reservations necessary. 2. Assume cover backstopped per ref request. Suggest be covered for either cable or telephone request since flight from MEXI direct to Dallas where connects 380. Question solvency may arise Dallas site of cover company. CS Comment: *Dissemination applicable to RYBAT cables. **Stated need assurance cover will be backstopped if Noemayr required cable cover address to verify employment and solvency."

104-10112-10271: MEMO OF A MEETING

04/08/60: Memo for file from Oliver R. Bynam: Subject: Meeting with Harold R. Noemayr and Oliver R. Bynam, 7 April 1960, 1800 hours, Noemayr's apartment: "1. Bynam delivered a portable typewriter (Olivetti) to Noemayr (Ross Crozier), who signed a hand receipt for it. Some bond paper and carbons were included. 2. Noemayr was requested to complete a report on his cover, which had been asked for earlier. He said he would do this promptly now that he had the typewriter. 3. Bynam then questioned Noemayr in detail about the extent of knowledge that his relatives and those of his wife had about his work..."

104-10506-10021: BYRON CAMERON (NO 201) U.S. CITIZEN

03/01/63: Dispatch from COS, Kingston to Chief, WH Division (Attn: Chief, Task Force W): Subject: Transmittal of RUABBE Raw Report on M/V Cayman Hope: "1. To avoid delay the attached raw RUABBE report concerning the M/V Cayman Hope, its crew and owner is forwarded without furhter processing as a matter of current interest and timelines in view of referenced KNOS-O398. The report was provided by RUABBE on 28 February 1963 after it had been shown to COS, who expressed interest in receiving it. 2. RUACID-1 will continue to follow this matter in Montego Bay as will RUABBE. 3. The Embassy has received a report from the Treasury Department, which indicates heightened interest in the activities of Mr. Bryon R. Cameron. 4. RI: please card all names in attached report. (Signature) Oliver R. Bynam."


11/16/76: Ann Goodpasture's Mexico City Station History: Pages 413-414: ..."Alfonso G. Spera set up the LIENVOY Project and acted as the station case officer until 1960 when he was replaced by John B. Brady, who handled the project until October 1961..."

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