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CIA Pseudonyms & Aliases

CIA documents often feature false names of the following main types:

   • pseudonyms: false names used in internal reports and documents
   • aliases: assumed names used in public, sometimes as "covers"

Like the abundant use of "cryptonyms" for people, organizations, and projects, the widespread use of false names in CIA documents can hinder understanding of these records. In many cases, the corresponding true identity is revealed or can be inferred from the public records themselves.

This Pseudonyms & Aliases project gathers those identifications from documents available on this website, providing a handy look-up chart. Source references are provided to corroborate the provided definitions. Bookmark this page for use as you read CIA documents.

To understand cryptonyms, pseudonyms, and aliases, see this help page: Decoding False Names in CIA Documents. If you have information about one of these entries, or one not listed here, contact us at info@maryferrell.org.

Use these tabs to limit the list to a particular category of false names. Click on a triangle to the left of a name for a quick summary. Click on the name itself to view its full page.

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AbbotCvijeta Job, referred to as "Comrade Job" by a Yugoslavian intelligence operative.
Aimonet, FloydUnknown identity. In August of 1959 Floyd N. Aimonet signed a dispatch either as the Chief of Station (COS), San Jose, or on behalf of the COS. He became a Mexico City station officer in September 1963, and LITAMIL-2's case officer. [status: Unknown]
Ainsworth, MarkUnknown identity. Mark T. Ainsworth worked in KUSODA (CIA Office of Security) in the 1950's. [status: Unknown]
Aleccia, NathanielUnknown identity. In June of 1964 Nathaniel S. Aleccia wrote a memo on Manuel Ray Rivero's (AMBANG-1) failed infiltration mission into Cuba. Aleccia's sources were FBI New York agent, Frank O'Brien, and AMWRIT-1 in NYC. [status: Unknown]
AlexFidel Castro. The history of this code name is unknown. Fidel also used the code name ALEJANDRO. It's well-established that Castro's middle name is Alejandro. It is conceivable that it was given to him by the CIA - or that members of the CIA learned about it and used it for their own purposes in the process of creating the legend around Lee Harvey Oswald.
Altman, OliverOliver B. Altman was a pseudonym used by Justin O'Donnell. A cable on October 26, 1960, stated that the identity of Oliver B. Altman followed. A cable the same day stated that the identity was Justin O'Donnell.
Americano, ElWilliam Alexander Morgan. After fighting with Fidel Castro in the July 26 Brigade and overthrowing Batista, he was a triple agent by 1959 - an agent of Trujillo in 1959 who then was doubled by Fidel Castro, and then reported all this to the American Embassy. Suspect in 3/4/60 bombing of the La Coubre. He was executed by the Cuban government on 3/11/61.
Anderson, EleanorEleanor Reed, SR/6 staffer that debriefed Robert Webster after his return from the USSR during July 1962.
Anderson, JoeAlec Resnick (AMPAL-1), also known as Abe Resnick. Havana station source. Old friend of Lino Hernandez.
AndresAndres was an alias used by Andrew D. Rohlfing, WH/SA/SO/HH when contacting AMBIDDY-1 on December 7, 1964. Rohlfing was a colleague of CIA officer Carl E. Jenkins.
Aparicio, LuisDaniel Flores, Spanish-speaker, stationed in Mexico City during 1963 as an intelligence assistant in support of CI operations.
Archbold, TimothyUnknown identity. Timothy M. Archbold was a CIA officer in Mexico City from at least February of 1969 to 1971. [status: Unknown]
Archer, Mr.Mr. Archer was an alias used by Desmond Fitzgerald in 1963-1964. In addition, Enrique was an alias used by CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher.
Arehart, Arnold F.Charles E. Flick, chief of the intercept unit in Mexico City during the 1963 period.
Aretz, WilmerUnknown identity. A cable in April, 1960, stated that the Chief of Station (COS), Havana, had "tentatively approved" leave for Wilmer R. Aretz for May 19-24. Aretz was to attend to family matters in Washington, D.C. [status: Unknown]
Arville, RichardUnknown identity. Richard F. Arville was involved in Operation PBFORTUNE in Guatemala in 1953. Arville was probably Chief, DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama), in July of 1953. [status: Unknown]
Ascham, Robert D.Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, fired in 1961 after the Bay of Pigs.
Ashmead, HughHugh Ashmead was a pseudonym used by CIA Counterintelligence Chief (CI), James Jesus Angleton. He also used the alias John Stone.
Astrahan, JaneEvalina S. Vidal. Jane D. Astrahan was a PW officer at JMWAVE in February, 1962, and was the originating officer for a series of dispatches. Robert K. Trouchard (William M. Kent) was the Chief of PW at JMWAVE at this time. [status: Speculative]
Atilaco, HermanoCover name for Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Quesada, the Miami chief of the November 30th organization.
Attila, FrankOne of the several aliases of Frank Sturgis, who legally changed his name from Frank Fiorini. Anti-Cuban activist, head of the International Anti-Communist Brigade that merged with Gerry Hemming's INTERPEN group after the Bay of Pigs. Best known as one of the Watergate burglars.
Aumont, PeterUnknown identity. Peter R. Aumont approved two Field Information Reports by C. S. Mullerin in 1955 and 1956 from Mexico City. [status: Unknown]
Aycall, JamesUnknown identity. James O. Aycall worked on the LIMITED and LIFEAT projects in Mexico City during the latter half of the 1950's. [status: Unknown]
Bachardy, TheresaUnknown identity. Theresa H. Bachardy signed dispatches either from the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (WHD), or someone who worked under the Chief, from at least April of 1967 to July of 1968. [status: Unknown]
Badger, AustinAustin P. Badger was a pseudonym used by Technical Services Division (TSD)/KURIOT Chief, Seymour Russell.
Bagaus, HowardUnknown identity. A dispatch on December 9, 1970, stated that the previous REDTOP (CIA Soviet Division) case officer, Bruce H. Fernald, introduced the new case officer, Howard T. Bagaus, to LIEMPTY-9, -13, and -14, in early December. [status: Unknown]
Bannister, EarleEarle N. Bannister was probably a pseudonym for CIA officer John Doherty. Bannister took part in Operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala and was probably a senior CIA officer at that time. [status: Probable]
Barton, AlanRudy Enders. Other name that "Barton" was known by was Marvin A. Laurenkus. [status: Probable]
Barton, DonaldDonald Barton was an alias used by Michael C. Choaden when meeting AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero). Choaden was a pseudonym used by CIA officer David A. Phillips.
Bastear, KeithKeith J. Bastear may have been a alias for Keith Botsford. He gave orders to CIA agent June Cobb, who identified Bastear as a probable alias for Botsford. [status: Probable]
Beckhoff, JamesJames E. Beckhoff was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher. A cable on November 20, 1963, stated that Sambora knew Beckhoff as Henry Boysen. Henry Boysen was an alias used by CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher.
Benadum, Jeremy K.George Frederick Munro
Bender, FrankFrank Bender was a alias used by CIA officer Gerard Droller.
Berenguer, ArnaldoArnaldo Berenguer was a pseudonym for Emilio Americo Rodriguez. [status: Unknown]
Berger, JohnJohn (also Jacques) J. Berger was an alias for Jose Marie Andre Mankel. Mankel had the cryptonym of QJWIN-1.
Bernada, LeonLeon Bernada was an alias used by Peter J. Digerveno. In turn, Digerveno was a pseudonym for Emilio Americo Rodriguez (AMIRE-1) in 1965.
Bickelhaupt, HoraceUnknown identity. According to a dispatch in September, 1962, Horace D. Bickelhaupt had been the CIA's liaison contact with Ernesto Despaigne Perez, head of the AMBUD Military Section. In addition, a cable in March, 1966, stated that Bickelhaupt had been the Case Officer of AMHAM-1 from December, 1963, to July, 1964. [status: Unknown]
Bishop, HaroldUnknown, but a name very similar to the infamous "Maurice Bishop". [status: Unknown]
Blanco, CarlosJose Joaquin Sanjenis was the leader of what was known as "the Carlos Blanco group". The group included Bernard Barker and Tony Varona.
Bongirno, KeithAnthony Sileo. Keith G. Bongirno was a CIA operative from at least May 1962, to June, 1970. Bongirno appears to have worked in the KUCAGE division of the CIA (CIA Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff). [status: Probable]
Booth, FrankFrank Booth was an alias used by Edward D. Knapman. A dispatch in 1963 stated that Knapman used the alias of Frank Booth when meeting Elvio Rivero Limonte. Knapman was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Warren E. Frank.
Bowen, JackJohn Cesar Grossi. Worked with Oswald using the alias of Jack Leslie Bowen. Frequently arrested for impersonating individuals, including a Navy officer. Unknown if he worked with the CIA or any agency.
Bowen, John HowardAlbert Osborne, missionary in Laredo, Mexico. Believed to have rode with Oswald on the bus to Mexico City,
Boxley, BillBill Wood, former CIA agent or officer and employee of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.
Boysen, HenryHenry Boysen was an alias used by CIA officer Henry Hecksher.
Bracton, WalterWalter Bracton was an alias used for CIA officer David A. Phillips.
Braddock, GeneUnknown identity. A dispatch from LINCOLN in May, 1954, during Operation PBSUCCESS, mentioned Gene F. Braddock as knowing a Withheld army officer at Fort Benning, Georgia. [status: Unknown]
Braden, JimJim Braden was a alias for Eugene Hale Brading, a messenger for organized crime elements, who was arrested at the Dal-Tex building, Dallas, on 22 November, 1963, in the aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination.
Bradspies, FrederickUnknown identity. According to a cable in September 1973, Frederick C. Bradspies was a social contact of prominent anti-Castro Cuban, Laureano Batista Falla (formerly AMPALM-2). [status: Unknown]
Breitheim, JohnJohn Breitheim was an alias used by CIA officer Sidney P. Di Ubaldo. It is unclear whether Sidney P. Di Ubaldo was a real name or an alias or pseudonym.
Brent, ThomasThomas A. Brent was probably a pseudonym used by CIA Director, John McCone. [status: Probable]
Brickham, TadTad Brickham was an alias used by Andrew K. Reuteman. Andrew Reuteman was a pseudonym used by Theodore (Ted) Shackley, CIA officer and Chief of Station, JMWAVE, between 1962 and 1965.
Brillard, DanielWarren Frank, aka Edward Knapman. A cable on 16 September, 1963, stated that Brillard had sent a message to Winston Scott, Chief of Station (COS) Mexico City, which had been transmitted by J. C. King, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (WHD).
Bromund, DanielUnknown identity. A memo in June of 1957 stated that Daniel K. Bromund was replacing Lewis D. Nicklas (alias Antonio Wilkie) on the LIFEAT Project in Mexico City. [status: Unknown]
Bronson, Wanda Wanda F. Bronson was possibly a pseudonym used by Vivian A. Petrowski. Bronson was known to AMMUG-1 as Vivian. [status: Speculative]
Bull, SittingErnest W. Sparks. Also known as Ernie, Bernie, and Ned. Chief of Base for Cuban project JMATE that became the Bay of Pigs - first in Florida, then in Guatemala.
