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Pseudonym: Bickelhaupt, Horace

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Possibly Eugene E. Norwinski.
A memo in January of 1962 from Glenn Farnsworth, Chief, PM, JMWAVE, stated that Eugene Norwiniski was the paramilitary contact with Ernesto Despaigne, who was in the Cuban Revolutionary Council's (CRC) Military Sector. Furthermore, Norwinski was the PM contact of Higinio Diaz (Nino), Military Advisor to the CRC. Moreover, according to a dispatch in September, 1962, Horace D. Bickelhaupt had been the CIA's liaison contact with Ernesto Despaigne Perez, head of the AMBUD (CRC) Military Section. Therefore, it is possible that Norwinski was still the PM case officer of Despaigne in September of 1962, which would mean he used the pseudonym of Horace Bickelhaupt.

A memo by Bickelhaupt in February, 1963, gave an account of meetings between the former and AMWOO-1 (probably Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez). As it was a contact report then it is possible that Bickelhaupt was the case officer of AMWOO-1 at this time.

According to a cable on March 12, 1966, Bickelhaupt was the case officer of AMHAM-1 (Juan Felaifel Canahan) from December, 1963, to July, 1964. The cable also noted that Horace D. Bickelhaupt, "remembered AMHAM-1 as hard working, conscientious and added that only misgivings he had were ODENVY (FBI) allegations which resolved to C/O's satisfaction following talks with and assessment by AMWOO/1 (probably Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez) in spring 64."

A memo by Earl Williamson on Emilio Santana Galindo in July of 1967 stated that Eugene E. Norwinski was among the JMWAVE staff who were known to Santana Galindo.

According to Sean D. Naylor, in a detailed report in January, 2019, on the AMBANTY operation, Gene Norwinski was a close friend of Tom Hewitt and the former's agents in Las Villas and Matanzas provinces reported to him on the Soviet build up of nuclear weapons in Cuba in 1962. Naylor also stated that Robert Wall and Norwinski attended a ceremony in 2005 to honor Tom Hewitt at CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Hewitt died in 1997.


01/11/62: Memo from Glenn J. Farnsworth, Chief, PM to Chief of Operations: "a. MIRO CARDONA, President of the CRC - periodic contact with Mr. Glenn J. Farnsworth. b. CARLOS HEVIA, Naval Advisor - Gordon Campbell and (REDACTION). c. HIGINIO DIAZ (Nino), Military Advisor - Eugene Norwinski. d. HUMBERTO NUNEZ, Military Coordinator of Frente Anti-Communista Cristiano - Thomas M. Hewitt. e. JOSE FERNANDEZ BADUE and CUCHO FLEITES, MDC - Thomas Hewitt. f. CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, 30th Nov Group - Gordon C. Jung. (REDACTION). g. CESAR BARO, MRR - Thomas C. Clines. h. RAUL MENDEZ PIREZ and RUIS SANCHEZ, Rescate - Thomas Hewitt. i. ERNESTO D'ESPAIGNE, Military Sector - Eugene Norwinski. j. OSVALDO SOTO, 20 May - Thomas M. Hewitt."


09/21/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."3. KUBARK (CIA) maintained liaison contact with Ernesto Despaigne Perez, head of the AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) Military Section, through Horace D. Bickelhaupt for the purpose of monitoring the activities of the AMBUD Military Section, provide guidance, establish a training program and provide other necessary support as required."


02/6/63: Memo by Horace D. Bickelhaupt: CONTACT REPORT: AMWOO/1 and Bickelhaupt. DATE AND TIME: 5 February 63, 1200. PLACE: SH, 72. SUBJECT: Reports from Dr. Manuel de Varona sent to Senator Keating of New York: "1. On 4 February 63 at 2200, Bickelhaupt was informed by AMWOO/1 (probably Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez) that Gustavo Villoldo would obtain two reports from the office of Dr. Manuel de Varona which were sent to Senator Keatings on 4 February 63. Villoldo stated that he would obtain the reports at 1100 on 5 February 63 and turn then over to AMWOO/1 for his review and comments. 2. On 5 February at 1200, Bickelhaupt met with AMWOO/1 who had the two reports in his possession. AMWOO/1 informed Bickelhaupt that Villoldo had obtained three reports from 'Patty' Garcia who presumably works in the office of Dr. Varona. The information contained in these reports were obtained from unknown sources in Cuba and were sent to the United States by means of diplomatic channels. 3. Attached are copies of the reports." Signature of Bickelhaupt.


