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Pseudonym: Booth, Frank

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Frank Booth was an alias used by Edward D. Knapman. A dispatch in 1963 stated that Knapman used the alias of Frank Booth when meeting Elvio Rivero Limonte. Knapman was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Warren E. Frank.

1994.06.02.15:07:15:780005: Reel 61, Folder B - UNIDAD REVOLUTIONARIA.

07/03/61: Letter to Dr. F. F. Cavada, Dupont Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C.: "Dear Friend: This morning we three delegates of the Unidad Revolucionaria (United Revolutionary) have had a meeting with Bill's substitute, whose name is - as it appears on the official credential - Frank Booth. The negative result given of said interview would necessitate knowing the latter's true personality and his position in the agency. As conclusions to the said interview we have the following:...Fifth - Consequently, of what I was telling you in this letter we are interested in having you make known to superiors in the Agency and other public officials with whom you may be in contact of the conduct of Mr. Booth, so he may be ordered immediately to replace the 'Unidad Revolucionaria' in the same position which it had, as well as to study the ways to cooperate in the plans presented by 'Accion' so that it can operate in its positive activity of preparing the men for clandestinity and the mountains were they taking the source in self-defense and the like, so that the limited program which they had can subsist and continue..."


00/00/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, TFW: "1. On 2 June 1963, Edward D. Knapman (using the alias Frank Booth) and Alfonso Rodriguez (using the alias of Alfonso Fernandez) met with Elvio Rivero Limonte (who used the alias of Santiago Sanz) at his residence, 152 17th Place NW, Miami, Florida..."

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