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Pseudonym: Aleccia, Nathaniel

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R. B. Santiago, WH/C/FI/IO in July of 1965.
A memo from Nathaniel S Aleccia on July 7, 1965, stated that Serzio F. Madinabeitia called R. B. Santiago, his case officer, on July 6th saying he had important information. The information was on Victor Espinosa, and Aleccia stated that the "subject then gave me Espinosa's address and telephone number as 415 East 52nd Street, New York City...Subject also stated that he had given Espinosa the Washington Sterile number and the name of Santiago." The above indicates that Aleccia was a pseudonym for R. B. Santiago.

In June of 1964 Nathaniel S. Aleccia wrote a memo on Manuel Ray Rivero's (AMBANG-1) failed infiltration mission into Cuba. Aleccia's sources were FBI New York agent, Frank O'Brien, and AMWRIT-1 in NYC.

A memo in December, 1965, mentioned that Aleccia had received a telephone call from AMWHIP-1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez).

A cable (probably sometime in 1966) stated that Rowton (probably Ernest Tsikerdanos) and Aleccia would likely be used to make contact with Julian Lopez Diaz.

Furthermore, Aleccia was listed with Medbery in an operation, on the LIRANCH expenditures as of January 1, 1967. Moreover, in June of 1967 Nathaniel S. Aleccia either signed a dispatch as Chief, WH Division, or in the name of the Chief. The subject of the dispatch was Cuban traces on LIRING-3 (Carlos Jurado-Delmar).


06/23/64: Memo for the record from Nathaniel S. Aleccia: Date: 11 June 1964 and 16 June 1964: Sources: Frank O'Brien, FBI, New York, and AMWRIT-1, New York City: Lengthy memo on Manolo Ray's (AMBANG-1) failed infiltration mission to Cuba in June of 1964. On page 3 AMWRIT-1 was described as a friend of Andrew St. George.


07/07/65: Memo for the record from N. S. Aleccia: "1. Subject called R. B. Santiago WH/C/FI/IO case officer on 6 July at 1500 hours to inform that he had very urgent and important information he wanted to discuss...Subject was advised that he would be contacted by telephone later in the day. 2. Subject was contacted by phone at 1545 on 6 July, to ask him again what made his information so urgent and whom it involved. Subject said it involved one Victor Espinosa who was presently in New York and that Espinosa worked for the Agency and had just returned from Paris and Spain and had to see someone from the Agency. Subject then gave me Espinosa's address and telephone number as 415 East 52nd Street, New York City...Subject also stated that he had given Espinosa the Washington Sterile number and the name of Santiago...After discussing Espinosa with WH/C/TC personnel, I was advised that subject is a malecontent and not to contact him at all. 4. Mr. John Castoro, WH/C/OSS, was contacted on the morning of 7 July 1965, and requested to contact FBI liaison and brief them that Espinosa was again truing to contact the Agency and to please notify Bureau in New York of this fact. Mr. Sam Papich advised Mr. Castoro that the Bureau could not act as an intermediary for the Agency. 5. The above was also discussed with Mr. Harry Webster, DC/WH/C/FI."


12/23/65: Memo for the record from Nathaniel S. Aleccia: Date: 22 December 1965, 1630 hours: "1. A-1 telephoned to inform that Marta Jimenez, Cuban representative to the UN General Assembly is departing the U.S. for Cuba via Nassau, Bahamas on 23 December 1965. 2. Prior to her departure, Jimenez put Oscar Gutierrez and (FNU) Omero, members of the Cuban delegation to the UN in touch with A-1 as she (Jimenez) had left a box of cigars for A-1. Also, before her departure, Jimenez told A-1 that she had some excess baggage but did not have any money to pay for it, so A-1 met with her and advanced her $35,00 to cover the extra expense. A-1 in turn gave Jimenez some jewelry to take with her into Cuba for his friend Cubela. 3. A-1 is departing for the Miami area on 26 December 1965 and will return to New York on 3 January 1966 in time for our meeting. Nathaniel S. Aleccia."

104-10176-10005: LIRING-3

Undated (Probably circa 1966): Cable from Mexico City to Director (Info: WAVE): Slugline TYPIC MHSPAWN MHAPRON: Page 2: ..."B. Make pitch to Julian Lopez Diaz...Station has not yet formulated plans for method of approaching Lopez. Review of available data continuing. Would probably use Rowton (probably Ernest Tsikerdanos) or Aleccia to make contact..."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

01/01/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Report of Station OSA and DATO Expenditures as of 1 January 1967: "Attached are subject reports on LIRANCH and LILISP/X in tabular form per reference." - - - Page 272: "LIRANCH Expenditures as of 1 January 1967: 1. DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES..DATE: 15 Dec. A. PBRUMEN: 172.24. NATURE OF EXPENSE: Medbery/Aleccia Ops Exp. PURPOSE: Subsistence of stowaways (?)..."

104-10176-10002: FOLDER ON LIRING-3

06/26/67: Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: PBRUMEN/LIRING-3 Traces: "Headquarters traces on Subject listed in paragraph 4. reference, were negative. Nathaniel S. Aleccia."

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