Bunce, WalterF. Mark Wyatt, deputy to William K. Harvey in Rome. Walter L. Bunce was in contact with AMLASH (Rolando Cubela Secades), AMWHIP-1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez), and AMWHIP-2 (Juan Ventura Valner), from at least November of 1963 to May of 1966. [status: Speculative]
Burke, BobAccording to the memoirs of Cuban exile, Captain Juan L. Cosculluela, Bob Burke was an alias used by Robert C. Stevens. Cosculluela described Stevens as a maritime advisor to Grayston Lynch. Stevens and Burke may have been aliases used by Bob Simon. [status: Speculative]
Burnette, CyrusUnknown identity. A dispatch on 3 May, 1954, from Earle N. Bannister (probably John Doherty) mentioned that a cottage was being rented by Bannister in his own name and in that of Burnette and Tranger (John Doherty). [status: Unknown]
Busalaccli, FrancesFrances A. Busalaccli was possibly a pseudonym for John T. Flynn. A dispatch on May 24, 1966, was signed by Busalaccli for the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (WHD). [status: Speculative]
Byerly, JosephJoseph Byerly was an alias used by Wallace A. Hopwade.
Bynam, OliverUnknown identity. A document in July of 1957 on Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier) mentioned that he had been in social contact with Oliver R. Bynam, C/WH/3/Mexico. [status: Unknown]
Cabal, BillUnknown identity. Bill Cabal was an alias used by a desk operations officer when running a trainees course named CIWOOD. CI was the CIA's diagraph for Venezuela. [status: Unknown]
Cabot, MarvinUnknown identity. Marvin A. Cabot worked on the LIMOTOR project and with the LIFIRES in 1963. Cabot was also the case officer of LITALUS-1 and 2. [status: Unknown]
Cadick, IrvingPseudonym used by William ("Rip") Robertson, head of paramilitary operations in Guatemala in 1954 and aide to JMWAVE ops chief David Morales.
Calligeris, John H.John H. Calligeris was a pseudonym for Carlos Castillo Armas. Castillo Armas was President of the Guatemalan Junta from July 8, 1954, and President of Guatemala from September 2, 1954 to July 26, 1957.
Campbell, FrankFrank Campbell was probably an alias used by Frank Kappel. A cable in 1965 stated that Campbell was a personal friend of Frank Sturgis, and was a former Miami chief intelligence metro officer. The cable later mentioned that Campbell was probably identical to Frank Kappel. [status: Probable]
Capolillo, MichaelMichael E. Capolillo was possibly an alias used by CIA operative Mickey Kappes. Capolillo submitted reports to JMWAVE colleagues from at least December 1963, to November 1964, on SW messages. [status: Speculative]
Caponong, Alice B.Evalena S. Vidal, PW officer during 1962-63. Worked closely with officers such as David Morales, George Joannides and Bill Kent. [status: Probable]
Capriott, TimothyUnknown identity. Timothy A. Capriott handcarried commos and pouches from JMWAVE to Mexico City, and from Mexico City to JMWAVE, between October and December 1963. Liaised with AMWEE-1 and NIEXIT-3. [status: Unknown]
Carela, RafaelRafael Carela was an alias that was to be used by anti-Castro Cuban activist and CIA asset, Rafael Quintero (AMJAVA-4), when meeting with Carl E. Jenkins in late May of 1964.
Cargould, PrestonUnknown identity. A dispatch on November 20, 1963, from Chief, WE Division was signed by Preston T. Cargould and Oliver G. Galbond (J. C. King). Therefore, Cargould was possibly Chief, WE, at this time. [status: Unknown]
Carpenter, BillyMajor Billy B. Campbell, who was described in the Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I and II, as initiating the air training program at JMADD, and as the Chief of Air Operations at JMADD respectively.
Carswell, DanielDaniel Carswell was a pseudonym used by CIA operative David L. Christ. Christ was, along with two others, arrested by Cuban Intelligence in Havana in 1960.
Casasin, Thomas BJacques G. Richardson served the CIA in Japan during the period that Lee Harvey Oswald was a radar operator and transferred to Soviet Russia Division prior to when Oswald defected.
Castelon, SamuelUnknown identity. Samuel K. Castelon was a CIA operative who appears to have been based in Caracas, Venezuela for a number of years in the 1960's. [status: Unknown]
CayoRicardo Cabrera Amoedo, informant with Cuban intelligence.
Celenza, BurtonBurton J. Celenza was possibly a pseudonym for Henry J. Sloman. Sloman was a pseudonym for Tony Sforza. Celenza signed dispatches for the Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, in 1966 and 1967. [status: Speculative]
Charron, LawrenceHenry Hecksher. Lawrence R. Charron was a CIA operative from at least August of 1959 to May of 1964. Charron worked with David Phillips and J. C. King in 1959, and was probably Chief of Station, Santiago, from around 1961 until at least December, 1963. [status: Speculative]
Choaden, Michael M.David A. Phillips
Cimock, OliverUnknown identity. Oliver D. Cimock (or Cimoch) was exposed to AMHINT-56 as "Ralph." [status: Unknown]
Clark, JamesJames Clark was a alias used by CIA officer and Chief, Special Affairs Staff Desmond FitzGerald in Paris in 1963.
Clower, WilfredJoseph G. Sancho (T). Wilfred O. Clower was known to AMMUG-1 as "Jose" and "Matt" to AMLUNT-2. A ARRB request on May 30, 1995, on information on Clower and others was answered by the CIA on the same day. Clower's true name was Sancho.
Cobfield, LelandUnknown identity. Leland H. Cobfield, along with George H. Ramskill, monitored AMSTALK-1 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue). Memoranda in April and May of 1967 gave Cobfield's rank as SO/II. [status: Unknown]
Coigne, FrancisPaul L. Dillon. In turn, Dillon was probably a pseudonym used by Herbert Manell. In a Field Transmittal for a fitness report on Anna Tarasoff, Francis J. Coigne signed as the Supervisor on January 28, 1969. In the fitness report itself, Paul Dillon signed as the Supervisor on the same date. [status: Probable]
Conway, Phillip. Captain W. C. Arms. Phillip Conway was an alias used by Captain Arms when meeting anti-Castro Cuban, Antonio Veciana, in January of 1963.
Cook, BillBill Cook, Bill Billings and Don Hogan were probably pseudonyms/aliases for Mickey Kappes. Bill Cook was probably a CIA operative based at least partly at JMWAVE. Cook worked with the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). [status: Probable]
Corbuston, Oliver Oliver H. Corbuston was a pseudonym used by CIA officer William M. Kent. Kent also used the pseudonyms Douglas Gupton and George Witner.
Cordova, Maximo deTony Sforza. This alias also spelled as Maximo de Cordoba. Sforza had a variety of pseudonyms, including Henry J. Sloman and Oliver Fortson. [status: Probable]
Cornish, JohnJohn N. Cornish was probably a pseudonym used by Raford W. Herbert, Acting Chief of Western Hemisphere Division in early 1965. [status: Probable]
Cossio, MiguelMiguel P. Cossio was an alias used by David Morales. Possibly used in the 1970's.
Costille, WilliamRobert Fulton, CIA officer serving as vice consul at the American embassy in Finland during the 1959 period. Obtained approval from his Soviet counterpart for a procedure for an American to obtain an instant visa into the USSR, which was immediately used by Lee Oswald.
Crabanac, TerrenceCIA officer E. Howard Hunt. A cable in January, 1961, stated that Crabanac would be traveling as Edward J. Hamilton. A CIA report in 1972 stated that E. Howard Hunt had a documented alias of Edward V. Hamilton in 1960.
Crafard, CurtisCurtis La Verne Craford, also known as Curtis Crafard and Larry Curtis La Verne Craford, was an employee of Jack Ruby until he disappeared on November 23, 1963. Strong resemblance to Lee Oswald. No proof that he was affiliated with CIA.
Crickard, WandaUnknown identity. A cable on 10 November, 1960, stated that Wanda Crickard would use the alias Martha Richards when meeting Jose Marie Andre Mankel (QJWIN-1). Wanda Crickard was a pseudonym for an unknown identity. [status: Unknown]
Cross, RonRon Cross was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Ross Crozier.
Cruz, JuanSantiago Garriga, employee at the State Department in Miami. In October 1963, he announced his intentions to set up a Fair Play for Cuba chapter in Miami. On November 21, 1963, CIA memos claim that Garriga was being hunted by the Cuban intelligence service.
CucoMiguel Angel Leon, aka Miguel de Leon Rojas, former Cuban senator and aide to Manuel Artime. Used the alias of Domingo Beltard when he helped Tony Sforza and other CIA officers escape from Cuba in the wake of the Bay of Pigs
Curtis, Willard C.Winston Scott, Chief of Mexico City Station in the 1960s.
Dagnillo, ChesterWilliam V. Broe. Chester B. Dagnillo was possibly Chief. Western Hemisphere Division, in April of 1966. William V. Broe was Chief, Western Hemisphere Division from July, 1965 to January, 1972. [status: Speculative]
Dahleiden, WalterUnknown identity. A cable on June 1, 1967, mentioned that Walter J. Dahleiden was a JMWAVE ordnance officer.
Dahlgren, Harold E.Oliver N. Aimack. CIA Western Hemisphere Division officer who dealt with some matters related to George de Mohrenschildt in Haiti.
Dainold, Chester D.Desmond FitzGerald, chief of Special Affairs Section (SAS) during 1963, the successor group to Bill Harvey's Task Force W.
Damer, BenBen Damer was a pseudonym used by CIA operative Gerald R. Lapsley. It is unclear whether Lapsley was a true name or a pseudonym or alias.
Danbrunt, EustaceEustace Danbrunt was a pseudonym used by CIA operative Thornton Anderson. Anderson was, along with two others, arrested by Cuban Intelligence in Havana in 1960.
Darguzis, Thomas Thomas L. Darguzis was a pseudonym used by Bradley E. Ayers. Assigned to the CIA at JMWAVE in 1963-64 from the U.S. Army. Author of several books on the subject of his CIA placement. Bradley Ayers died in February, 2017, aged 81.
David, PaulUnknown identity. Paul David was an alias used by a CIA employee during an interview for the Church Committee in 1975. David was a Special Assistant to Richard Helms during 1963 and 1964. [status: Unknown]
Deconbard, RayUnknown identity. A dispatch in January, 1964, stated that Deconbard was scheduled to be the interpreter for a number of AMBIDDY-1 Orientation programs in that month. [status: Unknown]
Demolat, WallaceUnknown identity. A dispatch in November of 1962 on the debriefing of AELADLE (Anatoliy Golitsyn) was to be brought to the attention of Wallace A. Demolat. [status: Unknown]
Dendy, HughUnknown identity. A dispatch in March of 1965 stated that Norman D. Kiggins turned AMDENIM-1 over to Hugh R. Dendy in September, 1964. [status: Unknown]
Desmond, Lloyd K.John Whitten, C/WH/3 in 1963. [status: Probable]
Devuono, IrvingGrayston L. Lynch. A dispatch in February, 1962, stated that Irving C. Devuono was the case officer of Roberto Perez San Roman. Furthermore, in two CIA dispatches in 1964, Irving C. Devuono was known as "Lee" to AMLILAC members, AMNUBA-1 and AMHINT-56 (Devuono was a Case Officer of the latter). [status: Probable]
Diaz. H.Jose Carbonell Marrero [status: Probable]
Diaz, NicolasFrancisco Rodriguez Tamayo, a ultra-rightwing anti-Castro activist, a gangster, and a double agent. Also known as El Mexicano.
Diffendal, MonroeUnknown identity. Monroe B. Diffendal was either Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala, or someone who worked under the COS in December of 1954. [status: Unknown]
Digerveno, Peter J.Peter J. Digerveno was a pseudonym used by Cuban exile, Emilio Americo Rodriguez. He was also assigned the cryptonym AMIRE-1.
Dimitry, Mr.WH/4/PM James S. Pekich, who ran the nets inside Cuba.
Dingley, MatthewHarry T. Mahoney. Matthew S. Dingley and Mahoney both put their names on a memorandum on July 8, 1966, that were virtually identical to one another. The memo was on Manuel Ray Rivero (AMBANG-1) and AMBADGER-1 (Dr. Julian Gallo).
