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Pseudonym: Banasiak, Orrin

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Unknown identity. A cable from Caracas in November of 1967 stated that Banasiak reported the death of Digerveno (Emilio Americo Rodriguez) on return from JMWAVE.
A dispatch from the Acting Chief of Station (COS), Bogota, in November of 1970 was signed by Orrin K. Banasiak.

104-10180-10210: [RESTRICTED]

11/15/67: Cable from Caracas to Director (Info: JMWAVE): AKULE CIELBOW: "1. Request HQs consider not cancelling project CIELBOW. Ref B pouched 14 November contains cover recommendations and request that HQs seek a replacement for Digerveno (Emilio Americo Rodriguez), whose death reported by Banasiak on return from JMWAVE...Hunkeler believes if Spanish speaking officer with business experience can be obtained there would be no problem replacing Digerveno in proposed cover mechanism. Hunkeler reports good progress made in obtaining outlets for his brand of merchandise...3. JMWAVE: Request station express COS (chief of station) sympathy to wife of Digerveno, whose death both personal and official loss."

104-10219-10066: LITAMIL/1 201-267298

11/10/70: Dispatch from Acting COS, Bogota to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: GICITRON-4 (201-267298): "Forwarded herewith are three copies of Subject's updated PRQ Part II as requested in Reference. (Signature) Orrin K. Banasiak."

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