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Pseudonym: Braden, Jim

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Jim Braden was a alias for Eugene Hale Brading, a messenger for organized crime elements, who was arrested at the Dal-Tex building, Dallas, on 22 November, 1963, in the aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination.
According to the HSCA Report IV, Brading also used the alias James Bradley Lee.


His parents were Brading, and his grave says Eugene Hale Brading.

HSCA Report, Volume IX: Current Section: iv. James Henry Dolan

Page 424: ..."Other Information: (969) When Dolan was in Phoenix, Ariz., in 1951, he was observed in the company of James Bradley Lee. (1289) Lee is identical with Eugene Hale Brading, a.k.a. James Braden. (1290) It was the informant's opinion that Brading and Victor Periera might have conveyed to Dolan the idea that he could operate successfully as a 'con man.' (1291) When FBI agents attempted to interview Brading, he refused to answer any questions regarding himself or his associates. (1292) Braden was detained for questioning in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. (1293)..."

180-10080-10024: [No Title]

He says that his legal name was Eugene Hale Brading from 1958-1963, and that he legally changed to James Braden in September 1963. See Braden's 5/16/78 authorization to the HSCA.

157-10014-10242: [No Title]

"Evidence indicates that both Jim Braden and Jack Ruby visited the offices of the H.L. Hunt Oil Company on the afternoon of November 21, 1963...(on that day) Braden checked in with the U.S. Parole Office in Dallas...(Braden) advised that he planned to see Lamar Hunt and other oil speculators while here...Paul Rothermel, a former FBI agent who was Director of Security for the Hunt Oil Company in Dallas at that time...remembers seeing Braden visiting the Hunt offices on November 21...Rothermel was later fired by Hunt's sons after reports allegedly surfaced that Rothermel was 'suspicious' of a possible Hunt connection to the assassination...Jack Ruby drove a woman friend of his to the Hunt offices that same afternoon...apparently in search of employment." At p. 41: Braden's friend Happy Meltzer in LA was one of the top Mafia bosses in the nation in the areas of union racketeering and narcotics.

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XIX: Current Section: Decker Ex 5323 - Dallas County Sheriff's Office record of the events surrounding the assassination.

Page 469: Sheriff's Department County of Dallas, Texas. Signed statement of Jim Braden. Address: 621 S. Barington Dr. Apt. 6 Los Angeles, Calif. Office: 215 La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, California. Age: 49..."Deposes and says:- I am here on business (oil business) and was walking down Elm Street trying to get a cab and there wasn't any. I heard people talking saying 'My god the President has been shot.' Police cars were passing me coming down toward the triple underpass and I walked up among many other people and this building was surrounded by police officers with guns and we were all watching them. I moved on up to the building across the street from the building that was surrounded and I ask one of the girls if there was a telephone that I could use and she said 'Yes, there is one on the third floor of the building where I work'. I walked through a passage to the elevator they were all getting on (freight elevator) and I got off on the third floor with all the other people and there was a lady using the pay telephone and I ask her if I could use it when she hung up and she said it was out of order and I tried to use it but with no success. I ask her how I can get out of this building and she said that there is an exit right there and then she said wait a minute here is the elevator now. I got on the elevator and returned to the ground floor and the colored man who ran the elevator said you are a stranger in this building and I was not suppose to let you up and he ran outside to an officer and said to the officer that he had just taken me up and down in the elevator and the officer said for me to identify myself and I presented him with a credit card and he said well we have to check out everything and took me to his superior and said for me to wait and we will check it out. I was then taken to the Sheriff's office and interrogated. (Signature) Jim Braden. Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the 22nd day of Nov A. D. 1963..."


07/26/78: HSCA document:


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