03/12/66: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMOZON AMLASH: ..."B. Horace D. Bickelhaupt, AMHAM/1 (Juan Felaifel Canahan) C/O from Dec 63 to July 64 remembered AMHAM-1 as hard working, conscientious and added that only misgivings he had were ODENVY (FBI) allegations which resolved to C/O's satisfaction following talks with and assessment by AMWOO/1 (probably Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez) in spring 64..."


03/14/66: Cable from JMWAVE: Slugline TYPIC AMLASH OMOZON: States that the Carlos Martinez article is the most important article about the Cubela trial. "Article claim(s) AMHAM-1 (Juan Felaifel Canahan) took eight LCFLUTTER (polygraph - "lie detector" - testing) tests and had passed them all. Names of three alleged (CIA) agents in Miami (two of them correct). Fact his chief was American Lt. Col. who called self Smith (this is AMOZON case officer Leifeshe who used alias Smith). AMHAM-1 work as double agent made easier because his brother, AMBASS-1 (Anis Felaifel), was intel chief for MRR.


07/09/67: Memo from Earl J. Williamson, AC/WH/COG to DC/CI/R&A: SUBJECT: Garrison Investigation Emilio Santana Galindo 201-335856: REFERENCE: CI/R&A Memorandum, dated 22 June 1967, same subject: ..."3. Listed below are the staff and agent personnel, in true name, who have been in contact with Subject and may be known to him by true name, alias or nickname. A) STAFF: 1. Eugene E. Norwinski. 2. Robert G. L. Wall. 3. William R. Stegall. 4. Vernon J. Goertz. 5. (REDACTION). 6. Robert Charles Bachman. 7. Donald D. Wever. 8. Dewey A. Stinson..." - - - June 27, 2023 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10170-10146.pdf


Obituary to Eugene Norwinski on the johnsonfc.com website: "Eugene Norwinski, 88, died Sunday, October 6, 2013, at his home in Elkton, Virginia. Born on June 25, 1925, in Brooklyn, New York, Eugene was the youngest child of the late Stefania and Peter Nerwinski. Following graduation from Boys High in Brooklyn, he served as a radio operator in the U.S. Navy during World War II, attended George Washington University where he received a bachelors degree in geography and political science, and spent his career in the Central Intelligence Agency, involved in operations in Cuba, Africa and Laos, among other places. Following his retirement, he worked at Merck in Elkton, Virginia. He was preceded in death by his two sisters, Helen Becker and Adelia LoPresti. Eugene is survived by his wife of 55 years, Janet Holden Norwinski; his children Evelina Norwinski, Derek Norwinski and his wife Brenda, and Stephanie Pence and her husband Steven; his six grandchildren, Taylor Pence, Rachel Pence, Hallie Pence, Emma Pence, Alexander Norwinski, and Allyson Norwinski; and his dog Belle. There will be memorial service at 3:00 p.m. and receiving of friends afterwards from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 13, 2013, at the home of Steve and Stephanie Pence in McGaheysville, Virginia. Memorial contributions may be made to Sentara Hospice Services - Harrisonburg, and mailed to Sentara Health Foundation, 6015 Poplar Hall Drive, Suite 308, Norfolk, VA 23502-3819..."


01/23/2019: Report on the Yahoo website by Sean D. Naylor, National Security Correspondent: Titled: Operation Cobra: The Untold story of how a CIA officer trained a network of agents who found the Soviet missiles in Cuba: ..."The initial stages of this buildup were reported by Hewitt’s AMBANTY network in western Cuba, by agents in Las Villas and Matanzas provinces reporting to Hewitt’s close friend Gene Norwinski, and by newly arrived Cuban refugees who were cycled through a screening facility in the Miami neighborhood of Opa-locka, run jointly by the CIA and the military. An Aug. 20 memo from CIA director John McCone mentions receiving “approximately 60 reports” on “stepped up” Soviet bloc military support of Cuba...On a cold January day in 2005, about 30 visitors gathered in a large, sterile conference room in what is known as “the old headquarters building” on the CIA campus in Langley to honor Hewitt. The guests were mostly family members and friends of the Hewitts. Only a couple of Miami station veterans were there: Bob Wall, without whom the award would not have happened, and Gene Norwinski, the case officer who had run teams of agents in central Cuba that had also reported on the presence of Soviet missiles..."


Eugene Edward Norwinski Collection on the loc.gov website: "Veterans History Project Service Summary: War or Conflict: World War, 1939-1945 Branch of Service: Navy Unit of Service: USS Nassau (CVE 16) Location of Service: Pacific Theater Highest Rank: Radioman Second Class."

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