Dominguez Martinez, AngelMiguel Casas Saez
Donaldson, DonaldDimitur Adamov Dimitrov, also known as Dimitrios A. Dimitrof, "Diko", and a variety of other spellings. Also used the pseudonym Lyle O. Kelly in the early fifties.
Quijote, DonLt. Col. Harold Feeney, intelligence commander at Guantanamo.
Dorenfest, EdwinUnknown identity. Cables in October, 1965, made it clear that Dorenfest was AMMUG-1's case officer at this time. In addition, Edwin M. Dorenfest met AMSPICE-1 in November, 1965. [status: Unknown]
Doscher, Andrew.Michael J. Farmer. A handwritten note, possibly written in June, 1970, appeared to state that Andrew R. (or F.) Doscher was Mike (Michael) Farmer. However, the note is not clear and it may be that Farmer's pseudo was another CIA officer mentioned in the list. [status: Speculative]
Drapkin, PerryUnknown identity. Perry G. Drapkin's name was included in a series of dispatches on AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada Carriles) in 1968 and 1969. [status: Unknown]
Duarte, JulioManuel Aguilar Alvarez. The Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook entry for August, 1965, mentioned that Aguilar was also known as Julio Duarte.
Dunbar, JeromeJerome C. (or B) Dunbar was possibly a pseudonym for Albert Haney. John Prados believed that Albert Haney used the pseudo Jerome B. Dunbar. [status: Speculative]
EagleEarl J. Williamson. Williamson was known as both the "Eagle" or "The Eagle" to AMBADGER-1 (Dr. Julian Gallo) and his CIA colleague, Harry T. Mahoney.
Easby, Robert L.Alan P. White, the deputy chief at the Mexico City station during 1963-64.
Eberwein, HumphreyUnknown identity. A dispatch in April of 1958 stated that Humphrey I. Eberwein was among the CIA operatives who rescued Arthur G. Vaivada (Ross Crozier) from the Sierra Maestra, along with Nelson L. Raynock (Henry D. Hecksher) and James R. Palinger. [status: Unknown]
Edgebrook, BernardBernard A. (or G.) Edgebrook was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Daniel Stanley Watson. Watson was Chief of Covert Action at Mexico City Station between 1965 and 1967, and from 1967 to 1969 was the Deputy Chief of Station.
Effield, MarkUnknown identity. Mark F. Effield was possibly the Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, in 1967. [status: Unknown]
Eggeter, BettyAnn Elizabeth Goldsborough Egerter [status: Unknown]
Elmard, Philip G.John Dimmer, last chief of the JMWAVE station, from 1965-1967. [status: Probable]
Eloriaga, AntonioLuis Angel Castillo - the CIA states that Castillo claimed to trade identities with Antonio Eloriaga, a Cuban intelligence officer. CIA and FBI documents state that Castillo was given a "light truth serum" and hypnotized by Philippine intelligence, during which he claimed that he was in Dallas with other Cubans on 11/22/63 to shoot the President.
El GordoLuis Balbuena Calzadilla, an ONI consultant at Guantanamo Naval Base.
England, JacobJacob England was an alias used by Jacob (Jake) D. Esterline when meeting William Pawley in March, 1960.
Engler, JakeJacob Esterline, Bay of Pigs project director and chief of WH/4 (Cuba) during the early 1960s. Used the pseudonym Anthony Ponchay.
EnriqueEnrique was an alias used by Henry J. Sloman. Sloman was the pseudonym probably used by CIA officer Tony Sforza. Also, Henry D. Hecksher used Enrique as an alias in 1963 and 1964.
Enzel, Wesley B.Fravel S. Brown, the Chief of Base, JMASH, during the beginning of the sixties. Also known as Jim Brown. Also used the aliases "Jim Smith".
Etsinger, HowardUnknown identity. Howard T. Etsinger was involved in the LILINK (provided non-official cover for CIA officers with infra-red communications system to the CIA station in the Embassy) operation in Mexico City in 1963 and 1964. [status: Unknown]
Evans, MarkThomas Edward Beckham.
Extrano, ElJesus Gonzalez Cartas. A gangster and narcotics smuggler, one of Tony Varona's bodyguards. Also active in the AMAPOLA double agent/triple agent network in Miami during the 1963 period.
Fabsik, LucianUnknown identity. A memorandum in December of 1966 containing a AMBASAL Progress Report was from PW/Fabsik. [status: Unknown]
Fagg, Jack T.Thomas O'Ryan, Chief of Station of the Hague in 1958 and later C/WE.
Fahlanger, GeraldUnknown identity. A cable from Madrid on February 12, 1965, stated that QUSPORT-1 (Bichi Bernal) contacted Fahlanger, who told Q-1 to tell AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubela Secades) that Growery (probably Earl Williamson) was out of town. [status: Unknown]
Fallucci, RichardWilliam Wainwright. A cable on July 20, 1962, stated that Richard M. Fallucci was IDEN. A cable the same day stated that IDEN was William Wainwright (TFW/FI), who also originated this cable.
Farmilant, GraceUnknown identity. Grace H. Farmilant probably worked at the CIA's Mexico City station from at least June of 1967 until July of 1973. Farmilant appears to have worked in the Soviet section in Mexico City. [status: Unknown]
Farshtey, ClaytonProbably Cal Hicks. [status: Probable]
Feinglass, Douglas J.Boris Tarasoff
Ferrer, MartinMartin Ferrer was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Raul J. Hernandez. Hernandez worked on the AMWORLD project in 1963, and 1964, with CIA officer, Henry D. Hecksher and Manuel Artime Buesa, amongst others.
Fevola, Manley.Manley K. (or V.) Fevola was known to AMMUG-1 by the alias of "Mr. Brown." Also, Fevola signed a dispatch in March of 1961 as either the Chief of Station (COS) of Bogota, or someone worked under the COS. [status: Unknown]
Figalan, HowardUnknown identity. Howard A. Figalan was known to AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) as "Juan." [status: Unknown]
Fiscalini, CharlesCharles D. Fiscalini was an alias used by CIA officer Charles D. Ford. Ford was assigned to Task Force W in 1962, working with the Chief, Task Force, W, William K. Harvey.
Flustikoff, GaryGary L. Flustikoff was possibly a pseudonym used by Virgil Reidmiller. Flustikoff was known to AMMUG-1 as "Virg." [status: Speculative]
Fluteo, LeonLeon C. Fluteo was a pseudonym used by Alvin Bracket. However, it is unclear whether the latter was Fluteo's real name or another pseudonym or alias. Also, a dispatch in August 1964 stated that Leon C. Fluteo was known to AMICE-27 as "Oscar Guerra." [status: Unknown]
Ford, RobertUnknown identity. A report in around November of 1954 on Operation PBSUCCESS mentioned that Robert (or Roberto) Ford was the Group's (SKIMMER) liaison officer with the Junta (SYNCARP). [status: Unknown]
Fortson, OliverTony Sforza used Oliver E. Fortson as a pseudonym and Maximo de Cordoba as an alias. Stan Archenhold is a second possibility to be Fortson. [status: Probable]
Fradyer, RaymondPossibly Joseph S. Piccolo. A cable on October 31, 1963, from Desmond FitzGerald, stated that he had serious reservations over AMLASH-1's trip to Brussels, after discussions with Fradyer. [status: Speculative]
Frank, ColonelEither Jack Hawkins or Colonel Frank Egan. [status: Speculative]
Freapane, Douglas J.David U. Groves.
Furnell, KennethKenneth G. Furnell was a pseudonym for either Jack Kaufman or Charles M. Bounds. A dispatch in November of 1968 was signed by Furnell, with Bounds being the Originating Officer and Kaufman being the Releasing Officer.
Gabowski, DanielUnknown identity. A dispatch in September of 1966 from the Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala City, was signed for Daniel N. Gabowski. Therefore, Gabowski was possibly COS at this time. [status: Unknown]
Galbond, OliverOliver G. Galbond was a pseudonym used by Colonel J.C. King, Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division, Directorate of Operations, CIA.
Gallary, L. N.WH/FI/R William Hood. Variants on his pseudonym include Dr. L. Gallary and L. Gallery.
Gallego, ElEl Gallego (The Galician) was an alias for a number of individuals.
Garcia, MarcelinoEvelio Duque Miyar, a Cuban agent assessed by CIA as candidate for possible training as an eventual guerrilla leader. Head of the ECA - Anti-Communist Cuban army. Also active with the ELC. Often allied with Orlando Bosch/AMDITTO-23.
Gardalphe, JesseUnknown identity. A Report Cover Sheet, probably from Costa Rica, in March, 1968, stated that Jesse R. Gardalphe was the Reporting Officer. [status: Unknown]
Gebaide, WalterWalter H. Gebaide was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Warren E. Frank. [status: Probable]
Gerende, Raymond H.Ramon Joseph Alvarez Durant ran all three photographic basehouses in Mexico City. Also known as LIEMPTY-1.
Germosen, GeorgeLt. Col. George Gaines, Chief of JMCLEAR and Project Officer for JMATE.
Givloch, KennethBirch O'Neal, (sometimes misspelled as Birch O'Neill). A CIA document in December of 1953 mentioned that Kenneth S. Givloch was Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala City.
Glavasco, PhilipUnknown identity. Philip D. Glavasco may have been a pseudonym used by Rudy Enders, or it may have been a pseudo for another officer in the Maritime branch at JMWAVE, possibly the likes of Mickey Kappes or Bob Simon. [status: Unknown]
Gloaden, PeterRichard Long. A memo on March 2, 1966, stated that Paris CIA officer, Richard Long, had the alias of "Dick" in 1962. Also, a memo on March 7, 1966, from Peter M. Gloaden, stated that he (Gloaden) was known as "Dick" to AMLASH-1. [status: Speculative]
Gneiting, CharlesPM case officer Thomas Hewitt. His alias was 'Otto'.
Goelet, HoraceHorace Goelet was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Stanley M. Figolak. It is unclear whether Figolak was a true name or an alias or pseudonym. A memorandum in August, 1963, stated that Goelet/Figolak worked in the Special Affairs Staff (SAS).
Gold, JonFred Lee Crisman, aka Dr. F. L. Crisman.
Gold, SamSam Giancana.
Gomez, CharlieCharlie Gomez was an alias for Rolando Cubela Secades (AMLASH). Two CIA documents in July of 1964 identified Gomez as AMLASH.
Gomez, MaximoFelix Rodriguez
Growery, WallaceWallace A. Growery was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Alfonso Rodriguez. In turn, Alfonso Rodriguez was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Earl J. Williamson. [status: Probable]
Guertler, WarrenKarl Rohrer. [status: Probable]
Gupton, DouglasWilliam Kent. Philip Toomey is also alleged to have used the pseudonym Douglas Gupton. According to an Inspector General's report, "Philip Toomey" is another name used by Kent.
Gussow, DanielCIA Miami based officer, Tony Sforza. A cable on December 5, 1963, stated that Gussow's identity was located in MADR 9866, and that he was a commo instructor. MADR 9866 has information from (Henry J.) Sloman, who was probably Tony Sforza. [status: Probable]
Guthman, RobertProbably Lawrence Devlin, Chief of Station, Leopoldville, Congo, from mid-1960 until mid-1963. [status: Probable]
Guymers, Charles S.Serafino Romualdi.
HalleyTed Shackley. [status: Probable]
Haltigan, Walter P. James M. Flint was the CIA Chief of Paris Station's Soviet Section during a period of the nineteen sixties.
Hamilton, EdwardEdward J. (or V.) Hamilton was an alias used by CIA officer E. Howard Hunt.
