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Pseudonym: Andrews, Carlos

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Carlos Andrews was an alias used by CIA officer Charles Anderson III. Two memos from Thomas J. Flores in January of 1965 stated that Andrews was an alias for Anderson.

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 4: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter4.html

..."Who ran LIENVOY and LIFEAT during 1963? As the chief of station, Scott was the ultimate boss over the tap operations, but delegated day-to-day responsibility to others. Who ran these tap operations during 1963? I believe Frank Estancona ran LIENVOY, with Charles Anderson III in the background. There’s not much information available on Estancona, but we have a bit more on Anderson – Anderson was a headquarters man with the pseudonym of “Lewis Shoquist” who frequently flew out to Mexico City. [review the documents in endnote 17 illustrating different versions of the same document, at paragraph 8, the 1995 version of 104-10095-10001 refers to Shoquist as the handler of "LICRYPT" - while the earlier 1993 version of 104-10095-10001 refers to Anderson as the handler of LIENVOY!] Anderson’s role is carefully shielded even to this day, but we know he helped originate the wiretap operations in Mexico City...According to Goodpasture, Anderson ran LIENVOY from 1961-1962 and Frank Estancona ran it from 1962 to 1964.[ 20 ] Bob Shaw, who covered the Cuban targets for the Mexico City station, said that Anderson was stationed at HQ in 1963. Documents indicate that Anderson was monitoring cultural attaché Teresa Proenza as one of his duties on the Cuban beat...LIFEAT background: LIFEAT was initiated by Charles Anderson, who later moved over to LIENVOY. Begun in 1947, LIFEAT began as a single tap against the Soviet embassy; by 1962, it was up to 30 target lines. The taps were placed by a local phone company employee who was handled by a station case officer. A principal outside case officer had a shop at home where he would repair and tune up the equipment. He trained most of the listening post operators on how to make minor repairs. Like LIENVOY, the monitors and transcribers at the LIFEAT listening posts were generally Mexican or Mexican-American. These twenty-one field agents would work for an average of seven years..."


12/30/64: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: A. Amori, WH/SA/EOB): TYPIC AMBANG: ATTN: THOMAS G. URQUHART: "AMBANG-1 (Manuel Ray Rivero) called Puerto Rico afternoon 30 Dec asking for Carlos Andrews. When told not available he insistent speak with someone. Call accepted by Antonelli (Albert Amori) who informed A-1 that Andrews on vacation for next fortnight. A-1 indicated that matter urgent. He can be reached on 767-613S in P.R. Leave to Urquhart descretion whether call or visit. If choice latter, travel authorized."


01/02/65: Memorandum for the record from Thomas J. Flores, A/COPS/WH(SA): "1. On 31 December 1964 I tried to phone Ray at 767-6138 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was not at home and I left a meessage for him to call Carlos Andrews (Charles Anderson) at 628-1899 in Washington between 1200 and 1400 on 1 January 1965. 2. He phoned promptly at noon on 1 January (collect). I advised him that Andrews was not here, but that I was acting in his stead. I did not give Ray a name during this conversation. 3. I said that I had replies to the three questions he had put to Andrews as follows..."


01/06/65: Memorandum for the record from Thomes J. Flores, COPS/WH(SA): "1. Ray called collect from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, at 1550 on 6 January. He said that he had discussed the matter of the arms with the Dominican Government and had received a tentatively favorable reply. He said that he was calling in order to save time since he expected the U.S. Government would be consulted immediately. I replied that we appreciated his call, and that as I had told him on 1 January our reply would be neutral since we did not feel free to apply pressure to a friendly government concerning this matter. He said that this was all right with him as long as the reply is not unfavorable. I assured him it would not be. 2. Subject's call was made to Carlos Andrews (Charles Anderson). Upon taking the call I said that Andrews was not here but that I was the individual with whom he had spoken on 1 January. Subject then called me Antonelli. I did not contest the use of this name."

Bill Simpich • Greg A. Otterman • MFF

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