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Pseudonym: Ainsworth, Mark

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Unknown identity. Mark T. Ainsworth worked in KUSODA (CIA Office of Security) in the 1950's.
A cable in February of 1954, on Operation PBSUCCESS, was for KUSODA (CIA Office of Security) and Mowade, and stated that the reference conversation (Dunbar, Langlough, Conniff) included the request that Langlough discuss with Mowade, Ainsworth, and Galbond (J.C. King) the urgency and need of making available a security man to provide support, assistance and security guidance to KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) operations in both DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama, used by CIA as a secret interrogation center) and PBPRIME (U.S.).

A dispatch in April, 1956, was for the attention of Mark T. Ainsworth - KUSODA, and the Chief of Station (COS), North Asia, mentioned Ainsworth's visit to the area.

A memo in September of 1962 from Ainsworth appeared to suggest he was working in the Finance Division at that time.


02/10/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: FOR KUSODA/MOWADE: RE: Conversation Dunbar, Langlough, Conniff 19 Jan 54; LINC 184 (IN 10910): "1. Ref conversation included request Langlough discuss with Mowade, Ainsworth, and Galbond (J.C. King) urgency and need of making available security man to furnish support, assistance and security guidance to KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) operations in both DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama, used by CIA as a secret interrogation center) and PBPRIME (U.S.) such man urgency needed during initial staging phase at DTROBALO commencing 13 Feb 54. Staging phase will include coordination and reception of additional material at DTROBALO. This material then must be packed and prepared for dropping and caching. Details of overflights must be coordinated both into ROBALO and over drop sites. 2. Request for security man was made on 20 Jan 54 and his services now urgently needed as staging phase commences at ROBA on 13 Feb. He should arrive at LINC soonest for briefing and be properly documented for travel to ROBA on/about 12 Feb. Initial phase and preparation for his KUHOOK operation is the time when security man needed most. He will be subordinate to Conniff but will have authority at ROBA to insure operational security procedures and personally supervise sterile packing of equipment. He will be responsible for coordination with LINC and reception and departure of all black flights into and out of ROBA. 3. If IDEN A not available for this assignment request consideration be given to assignment of IDEN B or IDEN C. Duration of assignment estimated minimum three months with probable travel to PBPRIME to coordinate packing and shipping of equipment to ROBA." KUSODA was the cryptonym for CIA Office of Security.


04/16/56: Air dispatch from COS, North Asia, Tokyo to Chief, FE (Attn: Mark T. Ainsworth - KUSODA): "1. During Ainsworth's visit to this area, the question was raised by NA as to Headquarters' policy with respect to the employment of a KUBARK (CIA) dependent by a foreign government. It was determined that should such a situation arise, pertinent information surrounding such employment should be submitted to Headquarters. 2. Walter C. Twicker's (Howard Hunt) wife is presently employed by the Argentine Embassy in Tokyo and is serving as an intelligence source for KUBARK in this capacity. Information relative to this employment, together with the operational ramifications is contained in the following references...Martin H. Solymos"


09/00/62: Memorandum from Mark T. Ainsworth to Howard K. Elbroff: "1. Recently Elaine R. Lemay, of KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI division of CIA), advised that on 15 February 1962, during the course of your developing a potential agent of interest to KUTUBE in New York City, N. Y., she advanced $50.00 to you for this use. Because of operational reasons at the time, it was not feasible to obtain a receipt for this money. 2. Elaine R. Lemay advises that she recently submitted a claim for the $50.00 in conjunction with her travel voucher for the trip during which this contact was made. The above was disallowed by the Finance Division on the grounds that neither a receipt nor an accounting was available. 3. Until such time as a receipt can be obtained from you, the claim for $50.00 is being disallowed. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you would forward such a receipt at your earliest convenience. Mark T. Ainsworth."

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