Hannula, ReubenUnknown identity. Reuben A. Hannula used the alias "Fred" or "Fred Folsom" at JMWAVE. Dispatches in April 1964 stated that Hannula was the AMTRUNK case officer. Hannula was a JMWAVE paramilitary (PM). [status: Unknown]
Harbin, PhilipGeorge de Mohrenschildt - but Harbin's existence is based on the word to FBI/CIA informant Herbert Itkin. Not a registered alias with the CIA. [status: Speculative]
Harnit, GloriaUnknown identity. According to a number of dispatches in March of 1962, Gloria L. Harnit was working in the PW branch at JMWAVE. However, one dispatch stated that Harnit and Trouchard were both the Chief, PW. A mistake or a revealing slip? [status: Unknown]
Harper, DavidCaptain David L. Harper was an alias for Richard Kinsman.
Harrison, E. I.E. I. Harrison was an alias used by Cuban exile Wilfredo Brito. It was also a pseudonym used by CIA's AC/WH/4/PROP - possibly John Tilton. The latter used this pseudonym from at least September, 1961, to March, 1966. [status: Unknown]
Harris, PatrickCaptain Milton Paul Hubbard.
Havedon, Wallace.Unknown identity. Wallace N. Havedon was either the Chief of Paris (C0S), in 1960 and 1961, or someone who worked under the COS. Havedon was involved in the AEDOGMA project. [status: Unknown]
Hawlott, GordonUnknown identity. Gordon R. Hawlott was a JMWAVE CIA officer. A memorandum in March, 1963, has a handwritten note that appears to state that Hawlott was FI (Foreign Intelligence). [status: Unknown]
Heard, BruceUnknown identity. Bruce R. Heard was a CIA JMWAVE operative/contract employee from at least September of 1962 to January of 1965. [status: Unknown]
Hedgman, VictorVictor S. Hedgman was an alias used by Lawrence Devlin, who was Chief of Station, Leopoldville, Congo, from mid-1960 until mid-1963.
Hediger, DonaldUnknown identity. A memo in October of 1953 mentioned that Donald O. Hediger was a GS–7 Operations Officer of the CIA Paramilitary and Psychological Staff in Guatemala. [status: Unknown]
Hegarty, FrancisUnknown identity. A dispatch in 1962 mentioned that Francis R. Hegarty was the regular case officer handling LINLUCK (Carlos Manuel Pellecer). [status: Unknown]
Heippert, ClaytonClayton D. Heippert was possibly a pseudonym used by Don Hogan. Hogan was probably a pseudonym used by Mickey Kappes. [status: Speculative]
Hendrique, LeslieUnknown identity. A dispatch from Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, on January 27, 1966, stated that two meetings between AMTRUNK-19 and his Madrid case officer, Leslie H. Hendrique, were held in Madrid during the period. [status: Unknown]
Hernandez, CharlesCharles Hernandez was a training alias for AMIRE-1 (Emilio Americo Rodriguez) for the JMATE (note: the Bay of Pigs project, as well as Cuban operations overall) Program.
Herzfanz, KurtKurt G. Herzfanz was a pseudonym used by Arnold M. Silver, deputy to Chief, Division D, William K. Harvey.
Hibbert, MartinWarren E. Frank. A memo in January of 1963 from the Chief of FI Branch was written under Martin O. Hibbert's name. This was probably an internal JMWAVE memo. Warren Frank was probably Chief of FI Branch at JMWAVE at this time. [status: Probable]
Hidell, Alek JamesName or a variant of it used used by the person who ordered the Mannlicher from Klein's sporting goods, in purchasing a revolver, and in manufacturing a draft card that included Oswald's photo. Lee Oswald was accused of placing these orders and manufacturing this draft card. He denied it. [status: Unknown]
Higby, David C.David C. Higby was possibly a pseudonym for Raymond A. Warren. Higby allegedly became Latin American and Western Hemisphere Division Chief in May, 1975, and still held that position at the end of the following month. [status: Speculative]
HilarioEduardo Betancourt.
Hitch, CalCal William Hitch was an alias used by CIA officer Calvin Hicks.
Hodapp, Jeremy S.Philip Agee. Agee claimed in his book Inside the Company, CIA Diary, that his pseudonym in the Agency was Jeremy S. Hodapp. [status: Speculative]
Hogan, DonGeorge Michael Kappes, also known as Mickey Kappes. Kappes also used the alias Mike Kelley. [status: Probable]
Horsfall, Orville R.Floryan Randolph Karty
Hostynski, CharlesUnknown identity. Charles J. Hostynski was Chief of Base, JMBAR, in Key West during 1962. A dispatch in June, 1962, stated that Hostynski's true first name was identical with the name appearing in the Denver Post article of June 5, 1962, as the CIA's head man in the BARR area. Hostynski's true first name was possibly Max. [status: Unknown]
HowardHoward was probably an alias used by CIA PW officer, George E. Joannides, in communications with the DRE. [status: Probable]
Hubbell, RobertAlso known as Bill Sheridan and Bill Williams. Robert Hubbell may have been a pseudonym used by James Noel. [status: Speculative]
Hunkeler, RobertUnknown identity. A dispatch in August of 1964 stated that Robert S. Hunkeler was the JMPALM case officer. A cable around a year earlier indicated that Hunkeler was in the Foreign Intelligence (FI) section at JMWAVE. [status: Unknown]
Hurschwood, JacobUnknown identity. A dispatch in July of 1953 stated that Jacob B. Hurschwood (or Hirschwood) and Richard F. Arville represented DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama) in a conference with officers representing HQs. [status: Unknown]
Huyette, GeoffreyGeoffrey T. Huyette may have been a pseudonym for John Hunt. [status: Speculative]
Inghurst, Frederick J.First possibility is Robert S. Moore. [status: Probable]
JackEarl Voss, reporter for the Washington Evening Star, was part of a Yugoslavian intelligence network.
Jadwin, Thomas K. Bronson Tweedy, he served in the Congo during the period the Agency was plotting the assassination of that country's Prime Minister.
Jaenicken, Carl W.John Dimmer, JMWAVE chief from 1965-1967.
Jasutis, PeterUnknown identity. Peter S. Jasutis was the case officer of IUSTEER-1 in 1972. [status: Unknown]
Jentons, Dudley P.J. Deering Danielson
Jersawit, StanleyUnknown identity. Stanley B. Jersawit worked with AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) in December of 1966, and AMSTALK-1 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) in 1967. [status: Unknown]
Jervay, ElbridgeUnknown identity. Elbridge O. Jervay signed two dispatches from the Chief of Station, Paris, in July 1963. Therefore, it is possible that Jervay was an pseudonym or alias for John Stent. However, Jervay may have been a pseudonym or alias for another senior CIA officer in Paris. [status: Unknown]
Jimerson_WinfieldHenry J. Sloman, probably the main pseudonym used by Tony J. Sforza. Winfield F. Jimerson was Chief of Counterintelligence (CI) at JMWAVE in early 1963 (having been Acting Chief in late 1962). [status: Speculative]
JimmyPA CIA operative named "Jimmy" appeared in a number of documents in the 1960's, including one which mentioned Operation 40, in May of 1961. Possibly Jim Pekich. [status: Speculative]
Jobes, BertrandGordon Sutherland Campbell. A June 1962 dispatch stated that the man identified as the CIA head of maritime operations in the Miami area, in an article in the Denver Post on June 3, 1962, was probably Bertrand R. Jobes. [status: Probable]
Johnson, Mary PostPriscilla Mary Post Johnson, now Priscilla Johnson McMillan
Jones, BillUnknown identity. On November 21, 1964, AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) claimed that he had been informed of phone calls to mostly MRR personnel in Miami from someone called "Bill Jones," who sought derogatory information on A-1. [status: Unknown]
Jose, JuanJuan Jose was an alias used by Matthew H. Ontrich during Operation PBSUCCESS. Ontrich was a pseudonym for CIA officer Nestor Sanchez.
Jouvenoy, ElliotUnknown identity. Elliot S. (or T.) Jouvenoy was either Chief of Station (COS), Brussels, or someone who worked under the COS in August of 1957. Jouvenoy also used the pseudonym Monroe B. Rozeney. [status: Unknown]
Kalbing, OscarUnknown identity. A report on an interrogation of AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada Carriles) in June of 1968 stated that the interview was conducted in the home of Oscar C. Kalbing in both English and Spanish, and that Kalbing did the translating. [status: Unknown]
Kane, John L.Richard Bissell, DDP who was fired after the Bay of Pigs. [status: Probable]
Kapridno, StuartUnknown identity. Stuart V. Kapridno was exposed to AMAGREE-1, AMICE-27, AMTRUNK-13 and -16, and AMHINT-56 as "Dewey", and was a training instructor. Stuart Kapridno also worked on Operation ZORRO as "Dewey." [status: Unknown]
Karnley, PatrickPatrick I Karnley and Bernie Reichardt were probably pseudonyms used by CIA officer Ken M. Crosby. [status: Probable]
Karokai, LouisLouis N. Karokai was a pseudonym for CIA officer Edwin P. Wilson. A memorandum on Edward K. Moss in May, 1973, stated that Edwin P. Wilson's pseudonym was Louis N. Karokai.
Keator, Eustace C.Rocky Farnsworth [status: Probable]
Keeman, Dr.Robert Kierce, CIA agent in Paris in 1963. It was probably the same Kierce who later reported on David A. Phillips' manuscript in 1975-76, as the then Chief, Special Security Unit, DDO.
Kelly, MickeyMichael Kappes [status: Probable]
KennardC/WH/4 Ghosn Zogby.
Kentland, PhilipUnknown identity. Philip C. Kentland was possibly COS, San Jose in December of 1956, and was also possibly Chief of Base, Monterrey, in November, 1960. [status: Unknown]
Kerschen, MelvinUnknown identity. Melvin D. Kerschen was possibly Chief of Station (COS), WH/Miami in 1970. [status: Unknown]
Kiggins, Norman D.Robert Wall, a training instructor and case officer. [status: Probable]
Killedan, NewtonUnknown identity. A dispatch in May of 1962 stated that Newton H. Killedan accompanied Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales) to Guantanamo Naval Base in that month, to met Jack Modesett, an Intelligence Officer at the base. [status: Unknown]
Killgo, DorisPossibly Louise Lyon, SR/CI/RED. Dispatches on May 18, and September 10, 1962, from Chief, SR, were signed in the name of Doris M. Killgo, with Lyon being the Originating Officer. [status: Speculative]
Kingman_RogerJohn R. Horton
Klemack, JosephJoseph Q. Klemack was probably a pseudonym for Cornelius Roosevelt, Chief, Technical Services Division (TSD) in the early 1960's. [status: Probable]
Knapman, EdwardEdward D. Knapman was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Warren E. Frank. [status: Probable]
Knight, FletcherFletcher Knight was a pseudonym used by Richard Helms, CIA Deputy Director for Plans in 1963, and a future Director of the CIA.
Knittel, PeterPeter C. Knittel may have been a pseudonym used by CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher. [status: Speculative]
Kramer, JosephRichard Case Nagell
Kraus, PeterUnknown identity. Peter J. Kraus was a Mexico City case officer in October of 1966 who used Kraus, or the war name of "Pepe", as an alias when meeting Doctor Amaro Alvarez Tormo (LISASSY-1). [status: Unknown]
Kubarker, Max A.The Chief of Base of JMBAR in Key West, known by the alias Charles J. Hostynski. [status: Unknown]
Kuzumuk, WalterUnknown identity. Walter Kuzumuk was a case officer of AMRAZZ-1 (Joaquin Godoy y Solis). [status: Unknown]
Kymingham, PeterPeter J. Kymingham was a pseudonym used by Chief of Station, Paris, John Stent. The latter was also known as "Red" Stent.
