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Pseudonym: Bunce, Walter

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F. Mark Wyatt, deputy to William K. Harvey in Rome. Walter L. Bunce was in contact with AMLASH (Rolando Cubela Secades), AMWHIP-1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez), and AMWHIP-2 (Juan Ventura Valner), from at least November of 1963 to May of 1966.
Bunce signed dispatches under the name of the Chief of Station (COS), Rome (with the exception of a dispatch in May, 1966, which was signed under the Acting COS). In the period mentioned above, the COS was William K. Harvey. Furthermore, Paul T. Smitham worked alongside Walter L. Bunce, and probably also worked at the CIA's Rome Station.

A dispatch in November of 1963 mentioned that Bunce gave AMWHIP-1 his real name, address and telephone number, during lunch on November 1, 1963.

In the dispatch in May, 1966, Bunce stated that he was AMWHIP-2's case officer and that he would soon be leaving Rome. One of AMWHIP-2's two conditions for meeting Bunce's successor was that he would continue to he handled by a senior officer. A Station Comment added that "AMWHIP/2 has no knowledge, of course, of Bunce's position but has always assumed that it is important." A senior officer and the assumption by AMWHIP-2 that Bunce's position was important would be consistent with Bunce being Bill Harvey.

A cable in March, 1966, mentioned that "Bunce PCS ETD June", therefore, he probably was due to leave within days of the May, 1966, dispatch.

On page 241 of Bayard Stockton's biography of William K. Harvey, Flawed Patriot: The Rise and Fall of CIA Legend Bill Harvey, a passage reads: "Harvey's recall from Rome in 1966 was probably organized by Dr. Arthur Tietjen, the Agency's director of medical services, who was studying the effects of stress on CIA officers with Dr. Jack Hall..." Harvey's CIA Op files state that he was an Ops Officer from February of 1967 to December of 1967 when he officially retired. It is possible that there was a period of time in the latter half of 1966 when Bill Harvey was off work, if Bunce was a pseudonym used by him.

Another possibility is that Bunce was Harvey's deputy F. Mark Wyatt. On page 187 of David C. Martin's Wilderness of Mirrors it was stated that Mark Wyatt was shipped out of Italy before Bill Harvey left the country.


11/15/63: Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE (Attn: Italian Branch) (Info: COS, Bern; Chief of Base, Geneva): "1. Arrangements were made by Paul T. Smitham for a meeting at 1300 hours on 1 November 1963 of AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez). Walter L. Bunce, and himself. AMWHIP/1, who appeared half an hour late, was taken to an excellent lunch. Bunce gave AMWHIP/1 his true name, as well as address and telephone number, for the following reasons...2. After linch all three went to Bunce's apartment. AMWHIP/1 said that he had seen Jose Venegas Valdespino in Milan...At a later meeting, on 4 November 1963, AMWHIP/1 said that Venegas had telephoned him that day to say that he was leaving for Havana on 14 November 1963...4. AMWHIP/1 asked Bunce and Smitham whether assistance could be provided for a friend of his who wants to travel to the United States (Miami), Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The friend, a widower about 53 years old, is named Pascual Volpe. He lives in Padula, the province of Salerno...Paul T. Smitham/Walter L. Bunce."


11/03/64: Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE (Attn: C/WE/4): "1. On the evening of 24 October 1964 Smitham received a telephone call from AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez), who said that he and AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) would be in Rome until the morning of 27 October at the latest. An appointment was made for a meeting at the Hilton Hotel at 1200 hours on 25 October. Smitham and Bunce kept the appointment...In this event, Bunce will request biographic data on the wife, make an assessment, and forward a recommendation to Headquarters. If the trip to Geneva does become necessary, we shall of course notify Bern and Geneva in advance. Walter L. Bunce."


