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Pseudonym: Bradspies, Frederick

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Unknown identity. According to a cable in September 1973, Frederick C. Bradspies was a social contact of prominent anti-Castro Cuban, Laureano Batista Falla (formerly AMPALM-2).
Frederick C. Bradspies was possibly Chief of Station (COS), WH/Miami, from at least December of 1968 to March of 1970.

AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue)'s Agent Service Record stated that Bradspies was the agent who dismissed him. Also, it mentioned that AMCHALK-5 knew Bradspies by his true first name.

A dispatch in October, 1975, appeared to indicate that Bradspies was possibly COS, Caracas.

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

12/05/68: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: AMCHALK/AMCHALK-5 Identity Documents and Accountings: "Reference A forwarded to JMCOBRA (also known as Station WH/Miami, one of the CIA's two stations in Miami in the late 60s-70s) the unused portion of an airline ticket which had been sent to Headquarters by JMWAVE under cover of Reference B. This ticket was made out to Juan H. Elizondo. If the identity documents which were also sent to Headquarters under cover of Reference B are made out to Elizondo it is requested that they be forwarded to Chief of Station, WH/Miami so that AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) can try to get a refund of fare for unused portion of the ticket. (Handwritten note mentioned TSD). (Signature) Frederick C. Bradspies." The dispatch on the next page (page 214) is also by Bradspies.

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

04/09/69: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: AMCHALK/Disposition of Unused Airline Ticket: "Attached is a letter received from Pan American World Airways in response to one written by AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) in an unsuccessful attempt to secure a refund on the unused portion of an airline ticket. Although Pan American avers that the ticket has no value the fact remains that a person could use it to fly from Miami to New York during the period of validity (expiring 20 April 1969). The Station will hold the ticket until expiration in event that an opportunity arises where it can be used by an individual performing official travel. (Signature) Frederick C. Bradspies."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

08/19/69: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: AMCHALK/AMCHALK-5; Reinstatement of OA: "It is requested that the Operational Approval issued in Reference A for use of AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) be reinstated and amended to conform with his current use as an AMCHALK agent. Use of AMCHALK-5 while in Miami awaiting assignment to meet requirements of other WH stations has primarily been in connection with development of leads for new on-island assets. Specific activities of AMCHALK-5 since his return from Buenos Aires are related in Project AMCHALK quarterly status reports. (Signature) Frederick C. Bradspies."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

09/20/69: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division; COS, Madrid: Subject: Serafin Pineiro Losada, aka "Fifo", Transmittal of Correspondence: "Attached for the information of addresses are copies of a letter purportedly written by Serafin Pineiro Losada to Argelio Martinez del Toro, former major of Matanzas now resident in Miami. The original letter has been returned to AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue). Most of the letter seems devoted to complaint that Serafin has been unjustly accused of being a member of the G-2. Of interest is the writer's reference to the death of 'Papito' (probably Jose Pineiro Losada, 201-735948) some three years ago. Frederick C. Bradspies."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

01/29/70: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: AMCHALK/Dismissal of AMCHALK-5: "1. AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) was advised on 17 October 1969 that his services with RVROCK (description of CIA in late sixties-early seventies) had not been in sufficient demand to justify his retention on the payroll beyond 30 November 1969. Accordingly, on 31 October 1969 AMCHALK-5 executed a termination secrecy oath and quit claim which are forwarded as separate cover attachments hereto. The agent was paid his salary through 30 November plus a bonus equivalent to one month's salary...(Signature) Frederick C. Bradspies." - - - Page 90: "AGENT SERVICE RECORD: 1. Agent's Cryptonym or Pseudonym: AMCHALK-5 (formerly AMSTALK-1 and AMICE-14) (See also SD 56490). 2. Project Identification: AMCHALK. 3. Agent Recruited by: Leleand H. Cobfield. 4. Capacity in which Agent Served: Technical agent on REDTOP (CIA Soviet Division) operation. Also to establish contact with opposition service. 5. Rate of Pay: $300 per month gross. 6. Other Commitments: None. 7. Agent Dismissed by: Frederick C. Bradspies. 8. Reason for Dismissal: Economy, lack of requirements for operational use. 9. Security Risks: Subject knows location of Station meeting site #206. Knows Frederick C. Bradspies and Joel N. Nebecker in true first name only. Subject also knows accommodation address #1402..."


03/13/70: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "Transmitted herewith is the miscellaneous correspondence from Subject of 201-061063, the highlights of which were mentioned in Reference. (Signed) Frederick C. Bradspies." Handwritten note:


09/73: Cable from Caracas to Director, WH/Miami: CITE CARACAS 22756: "1. Request pertinent traces and summation any operational involvement Headquarters and Miami may have had with Laureano Batista Falla, Cuban Christian Democrat leader in exile now resident Caracas. Batista is approximately 38 years old. Lawyer, has been in exile since about 1960 and is 1967 or 1968 graduate of University of Miami. Prior coming to Venezuela about two years ago, he lived Washington. Believe he may have been encrypted IDEN while Miami. 2. Batista is social contact of Frederick C. Bradspies and may be exploitable avenue of access COPEI leadership. 3. File: 201-(REDACTION)."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

10/09/75: Dispatch from Chief of Station, Caracas to Chief, WOGAME (Info: Chief, Latin American Division). Subject: JBCINT - WKSCARLET-3 Tax Administration: "REFERENCE: CARACAS 28295. At the meeting cited in Reference, WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) turned in a copy of correspondence he has received from IRS, which is being forwarded under separate cover. Frederick C. Bradspies."

104-10164-10099: BOSCH AVILA, ORLANDO

11/16/76: Dispatch from COS, Caracas to COS, San Jose (Info: Chief, Latin American Division): Subject: REAM/HUFABRIC/WKBOXER/Transmittal of Reference Passport: "Warning notice - sensitive intelligence sources and methods involved. Forwarded herewith is the Xerox copy of the passport mentioned in reference. Frederick C. Bradspies."

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