Labanow, StefanUnknown identity. Stefan R. Labanow was a longstanding CIA officer, from at least the end of 1953 to the end of 1967. [status: Unknown]
Lamiaux, MelvinUnknown identity. A cable from BELL (originated by Gerard Droller) in March of 1961 mentioned that Olien (James Noel) and Lamiaux had a telecon on March 21, 1961. [status: Unknown]
Lamprell, RobertUnknown identity. Robert G. Lamprell was the senior officer in the Soviet Office in the CIA's Paris Station at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy. [status: Unknown]
Langevin, PaulPaul D. Langevin was one of the pseudonyms used by CIA officer David A. Phillips.
Langosch, JosephHarold F. Swenson. Swenson was the CIA's Chief of Special Affairs Staff (SAS)/Counterintelligence (CI) in 1963.
Langtry, ElmoUnknown identity. A cable in February of 1954 stated that Langtry was Chief, KUGOWN/PBSUCCESS. A cable on April 6, 1954, mentioned that Twicker (Howard Hunt) had replaced Langtry as Chief, KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff). [status: Unknown]
Lapsley, GeraldGerald R. Lapsley was possibly a pseudonym used by CIA officer, and former Director of Logistics, James A. Garrison. [status: Speculative]
Laurenkus, MarvinMarvin A. Laurenkus was a pseudonym used by Alan Barton. Alan Barton was probably an alias for Rudy (Rudolf) A. Enders. [status: Probable]
Lavell, Edward P.General Paul Gaynor, head of the Agency's Special Research Staff within the Office of Security during the 1960s.
Ledbetter, WallaceCIA officer Calvin Hicks. A memorandum in August, 1978, stated that Wallace K. Ledbetter was a pseudonym for Calvin Hicks, and was issued in October, 1950.
Leehold, ZenoZeno B. Leehold was an alias for Italian journalist Luigi de Marchi. A cable on January 24, 1967, stated that: "Propose that a letter be delivered to Rico from Leehold (de Marchi)."
Lee, Harvey OswaldThe man calling himself Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City used this alias during his visit when he filled out his visa form in New Orleans to go to Mexico.
Leminger, Raphael G.Philip K. Tessarolo (T). A ARRB request on May 30, 1995, on information on Tessarolo and others was answered by the CIA on the same day. Tessarolo used the alias Raphael G. Leminger (T). In turn, Tessarolo was a pseudonym used by the lawyer, Judd Austin.
Levister, PaulWalter Jessel. [status: Probable]
Licari, PeterWillard Carr. Peter N. Licari was a CIA officer from at least 1959 until 1961. He may have changed his pseudonym or alias after this time. Licari appeared to work with James Noel and Gerald Droller among others.
Livingston, John R.LA Division officer John R. Lucy. John R. Livingston was also an alias used by Bryon R. Waidley, when meeting Antonio Veciana Blanch and James K. Cogswell, in April of 1966. Waidley was a pseudonym used by unknown identity.
Lopez, AlbertoPseudonym for Ricardo Pimentel, employee at the Cuban Embassy in Miami. He also used the alias Al Marino. He became part of the AMAPOLA network that was a center of double agent and triple agent intrigue in Miami during the 1963 period.
Lowe, GabeWendell Ullery, TFW/Ops Spt, who answered to William Harvey in 1962. In 1964 he was WH/SA/IO, answering to Bruce Cheever. Another pseudonym was Jerry Ott. [status: Speculative]
Lueders, FrancesFrances W. Lueders may possibly have been a pseudonym for Evalena S. Vidal. Lueders was a JMWAVE Reports Officer in August of 1961. [status: Speculative]
Lugton, StephenUnknown identity. A memo on February 20, 1954, mentioned that Lugton was among a list of cryptonyms and pseudonyms who had been exposed to President Somoza. [status: Unknown]
Lund, ThomasJack Kaufman, Chief of WH/1 in the 1960s, the Mexico Branch. A ARRB request on May 30, 1995, on information on Lund was identified as Jack Kaufman by the CIA on the same day. (See last two items).
Lunger, LowellUnknown identity. Lowell H. Lunger possibly worked in the KUJUMP (the Domestic Contact Division) section of CIA, and was possibly the Chief, JMASH (Forward operating base - CIA, Miami. Original name for JMWAVE) in 1960. [status: Unknown]
Lusby, ErnestErnest A. Lusby was probably a pseudonym used by William V. Broe. Broe was probably an alias for Jack Kaufman. [status: Probable]
Luzier, Philip G.Barney Hidalgo, whose formal name was Balmes N. Hidalgo. Other pseudonyms and aliases include Irving Freedgood, Bernard Hillary, Bernard Sosa, Benjamin Hernandez.
Lyack, ArnoldHe could be the first CABEZONE chief - George McManus (see CABEZONE). According to a memo in December of 1961, Arnold J. Lyack was Chief, CABEZONE (Defector Reception Center - DRC - in Frankfurt). . [status: Speculative]
Lynade, Pinckney E.Richard M. Bissell, he was an enduring influence within the Agency that took part in the planning of multiple regime change operations internationally
Lythcott, GroverUnknown identity. A dispatch in January of 1968 stated that Grover Lythcott was known and exposed as "Chip" to AMHINT-56. A document in September, 1965, stated that Lythcott was a case officer of AMCLEVE-15, and was known to the latter as "Walt Abeln" (alias). [status: Unknown]
Maestre, MorganMorgan O. Maestre (also Maestri) was a pseudonym used by CIA operative Roddy B. Lyons. Documents 104-10061-10115 and 104-10079-10014 listed Morgan O. Maestre (Maestri) and Roddy B. Lyons at number 64 respectively.
Magoffin, FrancisUnknown identity. Francis D. Magoffin appeared to be the author of a dispatch in 1952 which was included in one of Ross Crozier's files. Magoffin was also involved in PBSUCCESS in Guatemala. [status: Unknown]
Magoon, GeoffreyUnknown identity. Dispatches in June and July, 1962, seem to indicate that Geoffrey E. Magoon was known to William K. Harvey, then Chief, Task Force W, and PASSAVOY (probably Col. Wendell C. Johnson). [status: Unknown]
Mallek, FranklinJohn T. Doherty, chief of Guatemala station in early June 1954, replacing Birch O'Neil. A report in March of 1954 from Havana was produced by Wallace A. Growery (probably Earl Williamson) and approved by Franklin D. Mallek. [status: Unknown]
Manganello, StephenStephen P. Mangello. It is a modified alias. A cable in March, 1966, stated that Stephen R. Manganello (M) was the Case Officer of AMWEST-1. A memo in June, 1969, by Anthony R. Ponchay (Jacob/Jake Esterline), mentions Stephen P. Mangello as being the Case Officer for the RAPHAEL operation.
Mangroll, RufusUnknown identity. A cable on December 15, 1963, from JMWAVE, stated that Rufus E. Mangroll was departing from Miami on December 16th for New Orleans. [status: Unknown]
Manning, FrancisFrancis Manning was an alias used by CIA officer David Murphy.
ManolinJose Manuel Hernandez, acting chief of MRR in the early sixties.
Manson, Paul J. Al Cox, Chief of Base at JMASH (later JMWAVE) from 1960-1962. Used a number of different pseudonyms and aliases, including Robert Reynolds, Robert Rogers, Robert Davis, Robert Vincent, and Eric D. Rodick. [status: Probable]
Marchbank, RogerUnknown identity. Roger E. Marchbank was a PW from at least October of 1966 to approximately 1967. By July, 1967, Marchbank was a CA. [status: Unknown]
Mardones, DiegoDiego S. Mardones was an alias used by CIA officer David Sanchez Morales.
Margany, EllenEllen F. Margany was probably a pseudonym used by Nancye Gratz. Margany and Gratz's names often appeared on the same documents, whether they be dispatches or cables, from around 1966 to 1968. [status: Probable]
MariaMaria was an alias used by JMWAVE PW officer, Alice B. Caponong when communicating with AMBUD-1's secretary in August of 1962. Caponong was probably a pseudonym used by Evalena S. Vidal. [status: Probable]
Marin, AlAl Marin was an alias used by Norris W. Damicone. It is unclear whether Damicone was the true name of a CIA officer or a pseudonym or alias.
Marschalek, LukeUnknown identity. In October, 1963, Luke B. Marschalek was either Chief of Base, Monterrey, or wrote dispatches under the COB's name. [status: Unknown]
Marshall, William R.William J. Murray, the replacement for David Morales in Havana, 1960-61. Chief of Station, Monterrey, 1962-1964.
Martinez, LazaroEloy Gutierrez Menoyo
Martinez, SimonSimon S. Martinez was an alias registered to David Morales in 1974.
Martins, FredFred Martins was an alias used by John P. Hassellstrom.
Martin, John J.Jack S. Martin, a detective and allegedly one of the "wandering bishops" that may have had a gauzy relationship with intelligence. Beat up by Guy Banister on 11/22/63 when he suggested Banister had a role in the assassination. Martin claimed to have affiliation with CIA, but offered no independent proof.
Martin, LuisLuis Martin (Hernandez) was an alias used by anti-Castro Cuban, Evelio Duque Miyar. He was also known as Comandante Luis.
Masengill, CharlesCal Hicks, who used the pseudonyms of Carl Hitch and Charles F. Masengill, as well as the alias "Frank." and probably "Frank Massengill" and "Clayton Farshtey". Masengill came into contact with Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria, Evelio Duque, Manuel Artime, Ricardo Anibal Morales Navarrete and AMNUBA-1 in the course of his employment in the CIA. [status: Probable]
Mastrocola, Bruce G.Leo Cherne of the International Rescue Committee. Executive Director of the Research Institute of America, described as "the central intelligence agency of American business." He was considered an eminent authority on Cuba.
Matt, Charles W.Chief, WH/4/PM Robert S. Moore during circa 1962. [status: Probable]
MauriceLouis Gibarti, a confidential source of the State Department and possibly other agencies as well, had been a Communist penetration of US agencies in the thirties. By 1950 he was providing information on the Communist Party's activities in Hollywood. [status: Unknown]
Maxwell, IanWin Scott, chief of the Mexico City CIA station.
Maylott, PhilipAndrew D. Rohfling. [status: Speculative]
Mazutis, DonaldDonald F. Mazutis was an alias used by Mike Kelley. Mickey Kelly was probably an alias used by George Michael Kappes (Mickey Kappes). [status: Probable]
Megennity, ClydeClyde B. Megennity was possibly a pseudonym used by CIA officer, Donald H. Winters. [status: Speculative]
Meigs, JohnUnknown identity. John R. Meigs reported from JMASH and JMWAVE in 1960 and 1961. Meigs appeared to work with Wallace A. Parlett (Gerry Droller), Walter C. Twicker (Howard Hunt) and Andrew F. Merton (probably Jack Stewart). [status: Unknown]
Mendrick, ChesterChester R. Mendrick was probably a pseudonym for Will (or Wilmer M.) Kerbe, Chief, WH/SA/CI, in October 1964. [status: Probable]
Merton, AndrewAndrew F. Merton was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Jack Stewart. [status: Probable]
Mexicano, ElFrancisco Rodriguez Tamayo, a source for the FBI and active in 1962 with the OESA (Secret Army Organization).
Middlecott, JohnUnknown identity. John F. Middlecott was an instructor at SCRANTON (training base for radio operators near Nicaragua). [status: Unknown]
MikeMario Brod, a New York lawyer and contract agent that reported personally to James Angleton.
Miranda, DiegoDiego Salvador Miranda was a pseudonym used by JMWAVE Chief of Base David Sanchez Morales. Sometimes Dr. S. Miranda was also used for Morales. Note the initials were the same - DSM.
