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Pseudonym: Bowdin, Jim

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Jim Bowdin was an alias for Jim Pekich. A memo from Calvin Hicks in October of 1961 stated that Pekich used the name Jim Bowdin. He was also known as Jim Boulding, Jim Bender, Jim Smith and Jim Brown. His actual name was Fravel S. Brown, a Miami case officer and and old China hand. He was a military expert who assisted Gerard Droller.


11/15/60: Contact Report from Brand (AMPANIC-7): Page 6: ..."Through Emilio Rodriguez (AMIRE-1) Brand met an American known as William Webster. This man was to put Brand in contact with a group of a friend of Brand who had gone to Miami named Mario Massip. Through Webster, Brand met a man already known to him for many years. This man's name is Simon Yabre. Simon Yabre was to put Brand in contact with Mario Massip's group. By this time Brand had become a little bit uneasy about the lack of news from Jim Bowdin, and kept asking Emilio Rodriguez about the delivery of weapons. Emilio Rodriguez always answered that he knew nothing about it, that always delivered my reports but could not tell me what the policies of the Company were in that respect..." - - - Pages 8-10: ..."Brand sent a flash to Jim Bowdin, asking him to establish Brand's bona fide with Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1). Many days passed by, and Brand was not able to continue negotiations, because no answer ever came from Jim Bowdin or any member of the Company...Brand sent a flash to Jim Bowdin insisting on the urgency of receiving incendiary and demolition materials. No answer...Brand made an appointment with Emilio Rodriguez. Both started walking around the city for about two hours. Brand told Emilio that he had decided to discontinue operations and come to Washington to see Jim Bowdin. Brand then went to see Alfredo Izaguirre (AMPUG-1), and stayed at his place for a week. In the meantime, and through Izaguirre's friend, at the Embassy, Brand sent a flash to Jim Bowdin, informing him of Brand's decision to discontinue operations..." - - - The 2018 version had a number of redactions: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=152640#relPageId=1


10/03/61: Memorandum for the record from Calvin Hicks, WH/4/PM: Subject: Contact Report between 'Justo' and Mr. Hicks (using name Cal Hitch) on 22, 25, 27, 28 and 29 September 1961: "1. In addition to the subject names, Mr. Pekich (using name Jim Bowdin) was at all meetings and one or all of the following individuals also attended these meetings: a. Andres Zayas ('Justo'). b. Luis Sanchez ('Piccolino'). c. Tony Nunez ('Tony'). d. Angel Ros ('Ouilin' sp). e. Wilfredo Brito ('Bebo') - using name E. I. Harrison. f. Fernando Cabada - using name Frank Dutton...3. According to Brito the leadership of the UR as of 17 April 1961 was as follows: ('Rafael' had been national coordinator until executed)...f. 'Bebo' (true name: Wilfredo Brito) - propaganda..."

124-90135-10015: No Title

01/12/62: Memorandum from SAC, New York to Director of the FBI: Subject: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities: IS - Cuba: Page 4: "Michael J. P. Malone (AMPATRIN), Vice President, Czarnikow-Rionda Co., 106 Wall Street, NYC, advised on 1/8/62, that he had been in Washington, D.C. on 1/4 and 1/5/62. Malone stated that while in Washington, D.C., he met with CIA contact, James Bowdin and with Robert Hurwitch of the U.S. State Department. Malone advised that when he met with Bowdin, Bowdin brought with him one Charles Machen and instructed Malone to contact Machen in the future as Bowdin was going to leave on a special assignment and would be gone for 60 to 90 days. During the conversation with Bowdin and Machen, Malone stated that Machen told him that he had previously worked in Egypt and Guatemala. Malone advised that he gathered from his conversation that Machen was a superior of James Bowdin as Machen carried the entire conversation and that at previous meetings with Bowdin when someone was present, Bowdin always carried the major portion of the conversation. Malone advised that from talking with Bowdin and Machen, he learned that CIA would like to have more specific authorities in matters dealing with Cuba. Malone said that Machen told him that CIA has broad general authority to see to it that the sabotage and harassment is carried out in Cuba, but they would like to have specific authority to initiate certain particular programs. Malone advised that from his conversation with Bowdin and Machen, he definitely received the impression that there were differences between the CIA and State Department officials relative to future Cuban plans. Malone stated that Machen had indicated that the State Department believes that the Government of Fidel Castro can be overthrown by creating an uprising from within without the use of an outside force, whereas CIA believes that it is necessary to have an internal uprising coupled with an outside armed force."


Wifredo H. Brito Cartaya is identified as 201-283372 (seen nowhere on MFF). Aliases include Bebo, Martin, Cartaya, and J. B. Harrison. "Former national propaganda coordinator UR, Cuba; used his contact with Sinclair Oil Co. to obtain help for UR prior Apr 61 via 'Bill Billings'; reimbursed by (CIA) Nov 61 for money obtained in Cuba to pay for plane fare to US for UR asylees; considered for infil op late 61, but told Bowdin could not go because of family and exec position in UR exile group; Jan 62 used as instructor in security practices to PM boat crews; REDACTED on own initiative solicited funds from New York and Boston firms (United Fruit?); (FBI) check indicated funds apparently not for UR; considered Aug 62 for position in new UR Exec Bd as Prop Secy or AMBUD delegate."

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