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Pseudonym: Bromund, Daniel

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Unknown identity. A memo in June of 1957 stated that Daniel K. Bromund was replacing Lewis D. Nicklas (alias Antonio Wilkie) on the LIFEAT Project in Mexico City.
LIFEAT was the CIA telephone tapping program on a number of phone lines in Mexico City, aimed primarily at the home phone lines of Soviet and Cuban personnel. Other targets included the Yugoslav Embassy, and more.

A CIA document stated that Bromund was a former staff employee with the Soviet Russia (SR) Division, and would be a staff agent with the Mexican Station to undertake the translation of LIMERICK (Soviet Embassy in Mexico City) material. Bromund was granted a Security Approval on February 21, 1951.

A dispatch on July 9, 1958, described Daniel K. Bromund as being "a North American of Russian origin ."


06/26/57: Memo from J. C. King, Chief, WHD to FI/OPS - Projects Branch: Subject: Amendment to Project LIFEAT: "It is requested that Project LIFEAT be amended, effective 15 August 1957, to permit Daniel K. Bromund (ps) to replace Lewis D. Nicklas (ps). 2. Bromund will monitor LIFEAT coverage and will process the resultant reels. He will be employed in translation and the preparation of reports based on this translation. He will also be employed in analysis of LIFEAT production and the preparation of special reports written on his analysis. (Signature) for J. C. King, Chief, WHD." Approved: Chief, FI/OPS. - - - 2022 release, page 198: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10188-10000.pdf


Undated: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to COS, Mexico City: Subject: General - Operational/LIFEAT. Specific - Project Renewal and Amendment: "1. Project LIFEAT was renewed on 30 October 1957 for the period 1 July 1957 through 30 June 1958 for a total of $130,154 for FY 1958...2. Project LIFEAT amendment was approved on 5 December 1957 for a total of $26,493 for fiscal year 1958, thus raising the total amount authorized for the present year to $156,647. This amendment authorized the establishing of a bank account of $20,000 for Daniel K. Bromund for cover purposes, against which a letter of credit will be obtained as that he may obtain rentista status in Mexico..." - - - On page 2 at the bottom are the names of J. C. King, Chief, WHD, and R. N. Dalhgren, C/WH/III.


10/16/57: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to COS, Mexico City: Subject: General - Administrative/LIFEAT. Specific - Procurement of Recorders: Page 178 (Page 5 of LIFEAT Project Outline): ..."9. Personnel: The following persons will participate in the LIFEAT Project during fiscal year 1958. a. Staff Agents...(2) Daniel K. Bromund, formerly a staff employee with SR Division, will be a staff agent with the Mexican Station to do translation of LIMERICK (Soviet Embassy in Mexico City) material. He was granted a Security Approval on 21 February 1951. Until his arrival the Station is utilizing the services of Rowland K. Wingsness on a TDY basis..."


12/09/57: Cable from Director to Mexico City: RE: MEXI 0718 (IN 43260)* "1. LIFEAT amendment approved 5 Dec for Bromund rentista cover. Now converting staff agent and making final cover arrangements. Estimate departure HQs 18 Dec by car..." Releasing Officer: (Signature) J. C. King, Chief, WHD. Coordinating Officers: EE/P/ Mr. Szczepanski by phone. WH/Personnel (Signature). Authenticating Officer: C/WH/III, R. N. Dahlgren. - - - 2022 release, page 153: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10188-10000.pdf


05/21/58: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - LIFEAT Project Renewal: Page 143 (Page 2 of LIFEAT Project Outline): ..."9. Personnel: The following are changes from FY 1958 for FY 1959: Daniel K. Bromund arrived at Station Mexico to assume duties as translator of LIFEAT/LITMUS material and relief translator on LIFEAT/LIMERICK..."

104-10188-10002: ( )MANGO SUPPORT

07/09/58: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, WH Division: Subject: General - LIFEAT. Specific - Daniel K. Bromund (P): "1. Subject's application for (REDACTION) status in Mexico is being processed by (REDACTION) and LIKAYAK/2 has been requested (REDACTION) to check with ODYOKE (U.S. Government) as to whether Subject has any derogatory background. (REDACTION) is particularly interested in preventing any American with Communist connection from settling in Mexico. 2. Subject is described as a North American of Russian origin; the origin is probably what brought about the request for traces, and the Station for the time being attaches no other significance to the query. 3. LIKAYAK/2 is being told that there is no derogatory information on Subject and that if any are developed through a query to Headquarters, he will be notified. No further action is contemplated." - - - 2022 release, page 74: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10188-10002.pdf

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