MonestierUnknown identity. Sylvia B. Monestier was a Psychological Warfare (PW) officer at JMWAVE from at least 1965 to 1967. [status: Unknown]
Moore, JosephJose Morejon appears to the correct name of the Cuban who was with the man calling himself "Lee Oswald" in New Orleans on 1/20/61. [status: Probable]
Moschiano, HowardUnknown identity. A cable on April 20, 1954, mentioned that Howard O. Moschiano had hand carried a message to HQ on April 17th. [status: Unknown]
Moskalevskiy, Yuriy IvanovichAlias used by Yuriy Ivanovich Moskalev, who was almost certainly the "Mystery Man" in Mexico. All signs are that this was a GRU alias, not a CIA alias. Also used the alias Yuriy Mikhailovich Moskalev.
Moughan, J.Possibly WH/SA/IOS O'Neal Alphonso Williams, an Army officer who worked for CIA. [status: Speculative]
Mulroney, MichaelMichael J. Mulroney was an alias used by or for CIA officer Justin O'Donnell.
Mylechraine, LeeGerald N. Askren. A dispatch in June, 1964, stated that Askren departed on May 8 for Headquarters, after completing a one month TDY covering for Francotte. [status: Speculative]
Mylkes, FrancisUnknown identity. A cable in February of 1954 stated that Francis T. Mylkes was a group representative (SKIMMER - CIA cover organization supporting Carlos Castillo Armas). [status: Unknown]
Naback, ClaytonTheodore (Ted) Shackley, Chief of Station, JMWAVE from 1962 to 1965. [status: Speculative]
Nadleman, JohnJohn D. Nadleman was a pseudonym for CIA officer David A. Phillips.
Nankall, MargaretUnknown identity. Margaret R. Nankall was a JMWAVE Reports Officer from at least 1963 to 1965. Nankall worked with Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) and Andrew K. Reuteman (Ted Shackley). [status: Unknown]
Nashwinter, JeromeUnknown identity. Jerome K. Nashwinter was involved in Operation PBSUCCESS, and in 1955 was part of the LIPSTICK team in Mexico City. [status: Unknown]
Nauman, WillardTFW/SAS officer Earl Williamson. [status: Probable]
Nayhouse, SophiaUnknown identity. Sophia L. Nayhouse worked mainly in the Foreign Intelligence (FI) branch at JMWAVE from at least October of 1961 to January of 1963. A dispatch in January, 1963, stated that Nayhouse worked in the Counter Intelligence (CI) branch. [status: Unknown]
Nelander, RobertUnknown identity. In a meeting with AMHINT-2 in August of 1962, Robert Q. Nelander represented the students/AMBARBS, Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) the military/AMHINTS and Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier) on behalf of the politicians/AMSPELL. Nelander also used the aliases "Jesse Davega" and "Roosevelt." [status: Unknown]
Nelson, Larry Louis Napoli, C/WH/4/CI-FI beginning in June 1961, WH/4/PA during 1963. Giles E. Corrigan was known to AMMUG-1 as Larry Nelson.
Newby, WalterWalter D. Newby was a pseudonym used by CIA officer George E. Joannides.
Nisley, DouglasUnknown identity. A cable in December, 1963, stated that Douglas C. Nisley and AMTHRILL-1 (probably Julio Kouri Barreto) were due to arrive in Mexico on December, 9, 1963, and Nisley would report to the Mexico City Station on arrival. [status: Unknown]
Noemayr, Harold R.Ross Crozier, contract agent who was terminated during December 1963. He used a variety of pseudonyms and aliases. As Noemayr, he used the alias Roger Fox. He used the pseudonym Arthur G. Vaivada from the late 40s to the late 50s before he switched to Noemayr.
Noltham, TheodoreUnknown identity. Theodore D. Noltham was possibly a Chief of Station (COS) for (a) Withheld location(s) in 1969 and 1972. Noltham worked with Nebecker on matters relating to AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue). [status: Unknown]
NotbohmNotbohm may possibly have been an alias for CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher during PBSUCCESS. [status: Speculative]
Nutting, JeremyUnknown identity. Jeremy T. Nutting was involved in Operation PBSUCCESS. [status: Unknown]
Oberst, Paul E.WH/C/CA during the Bay of Pigs, probably involved in Guatemala coup of 1954. By 1967, he is identified as COG/CA (Cuban Operations Group/Covert Action). [status: Unknown]
Ogden, VincentVincent B. Ogden was possibly a pseudonym used by CIA officer and Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala, Collins Almon. [status: Speculative]
Olien, WoodrowWoodrow C. Olien was a pseudonym used by CIA officer and Chief of Havana Station, Cuba, James (Jim) Noel.
Onack, AlexanderAlexander D. Onack was an alias used by communications instructor, Martin C. Tarters. Tarters was a pseudonym for an unknown identity.
Ontrich, MatthewMatthew H. Ontrich was an alias used by Nicholas Sanson. Nicholas Sanson was an alias used by CIA officer Nestor Sanchez.
Ordway, William F.General Charles P. Cabell, he was appointed Deputy Director of Central Intelligence during April of 1953.
Orrison, SamuelStanley M. Moos. Samuel G. Orrison was in possession of two briefcases containing CIA files when they were stolen in Mexico City on November 29, 1960. The briefcases were never recovered and this led to the exposure of agents and assets in Mexico City and Miami.
Ostier, Theodore D.Unknown identity. Theodore D. Ostier appeared in JMWAVE documents in 1962 and 1963. [status: Unknown]
Oswald, Harvey LeeLee Harvey Oswald, as described in a 1972 counterintelligence document.
Oswald, Lee HenryLee Harvey Oswald. The CIA denied that this was an alias used for Oswald for internal purposes, but there is evidence that CI/SIG Ann Egerter deliberately named him in this manner on December 1960 when she opened his 201 file.
Otero, OrlandoRolando Otero Hernandez. Bay of Pigs paramilitary cadre; may have known a few things about 11/22/63; involved in the CORU bombing campaign in the 1970s in Miami.
Ousler, QuintonUnknown identity. Quinton N. Ousler was a field case officer on the LIEMPTY project. He worked with Chief of Station, Mexico City, Winston M. Scott. A cable in late September of 1964 stated that he was "being called to Washington D.C. to give informed opinion of possible damage to LILYRIC or LIMITED." [status: Unknown]
Pachankis, HenryJack Stewart, also known as AMBLINK-1, "Joe", Andrew Merton, and Jack Warren. Henry S. Pachankis acted as interpreter for two courses in January, 1964, as part of AMBIDDY-1's Orientation Program. In addition, a memo in August, 1978, described Pachankis as AMMUG-1's contact in the Miami area, as "a career associate." [status: Unknown]
Pachuke, Dudley J.Stanley M. Moos. A CIA document mentioned Dudley J. Pachuke as item 69. The CIA replied to the HSCA that item number 69 was Stanley M. Moos.
Page, GrahamGraham L. Page was probably a pseudonym for Henry D Hecksher. Page was involved in the K Program in Guatemala during PBSUCCESS. [status: Probable]
Palinger, JamesJames R. Palinger was possibly a pseudonym used by CIA officer and Chief of Station (COS), Havana, William Caldwell. [status: Speculative]
Pantleone, Dominick I.C/WAVE/PM Glenn J. (Rocky) Farnsworth during 1961-62. Probably also used the pseudonym Eustace Keator, and the alias Jack Peters.
Panuses, RaymondUnknow identity. Raymond K. Panuses wrote dispatches on dependency cases and other topics under the name of the Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, in 1967 and 1968. [status: Unknown]
Papate, CedricCedric Papate was possibly a pseudonym for Paul Parker. The name of Paul Parker appeared to be handwritten next to Papate's name in a cable in November of 1961. [status: Probable]
Papock, OliverUnknown identity. Oliver K. Papock was a JMWAVE Reports Officer from at least 1962 to 1966. Papock and Harold P. Noemayr (Ross Crozier) were due to meet with the intelligence department of the DRE in July, 1962. [status: Unknown]
Parker, HaroldLieutenant Colonel Alex V. Drashpil. Harold Parker was an alias used by Lieutenant Colonel Drashpil when meeting anti-Castro Cuban, Antonio Veciana, in January of 1963.
Parlett, WallaceWallace A. Parlett was an alias used by CIA officer Frank Bender. Frank Bender was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Gerard Droller.
Parmers, AndrewUnknown identity. Andrew S. Parmers was the training officer for LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto) in Mexico City and members of the AMTRUNK project in 1963. [status: Unknown]
Parmuth, GregoryGregory D. Parmuth was a pseudonym used by CIA operative Robert Zambernardi.
Pascillo, LorenzoLoran E. Hall of Wichita, Kansas was considered for debrief by the CIA's Domestics Contact Division after his release from Cuban prison in July 1959. Accused of visiting Sylvia Odio in Sept 1963 with a man calling himself Leon Oswald.
Pataker, Stewart Jim Flannery, who replaced David Phillips as Chief of Covert Action in Mexico City. Also, a cable at the end of October 1963, stated that Pataker would replace David Phillips in Pataker's next assignment in Mexico City. [status: Probable]
Patrick, JerryGerald Patrick Hemming, a CIA source within the Domestic Contact Division beginning in 1960. Also used the alias Gerry Patrick, Heming and Hannon.
Peggins, IrvingIrving N. Peggins was possibly a pseudonym used by Frederick J. Inghurst. Inghurst was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Robert S. Moore. Peggins was a case officer of the AMTRUNK project in 1963. [status: Speculative]
Pellen, GlennaUnknown identity. Glenna H. Pellen originated a cable on November 25, 1963, on Silvia Duran. LICOOKY-1 (Viola June Cobb) and LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto) were also mentioned in this cable. [status: Unknown]
Perrel, GeorgeFermin de Goicochea Sanchez, DRE gunrunner in Dallas.
Peters, JackGlenn Farnsworth, aka Dominick Pantleone
Peuvion, CorneliusPossibly Jake Esterline. Cornelius L. Peuvion was Chief of Station, Panama in May and June of 1962. Served Mexico City from at least September 1964 to 1967. Esterline was COS Miami from 1968-1973. [status: Speculative]
Philbrook, KennethDC/WH/SA Bruce Cheever. In 1964, Kenneth H. Philbrook signed documents under or as the Deputy Chief, WH (Special Affairs). CIA officers Samuel Halpern, Henry D. Hecksher and Bruce B. Cheever feature prominently in documents that carry Philbrook's name. [status: Probable]
Phyfe, WilliamUnknown identity. William O. Phyfe was probably Chief of Station, Caracas, from at least March of 1961 until October of 1964. [status: Unknown]
Pickworth, NeilNeil Pickworth was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Joseph Vidal. A undated document stated that Neil T. Pickworth initially contacted, interviewed and assessed AMCORE-2 in May, 1960. A memo in May, 1960, probably on AMCORE-2, stated that the Subject was contacted by Joseph Vidal, CI/Staff, who debriefed him and obtained PRQ information. [status: Probable]
Pierce, AndyAndy Pierce was an alias used by Cedric D. Bartilucci when meeting John Thomas Duncan in August of 1968. In turn, Cedric D. Bartilucci was a pseudonym used by an unidentified CIA officer.
Pimsler, EleanorUnknown identity. Eleanor D. Pimsler was a JMWAVE Reports Officer in 1966 and 1967. Pimsler worked with Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza), Paul F. Manson (probably Al Cox), and Philip G. Elmard (probably John Dimmer). [status: Unknown]
Pineinch, Joyce H.Viola June Cobb. Her alias was Clarinda E. Sharp.