12/14/64: Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE: ..."4. During a meeting of 11 December 1964 with DEVIGIL/27 Bunce mentioned the presence of AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) in Italy in such a way as to suggest that we had known about it all along but that it was merely a pleasure trip. In point of fact, however, AMWHIP/1 did not get in touch with Smitham or Bunce during his 28 to 30 November stay in Rome. 5. On 10 December 1964 AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) telephoned Bunce's home from his store here, and arrangements were made for Bunce to pick him up there the following evening because AMWHIP/2 wanted to take Bunce and wife to dinner. When Bunce arrived on 11 December, AMWHiP/1 was also at the store. Bunce talked with AMWHIP/1 for ten minutes, during which time AMWHIP/1 mentioned that he hoped to go to Paris about 15 December 1964 and then to New York but made no mention of his earlier visit to Rome. Bunce then asked him (unintelligible) if he had not been in Rome one to two weeks earlier. AMWHIP/1 said that he had not. Bunce said that he was surprised because he had information that AMWHIP/1 had stayed for two days and nights in a hotel on the Piazza Barberini. Looking quite flustered, AMWHIP/1 said that he could not understand how this fact had slipped his mind. Of course he had been here! Bunce pointed out that the coverage here in Rome is obviously efficient and that he should bear this fact in mind...7. Bunce asked whether AMWHIP/2 has any reason to suspect that Identity A (Carmen Silvia Villarello Tabares) works for the PBRUMEN (Cuban) IS or has any connections, direct or indirect, through which information which she obtains from AMWHIP/1 might be relayed to the PBRUMEN IS or government. AMWHIP/2 answered that he does not think so...Walter L. Bunce." Also see 104-10183-10116, two days later.


01/27/65: Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE (Attn: C/WE/4) (Info: Chief, KUDESK; COS, Madrid; COS, JMWAVE): "1. On 25 January 1965 Identity (of Reference) called Bunce and requested an appointment for himself and the person identified in ROME-4855, 26 January 1965. Arrangements were made, instead, to meet Identity alone that evening...2. Near the outset of the meeting Bunce told Identity that he did not want to meet him in his (Bunce's) office or at Identity's place of employment, for reasons of both security and convenience, future meetings will be held in either home...Bunce Comment: A recent letter to Bunce from AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) says that he expected to be in Rome before 25 January 1965. When he arrives Bunce intends to ask him for a full run-down on any and all Cubans now living in Cuba who have visited him in Switzerland...Walter L. Bunce."


02/02/65: Cable from Director to Paris, Rome (Orig: W. Wainwright, Unit: WH/SA/EOB): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMLASH MHAPRON: REF: PARI 8964 (IN 71838): (Handwritten note: For Ontrich - Nestor Sanchez): "1. According ROME 2136 (IN 40005) SUBJ ref is (REDACTION), DPOB (REDACTION) with whom Rome Station in infrequent contact under ODACID (U.S. State Department) cover. Assessed as willing aid KUBARK (CIA) but experience to date (Mar 64) indicated doubt there much potential PBRUMEN (Cuban) ops value...3. OIRA_39287 describes 16 Jan 65 Rome meeting with SUBJ, Bunce, Growery (probably Earl Williamson), during which SUBJ provided ops leads and info. Left KUBARKers (CIAers) with excellent first impression..."


03/25/65: Dispatch from COS, Rome to Chief, WE (Attn: Chief, WE) (Info: COS, Madrid; COS, Paris; COS, Withheld): Page 2: ..."Same true for AMLASH/1 (Rolando Cubela Secades), on whom request HQs reading re loyalties. To date only Bunce and Smitham exposed to AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez). But since both are liaison officers, DEVIGIL security can be affected by theirs. Future ops needs may require other exposures. 3. Request HQs pouch summary of op with stress on security aspects. Walter L. Bunce."


