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Pseudonym: Badger, Austin

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Austin P. Badger was a pseudonym used by Technical Services Division (TSD)/KURIOT Chief, Seymour Russell.
Cornelius Roosevelt was the TSD chief in 1961.

A memo on December 28, 1962, from Seymour Russell, Chief, Technical Services Division, to the Deputy Director of CIA, was on the ZRCHEST program and mentioned Mrs. Christ, wife of David Christ, CIA Staff D operative.

Seymour Russell, Chief, TSD, was the Releasing Officer for a cable on December 4, 1963, from Director to JMWAVE, which mentioned KURIOT. In addition, Russell was the Authenticating Officer for a cable on December 9, 1963, which mentioned that Philip Luzier (Barney Hidalgo) was "expected TDY from Miami to Fran O/A 11 December and depart for Berlin 12 December to meet ops deadline."

A dispatch from Mexico City on November 20, 1964, mentioned the visit of Chief, KURIOT, Austin P. Badger. Moreover, a CIA document on November 25, 1964, on a/the Warren Commission Hearings dissemination list, included Seymour Russell as C/TSD. Therefore, Austin P. Badger was Seymour Russell.

104-10111-10035: MEMO: ZRCHEST PROJECT

12/28/62: Memorandum from Seymour Russell, Chief, Technical Services Division to the Deputy Director of CIA: "Attached for your information is a report of recent contacts with Mrs. Christ."


12/04/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Unintelligible, Unit: TSD/CAB/SD): Slugline AQUATIC/PBRUMEN: "1. Remainder SA materials requested Ref C forwarded per Ref B. Should arrive WAVE 5 Dec via Commercial Air. VOU #64-34301 amend #1. 2. 350 PKGS SA-15 cubes one box above shipment. 140 PKGS SA-15 remainder available HQs being forwarded separately to meet Ref A request. KURIOT (CIA Technical Services Division - TSD) assumes this action enough for immediate needs. Releasing Officer: Seymour Russell, Chief, TSD. Coordination Officers: SAS/MOB: Mr. Maloney X6488. SAS/LOG: Mr. (REDACTION). TSD/LOG: Paul Leach. Authenticating Officer: Charles J. Ryan, ASSTC/TSD/OA.


12/09/63: Cable from Director to Frankfurt, Berlin and JMWAVE (Orig: Withheld, Unit: TSD/DB/2): Slugline AQUATIC PBRUMEN: REF WAVE 8596 (IN 75353): "1. Philip G. Luzier (Barney Hidalgo) (see para 4 ref) expected TDY from Miami to Fran O/A 11 December and depart for Berlin 12 December to meet ops deadline. KURIOT (CIA Technical Service Division - TSD) requests MKTOPAZ (CIA Technical Service Division-TSD) be prepared procure backstopped DAC docs for his commercial flight Berlin. JMWAVE will cable ETA and FLT number soonest. Secondary docs already prepared by KURIOT. 2. HQs desk believes IDEN C ref room should be miked so her first conversation with IDEN A can be monitored. This would help Luzier time his contact with IDEN A. HQs also recommends Luzier have letter to IDEN A with instructions for future contact for use if circumstances permit only brush contact." Authenticating Officer: Seymour Russell, Chief, TSD.


11/20/64: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, KURIOT (Attention: Peter T. Swinehart): ..."1. General Summary of Activities: The major activities for the month of October were focused upon photographic operations, utilizing the LIFIRE truck; the visit of Chief, KURIOT (CIA Technical Services Division - TSD), Austin P. Badger; and Station support...TDY Visitors: a. Austin P. Badger arrived for a three day visit on 18 October and was met at the airport by Hugh T. Francotte and Marvin A. Cabot. During his stay, Badger inspected the KURIOT facilities, both outside and within the Station; was briefed on Station activities; and held private discussions with various Station officers. The Mexico City Station feels that Badger's visit was most beneficial, and appreciates having had this opportunity to discuss subjects of a technical nature with Chief, KURIOT..."


11/25/64: CIA document: Titled: Warren Commission Hearings Dissemination: ..."13. Mr. Seymour Russell (C/TSD)..."

157-10011-10092: TESTIMONY OF VICTOR MARCHETTI, 28 MAR 1975

03/10/75: Memorandum from Jim Roethe to Robert Olsen: Subject: Summary of Telephone Conversation with Victor Marchetti: "This morning, I returned Victor Marchetti's telephone call to you (telephone: 938-1380). Marchetti quickly indicated that he felt he probably had nothing to offer the Commission that had not already appeared in his book. He had no other specific facts or evidence which he felt he could provide us. He did state that we should consider interviewing Seymour Russell, who was head of the Department of Defense during much of the period when Marchetti worked with CIA, although I am not sure precisely what Russell might be able to contribute to the investigation..."

Gavin McDonald

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