Pino, AsbaldoOsvaldo Aureliano Pino Pino
Pirnack, AltonUnknown identity. Used the alias "Larry". He was a paramilitary trainer and a case officer to Ricardo Morales Navarette. By November 1961, Pirnack was acquainted with AMHAZE-2523 (Carlos Hernandez). [status: Unknown]
Pivall, VincentVincent C. Pivall was probably a pseudonym for David Sanchez Morales during Operation PBSUCCESS. [status: Probable]
Playdon, William D.Tracy Barnes, Chief of the Political and Psychological Staff (PP Staff), Directorate of Plans.
Pollicove, ChesterChester D. Pollicove was possibly a pseudonym used by Charles Anderson. A dispatch in June, 1955, stated that Pollicove and Matthew S. Dingley (Harry T. Mahoney) were the ones "most intimately associated" with LIPSTICK-20 (Raymond Joseph Alvarez Durant). [status: Speculative]
Pollock, Kent L.Samuel Halpern
Ponchay, AnthonyCIA officer Jacob (Jake) Esterline.
Prallett, HoraceJim Noland, who served as one year as chief of station, Mexico City for one year from 1969-1970, followed by John Horton for two years from 1970-72.
Premselar, EmoryUnknown identity. Damage reports on Operation Zorro and the termination of AMHINT-56 stated that Emory D. Premselar was known as "Bill." [status: Unknown]
Preslake, Mr.Floyd R. Coatney. Coatney was known to AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) as Mr. Preslake. It is unclear whether Floyd R. Coatney was a pseudonym or alias or a true name.
Presland, DanielDaniel M. Presland was a pseudonym used by CIA officer William King Harvey. Harvey was Chief of Task Force W from 1962 to 1963.
Princep, StirlingUnknown identity. Stirling D. Princep took part in Operation PBSUCCESS, and, in particular, appeared to work closely with Matthew H. Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez). [status: Unknown]
PrisbeckHede Massing, writer, old-line European Communist turned hard right-winger, deeply involved in espionage. It also appears that she used another pseudonym, Walter James Kearns, with Army Intelligence.
Probert, JohnJim Noland, who served as one year as Chief of Station, Mexico City for one year from 1969-1970, followed by John Horton for two years from 1970-72.
Procario, JulianJulian T. Procario was possibly a pseudonym for William V. Broe, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division. Broe was probably an alias for Walter Jack Kaufman. [status: Speculative]
Purcell, SusanAnn Egerter, a key coordinator within CI/SIG (Counter Intelligence, Special Intelligence Group).
Rabney, JamesJames N. Rabney was a pseudonym for CIA officer Arnold M. Silver. Silver was deputy to William K. Harvey, Chief, Division D. [status: Probable]
Rachfield, FrancisUnknown identity. Francis D. Rachfield was mentioned in CIA cables in December of 1963. Also, Rachfield was a JMWAVE Reporting Officer in 1964 and 1965, and was described as a JMWAVE case officer in a cable in 1965. [status: Unknown]
Ragnity, OliviaUnknown identity. Olivia C. Ragnity was a Reports Officer at Mexico City Station in 1965 and 1966. Ragnity worked with Chief of Station (COS) Mexico City, Winston M. Scott. [status: Unknown]
Ralston, JohnJohn Ralston was an alias used by organized crime figure John Roselli. The CIA worked with Roselli, along with Chicago godfather, Sam Giancana, and Robert Maheu, in an assassination plot in the early 1960's against the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.
Ramova, WendelWendel J. Ramova may have been a pseudonym for CIA officer Raymond A. Warren. Ramova signed dispatches on behalf of the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (C/WHD) in 1968. [status: Speculative]
RamseyWilliam Robertson. A cable in April, 1954, mentioned that "Ramsey" (Cadick) had signed a letter. Therefore, Ramsey was an alias for Irving Cadick during Operation PBSUCCESS. Cadick was a pseudonym for William Robertson.
Ramskill, GeorgeUnknown identity. George H. Ramskill reported from Nicaragua in 1957 on Irving Davidson and others, and was exposed to AMSTALK-1 as "Harold." [status: Unknown]
Ratigan, LeroyUnknown identity. Leroy K. Ratigan was due to work with the CIA station in Mexico City in late September, early October 1962. [status: Unknown]
Ratteree, EdwinUnknown identity. A cable in December of 1963 mentioned that Ratteree was involved in devising contact arrangements with Sambora in the AMWORLD project. [status: Unknown]
Ratwick, AlexanderUnknown identity. According to a dispatch in September of 1964, Alexander D. Ratwick was the agent who dismissed AMDESK-1 (Ricardo Anibal Morales Navarrete, aka Monkey Morales). [status: Unknown]
Raynock, NelsonNelson L. Raynock was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher.
Razmara, EliotUnknown identity. Eliot P. Razmara was a PP, Grade GS-9, Guatemala Operations officer in October of 1953. [status: Unknown]
Rebholtz, HenryEvalena S. Vidal. A cable in April, 1963, stated that Henry P. Rebholtz was the FORDC PW Case Officer. In addition, a PRQ Part II on AMRAZZ-1 (Joaquin Godoy y Solis), in May, 1963, stated that Rebholtz was one of his case officers and was known to him as "Mr. Bell." [status: Speculative]
Recart, CarltonUnknown identity. A memo in August of 1959 stated that Carlton G. Recart, Lawrence R. Charron (Henry Hecksher) and Michael Choaden (David Phillips) met with Galbond (J. C. King) in the latter's office over Phillips dealings with Caines Milanes and other Cuban dissidents. [status: Unknown]
Reelfoot, AlanAlan W. Reelfoot was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer, and JMASH Chief of Base, Raymond J. O'Mara.
Reichhardt, BernardBernard E. Reichhardt was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Ken M. Crosby. [status: Probable]
Reingruber, GeorgeAl Cox. CIA documents in November and December of 1961 stated that George H. Reingruber was Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE.
Renard, NicholasUnknown identity. A cable in September, 1962, stated that Renard and Andrew F. Merton (probably Jack Stewart) had carried out surveillance in Mexico City to ensure Henry J. Sloman (Tony Sforza) and AMSTRUT-2 were not being followed. AMSTRUT-1 introduced Renard as "Fred." [status: Unknown]
Restrepo, JulioJulio Restrepo was a pseudonym for Carlos Castillo Armas. The index of Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), 1952-1954: Guatemala, stated that for Julio Restrepo see Carlos Castillo Armas.
Reuteman, AndrewAndrew K. Reuteman was a pseudonym used by Theodore (Ted) Shackley, CIA officer and JMWAVE, Chief of Station, from 1962-1965.
Reynolds, FrederickFrederick C. Randall, CIA officer in Japan at the time finance officer James Wilcott was stationed there in 1963.
RICARDOJose Francisco Rodriguez Espada, secretary-general of UR in the early sixties.
Riggs, Robert W.Anne Goodpasture, the aide-de-camp of Mexico City station chief Win Scott. After the assassination of President Kennedy, Goodpasture handled the various reviews of the station and wrote the history of Mexico City station.
Rikon, WallaceUnknown identity. Mexico City station CIA officer in 1963. [status: Unknown]
Rilander, JosephUnknown identity. Joseph M. Rilander signed a memo in June of 1962 either as Chief of Station (COS), Moscow, or as someone who worked under the COS. [status: Unknown]
Roberto, Don Don Roberto was an alias used by CIA agent Robert Owen. Sometimes the alias was just Roberto (used in Paris from 1962-1965).
Rochon, SherwoodUnknown identity. A dispatch in May of 1959 on AMBANG-1's (Manuel Ray Rivero) PRQ Part II stated that Sherwood P. Rochon was Woodrow C. Olien's (Jim Noel) predecessor, and A-1 also knew him as a U. S. State Department officer. [status: Unknown]
Rodemeyer, AlfredAlfred (or Alfredo) Rodemeyer was an alias used by Willard Nauman and Alfonso Rodriguez. Both the latter two names were probably pseudonyms used by CIA officer Earl J. Williamson. [status: Probable]
Roderick, ColonelRocky Farnsworth. He used a variety of pseudonyms and aliases. This alias was tied to his pseudonym "Eustace Keator" and another of his aliases, "Jack Peters". [status: Probable]
Rodriguez, AlfonsoAlfonso L. Rodriguez was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Earl J. Williamson. [status: Probable]
Rodwick, EricAl Cox. Eric D. Rodwick was Chief of Station, JMWAVE, until approximately the middle of 1962.
Rolender, BoydUnknown identity. Boyd I. Rolender was a CIA officer involved in Operation PBSUCCESS in Guatemala. [status: Unknown]
Rolnick, StewartUnknown identity. Stewart F. Rolnick was either Chief of Station (COS), London, or someone who worked for the COS in 1960, and either Chief, Western Europe (WE), or someone who worked under the chief, from 1962 to 1963. [status: Unknown]
ROLOChafik Homero Saker Zenni, a Cuban intelligence agent in the early 1960s. Communicated with US double agent Jose Carbonell Marrero. Apparently also knew Cuban consul Eusebio Azcue.
Ronganne, TheodoreUnknown identity. Theodore G. Ronganne was a Mexico City CIA officer from at least August of 1962 to early January 1964. [status: Unknown]
RoodineRoodine was the pseudonym for Frank Friberg, Helsinki Chief of Station (COS). [status: Unknown]
Rostedt, DexterUnknown identity. A CIA document on April 6, 1959, stated that Rostedt met AEASPIC (David Tzitzichvili) using the name "George Fowler." [status: Unknown]
Roux, MichelAllegedly used by Jean Rene Souetre, an OAS militant in 1963 linked with assassination attempts on French President Charles de Gaulle. Roux was also linked with de Gaulle assassination attempts. Roux was in Dallas during 11/22/63, and Souetre may have been as well. [status: Probable]
Rowton, Wallace B."The Greek". Ernest Tsikerdanos - he served as AC/WH/1 during 1969. By 1975, he was Chief, CI, Special Operations under George Kalaris. [status: Probable]
Rozeney, MonroeUnknown identity. Monroe B. Rozeney worked with QJWIN-1 (Jose Marie Andre Mankel) on the QJWIN project. Rozeney also used the pseudonym Elliot S. (or T.) Jouvenoy. [status: Unknown]
Rubash, HenryUnknown identity. Henry J. Rubash was described in two Progress Reports in 1966 (although there appears to be problems with the correct dates) as a PW. In addition, a Progress Report in July, 1968, said Rubash was a CA. [status: Unknown]
Rubricius_Conrad V.Joseph G. Benson, a CIA officer and a colleague of George de Mohrenschildt in Haiti.
Rutherford, WilliamWilliam Rutherford was probably an alias used by William (Rip) Robertson. [status: Probable]
Sabetay, EdwardEdward D. Sabetay was probably a pseudonym used by John L. Hart, Deputy Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, in 1964 and 1965. In December, 1964, Sabetay put his name to a dispatch from DC/WH (SA). The Releasing Officer was John Hart, DC/WH (SA). [status: Probable]
SadorusUnknown identity. First Name Unknown (FNU) Sadorus took part in the PBSUCCESS operation against the democratically-elected Guatemalan regime of Jacobo Arbenz in the 1950's. [status: Unknown]
Safarano, HowardGeorge Misko. Boris Tarasoff succeeded Misko as the Soviet transcriber at the Mexico City Station in June of 1963.
Safely, Harold Harold Safely was an alias used by CIA officer Harold Swenson.
Sambora, Russell H.USAF Lt. Colonel Manuel Chavez, A U.S. Air Force Officer (ODUNIT) who was assigned to the AMWORLD project. Also known as "The Mexican" and as "Manuel Gomez/Major Gomez" in AMWORLD communications. Sambora's AMWORLD responsibilities were security and recruiting Mexican pilots.
Sanchez, MiguelJose Carbonell Marrero, a double agent that worked with the FBI, the CIA and the Cuban intelligence services.