03/29/65: Cable from Rome to Director (Rilander Acting): Slugline KAPOK TYPIC AMWHIP DELORRY: "1. Per agreement made with AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) before he left Rome 24 March, he phoned Bunce from Geneva 29 March, said wife well, invited Bunce make Geneva visit 31 March to 3 April. Bunce accepted subject to call-back if canceled. 2. PARI (Langosch - Harold Swenson): Re para 4 Ref C GOC knows AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) involvement AMLASH (Rolando Cubela Secades). Presume AMWHIP/2 suspect on basis long business relationship. Plan explore Carrillo relationship with AMWHIP/2 and wife in depth when Geneva. Will try get from wife better reading on Blanco and possible provocation. She better informed this point than AMWHIP/2. 3. DIR: Will also pursue DIR 89327. 4. Coming Geneva trip complicated by fact have not seen DELORRY since 16 March. Wish give him extensive RQMTS before next trip. 5. DIR: PLS answer Ref B re travel costs. Wish reaffirm STA view DELORRY has long-range potential, also outside PBRUMEN (Cuban) ops. 6. (REDACTION) per 1115 hours 29 March phone call to DELORRY home, he then Milan office. PLS handle DIR 90278 and DIR 90596. 7. No index."

104-10183-10400: DISPATCH: MEETING WITH AMWHIP/2, 17 NOVEMBER 1965

11/18/65: Dispatch from COS, Rome to multiple addresses: "1. AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) telephoned Bunce on 12 November 1965 and announced his presence in Rome. A luncheon date was set for 17 November, when the following information was obtained...Walter L. Bunce."


03/04/66: Cable from Rome to Director: TYPIC: REF: DIR 84178: "1. In 3 March innocuously phased phone call from Geneva AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) conveyed FOLL: A. From New York 2 March phone call from AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) learned of AMLASH/1 (Rolando Cubela Secades) arrest. (AMWHIP/1 mentioned no other arrestee). B. A/2 wife does know AMLASH/1, who has been in their home, well enough do A/2 has called off wife's trip. C. A/2 going Brussels 7-10 March per para 1 D Rome-8994. Asked Bunce visit him Geneva soon after. 2. Despite postponed trip recommend accept invite with intent recruit and debrief wife (but not brief per DIR-71820 til Havana trip on again). Per OIRA-37587 A/2 has refused turn over to any other case officer. Bunce PCS ETD June. Once wife recruited, think she (and hence A/2) will accept other KUBARK (CIA) contacts both Rome and Geneva. Please advise."


05/27/66: Dispatch from Acting COS, Rome to Chief, EUR; Chief, WH (Info: COS, JMWAVE; COS, Bern; COB, Geneva; COB, Frankfurt) (Attn: Langosch - Harold Swenson): "1. Some difficulty was initially encountered in arranging a meeting with AMWHIP/2 (Juan Ventura Valner) during his current visit. He telephoned Bunce's home on 20 May 1966, having reached Rome that day, and an appointment was made for the following day. He was forced to cancel, however, because business took him to Florence...Arrangements were finally made for dinner on 24 May, when Bunce's wife was also present, and lunch on 25 May. 2. AMWHIP/2 was told that we should like to maintain contact with him after Bunce leaves Rome, but that the person who would be in touch with him was not yet on the scene. After some hesitation he said that he was willing to meet a successor on two conditions...The second condition was that he would continue to he handled by a senior person...Station Comment: AMWHIP/2 has no knowledge, of course, of Bunce's position but has always assumed that it is important...6. AMWHIP/2 then asked if Bunce's duties would not bring him back to Europe occasionally and thus permit a continuation of the present arrangement, through meetings in Geneva or elsewhere in Europe. He was told that no definite answer is possible now and that if such a trip materializes Bunce will call on him but that he need have no qualms about contact with Bunce's successor...11...AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) sent greetings to Bunce via AMWHIP/2...They are nevertheless listed here as an aid to the KUBARK (CIA) case officer who will take over AMWHIP/2 after Bunce's departure...Walter L. Bunce."


Undated: CIA document: Page 21: Biographic Profile: Harvey, William King: Bill Harvey's CIA Employment History showed that he was a Ops Officer from February of 1967 to December of 1967 when he officially retired.

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