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Pseudonym: Blanco, Carlos

Jose Joaquin Sanjenis
There are hundreds of hits for Carlos Blanco. He sent numerous memos during the 1960s. Sanjenis did this as the head of the AMOTS.


1960-61: Sanjenis may have deliberately chosen the pseudonym of Carlos Blanco to cause confusion, as it is the same name as "Carlos Blanco Solano (P-9328), former Federal Security (DFS) agent, now with Judicial Police. In 1960-61 BLANCO invited several US Embassy girls out and offered his services to the US Embassy. BLANCO works for Carlos CASAMADRID Miranda, who is suspected of having a clandestine relationship with Pavel Antonovich YATSKOV." Also see 124-10181-10343, p. 48 of 65, listing the members of the Cuban Permanent Mission to the UN as of March 1960 as including "Dr. Carlos Blanco, 28 East 70th St., New York City." Other members included Raul Roa, Jr./AMRIPE-3, Carlos Lechuga/AMLAW-3, Raul Primelles and Teresa Casuso.

104-10229-10273: Memorandum: Reunion of the Economic Corporation

12/30/61 memo from Carlos Blanco to Felix (probably Felix Gutierrez/AMOT-31, deputy to AMOT-2). Marginalia reveals that Carlos Blanco was AMOT-2. Jose Joaquin Sanjenis was AMOT-2. "Since a few days ago, Mr. Jose Alvarez Diaz And Mr. Federico Fernandez Casas have been visiting the different members of the Economic Corporations with the objective of obtaining the support of these economic corporations for Dr. Miro Cardona and the Council...The Economic Corporations...is the organism representing the live classes of Cuba, and which is presided by Mr. Gregorio ESCAGEDO and its secretary being Mr. Tulio DIAZ Ribera...Escagedo and...Rodriguez met...it seemed the thesis maintained by Escabedo and Rodriguez...consisted of not supporting the Council and Mr. Cardona was going to win... (Fernandez and Diaz)...used all kinds of arguments such as the following...(Diaz said)...Miro had a handwritten letter (written personally) from the President of the United States, Mr. KENNEDY, which said, among other things, 'You were, are, and will be, the representative of the Cuban People; and you will be the President of Cuba after the overthrow of Castro.'... (Fernandez said) that the Council needed the support of all the Cuban Economic Corporations in order to feel strong and supported to demand in Washington the cessation of CIA interference in the Cuban case. That Dr. Miro, as a patriot, had asked for this support from us in order to avoid the criminal infiltrations of Cubans that were being conducted by the CIA in Cuba...In spite of all these arguments of coercion and deceit, the result of the voting of giving or not giving support to the Council was a tie (7 x 7), and a new meeting was scheduled for Thursday, 4 January 1962."


6/28/63 Report EE-390, by Carlos Blanco, “Background Information on Current Personnel of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico", describing the current workers at the Cuban embassy in Mexico City.

180-10118-10069: 180-10118-10069

3/16/78, HSCA Briefing Book: Joaquin Sanjenis/AMOT-2 and Juan Antonio Varona are described as members of the "Carlos Blanco Group". This list of Cuban exile organizations and their leading members was probably put together by Gaeton Fonzi, as it findings from Volume X of the HSCA hearings, which Fonzi helped put together.

180-10141-10103: 180-10141-10103

3/22/78 letter from G. Robert Blakey to Patrick Carpentier, Office of Legislative Counsel, requesting "all files and file references, concerning or referring to the following individuals", including that of "Juan Antonio Varona - Member of Carlos Blanco in house group whose leader was Joaquin Sanjenis. Presently has his own firm: Key Credit Company, 7530 NW 8th Street, Miami, Florida."

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