Sanson, NicholasNicholas Sanson was an alias used by CIA officer Nestor D. Sanchez in Paris in 1963/64.
Santell, NormanUnknown identity. Norman Santell worked with Martin Ferrer (pseudonym for Raul J. Hernandez) on the AMWORLD project in 1964. [status: Unknown]
Sarno, Alfred J.Alfred J. Sarno was probably an alias used by or for Anthony (Tony) Sforza in testimony to the Church Committee. [status: Probable]
Scaletti, ElsieCharlotte Bustos, WH/3/Mexico.
Scalzetti, RichardAlias used by Richard Scully Cain, Chicago law enforcement officer and Mafia higher-up. Also a CIA informant and FBI source.
Scelso, JohnJohn Whitten, Chief of WH/3 in 1963. Informally referred to as Jack Whitten.
Scheider, JosephJoseph Scheider was a pseudonym used by Sidney Gottlieb, chief of the CIA's Technical Services Division (TSD).
Schwaninger, Philip R.Eric Timm, chief of Western Europe station in 1959-1961 period. He died suddenly in the early sixties. [status: Probable]
Scorgory, GeorgeGeorge D. Scorgory was a pseudonym used by Anthony L. Sileo, Assistant Attache at the U.S. Embassy in Havana in 1958. Sileo later worked for the CIA in its operations against the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro.
Seekford, JacobUnknown identity. A memo in October of 1953 stated that Jacob R. Seekford was a GS-12 officer, who was on operational TDY in the United States at that time, and was expected to return to Honduras shortly. Prominent in the Guatemala project to overthrow Arbenz. [status: Unknown]
Sharp, Clarinda E.Viola June Cobb. Clarinda E. Sharp was an alias used by and for Viola June Cobb. Cobb also used the pseudonym Joyce H. Pineinch.
Shoquist, LewisCharles Anderson III, who ran LIENVOY for a period of time in its early years. Anderson also used the alias Carlos Andrews.
Short, Stannard K.Seymour Bolten. Described as the head of covert action branch, PP and psychological warfare branch during MONGOOSE in 1962 by Sam Halpern. [status: Probable]
Shryock, Clyde K.Thomas Hazlett in Mexico City, also used the alias Bill Mannix. Signs many documents "CKS".
Simpson, SeigConnie Seigrist. According to the Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I, Seig Simpson was an alias used by Connie Seigrist. Seigrist was a training instructor of Cuban pilots in Guatemala.
Sirett, PaulUnknown identity. Paul F. Sirett was possibly Chief of Station, Havana, in 1959 and 1960. [status: Unknown]
Slingland, DonaldUnknown identity. Donald P. Slingland was a security officer at JMBARR in 1962. In a dispatch in June, 1962, Cesar Diosdado reported that he had a "wonderful working relationship" with Slingland, and that if they continued to work together, they could do a "tremendous job" for the CIA. [status: Unknown]
Sloman, HenryHenry J. Sloman was a pseudonym used by Miami CIA officer Anthony (Tony) Sforza. [status: Probable]
Smeryage, Clarence E.Tom Clines [status: Probable]
Smith, AlJulio G. Garcia, the training instructor for the "Black Falcons" or "Halcones Negros". Had the cryptonym of AMCHEER-1, also referred to as "D-81" and "C-90".
Smith, JimFravel S. Brown [status: Probable]
Sparks, Ernest W.Carl Jenkins, C/WH/4/PM in early 1960, Chief of Base at JMTRAV, the ground training base in Guatemala, from September-December 1960, and then overall liaison officer for JMATE on behalf of the Chief of Station for Guatemala. He was also known by the nicknames "Ernie", "Bernie", and "Sitting Bull". [status: Speculative]
Spickernagel, OtisUnknown identity. A memo from Otis R. Spickernagel (pseudonym) on June 13, 1963, mentioned the above giving a lift to two men to Coral Gables, one apparently British, who discussed whether or not to send a film to New York. [status: Unknown]
StarkeWilliam B. Starke was a pseudonym for General Walter Bedell Smith, Director of Central Intelligence from October 7, 1950 to February 9, 1953; Under Secretary of State, February 9, 1953 to October 1, 1954.
Staunton, LarryLarry Staunton was an alias used by Joel N. Nebecker when meeting John Thomas Duncan in August of 1968.
Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens was an alias used by John Stent, CIA Chief of Station, Paris in 1963.
Stevens, RobertRobert C. Stevens was the captain of the Tejana. Cuban exile Captain Juan L. Cosculluela alleged that Robert C. Stevens (also Stevenson) used the alias Bob Burke. Robert C. Stevens may have been an alias used by Bob Simon. [status: Speculative]
Stockwood, PaulRobert Owen. A memo on March 2, 1966, stated that Paris CIA officer, Robert Owen, had the alias of "Roberto" between 1962 and 1965. Also, a memo on March 7, 1966, from Peter M. Gloaden, stated that Paul K. Stockwood was believed to have used "Roberto" as an alias (although it was not known for sure). [status: Speculative]
Stoneset, EdwardUnknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1958, on William D. Pawley's business interests in the Dominican Republic, from the Chief of Station (COS), Ciudad Trujillo, was signed by Edward F. Stoneset. [status: Unknown]
Storbeck, LloydUnknown identity. Lloyd W. Storbeck was Chief of IS at JMWAVE, from at least May of 1962 to February of 1963. [status: Unknown]
Storsell, LouisLouis K. Storsell was probably a pseudonym for Robert J. Bladergroen. A dispatch on October 4, 1967, from Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, mentioned that Louis K. Storsell from the Office General Counsel (OGC) had been on TDY at JMWAVE. [status: Probable]
Suchara, VictorUnknown identity. A dispatch in September, 1962, on the DRE included a report by Suchara (FI), whose source was Jose Angel Lozano y Lozano (probably AMHINT-58). Also, a cable on December 7, 1963, stated that JMWAVE case officer Victor T. Suchara was travelling under the alias "Charles Alwicker." [status: Unknown]
Sunderland, John Unknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1963 on Operation TILT, included John F. Sunderland as Chief, RIMM (probably a communications facility in the Miami area), as a Coordinating Officer. [status: Unknown]
Tanguist, EugenePossibly Christopher D. Constanzo, WH/1/C, or Jack Kaufman, C/WH/1. Could also be Jack Stewart, or working with Jack Stewart. [status: Unknown]
Tansing, Richard M.Victor Wallen, aka Jack Wallen. He was C/WH/4/CI (chief of the Cuba division). Tansing describes himself as C/TFW/CI. [status: Probable]
Taransky, EdmundEdmund Taransky was a pseudonym used by CIA operative Walter E. Szuminski. Szuminski and three other operatives were arrested by Cuban Intelligence in Havana in 1960.
Tarbell, JohnUnknown identity. John C. Tarbell was a JMWAVE Reports Officer in 1965. [status: Unknown]
Tardock, HarmonUnknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1962 stated that two couriered letters from AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha), dated April 5, 1962, were handcarried to headquarters by Tardock. [status: Unknown]
Taterka, DallasUnknown identity. Dallas C. Taterka was a JMWAVE Reports Officer in March and April of 1964. [status: Unknown]
Tattersfield, JamesBob Simon. An article by former CIA paramilitary officer, Rudy Enders, in August, 2010, stated that "Bob Simon was a former Navy underwater demolitions team (UDT) officer and a product of Massachusetts Maritime Academy." [status: Speculative]
Teels, CarlCarl Teels was a alias for CIA operative Gerald R. Lapsley when meeting Augustin Guitart in 1963.
Tenney, CalProbably Howard Roman, if he didn’t retire in 1962. It may have been taken from the hard-right anti-communist Jack Tenney, former Congressman from Los Angeles, who ran for vice president in 1952 as a member of the Constitution Party and other third parties. General MacArthur was named as the presidential candidate by these parties, although without his explicit permission. [status: Probable]
Terteling, Spencer O.Bernard Barker, a colleague of Howard Hunt. Spencer O. Terteling and AMCLATTER-1 are one and the same. The cryptonym AMCLATTER-1 has been definitively identified as Bernard Barker.
Tharpe, MarthaMargaret Forsythe [status: Speculative]
Thompson, WilliamWilliam Wainwright. A cable on July 20, 1962, stated that Richard M. Fallucci was IDEN and would be using the name William Thompson. A cable the same day stated that IDEN was William Wainwright (TFW/FI), who also originated this cable.
Thyfault, Paula K.Possibly used by Jim Noel in Havana in 1960, and possibly used at JMWAVE in 1961 and continuing until at least 1965. Thyfault was described in 1961 as "Chief of Base" and also as an FI officer. [status: Speculative]
Tichborn, EdwardEdward G. Tichborn was a pseudonym used by Henry Preston Lopez, also known as Hank Lopez. 201-253203. Bilingual since childhood.
Tigre, ElRolando Masferrer Rojas
Tigun, GarrGar (Garfield) M. Thorsrud, who was described in the Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I, as the Air Operations Commander at JMTIDE.
Todhunter, PhineasPhineas C. Todhunter was a pseudonym for DDCI Marshall S. Carter. A cable on June 5, 1963, referred to Todhunter, while a duplicate copy of the same memo replaced Todhunter with DDCI. The DDCI at this time was Marshall Carter.
Toomey, PhilipWilliam Kent. He had many other pseudonyms and aliases, including Robert Trouchard, Oliver Corbuston, Douglas Gupton, George Witner, "Thompson" and more. Active in PW section in 1962, often worked as deputy to David Phillips.
Tranger, GeorgeGeorge L. Tranger was a pseudonym used by CIA officer John Doherty. Historian John Prados believed that John Doherty replaced Birch O'Neil as Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala.
Treckler, HowardCIA officer Joseph (Joe) Piccolo. Howard A. Treckler was known as "Jose" and "Jose" or "Joe" to AMMUG-1 and LIONION-1 respectively. Howard A. Treckler's name appeared on Joseph Piccolo's fitness report from June to December, 1970.
Trouchard, RobertRobert K. Trouchard was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer William M. Kent. Other psuedonyms and aliases include Oliver Corbuston, Douglas Gupton, George Witner and "Phil".
Turquito, ElJose Ramon Fayat, aka Maceria, a member of the OESA (Secret Army Organization) and allegedly one of the killers of Albert Anastasia.
Twicker, WalterWalter C. Twicker was a pseudonym used by CIA officer E. Howard Hunt.
Ullery, WendellGabe Lowe, a Task Force W operations specialist. [status: Probable]
Umphlet, NorrisPetros Moutses, a Greek national and longtime member of the Greek Communist Party.
Urquhart, ThomasRonald A. MacMillan, who succeeded Bill Harvey as chief of Staff D in late 1963. [status: Probable]
Utstine, LauraLaura Utstine was probably a pseudonym used by Jane Zerance. A report from Charlotte Bustos-Videla in July, 1972, stated that Utstine was on TDY in Mexico in the second half of 1967, and was working in WH/1. [status: Probable]
Vaivada, Arthur G.Ross Crozier, contract agent who was terminated during December 1963. He used a variety of pseudonyms and aliases. As Noemayr, he used the alias Roger Fox. He used the pseudonym Arthur G. Vaivada from the late 40s to the late 50s before he switched to Noemayr. [status: Unknown]
Valentino, RudyDC/SR/6/Support Rudy Balaban, Soviet Russia (SR) staff. Balaban was involved in the debriefing of Robert Webster upon his return from the USSR a few weeks before Oswald. Also used the alias Valentinov.
Vandeborn, HobartJMWAVE officer Grayston Lynch, retired from the Army and became active in the Bay of Pigs and infiltration/exfiltration operations afterwards with Rip Robertson [status: Probable]
Veausell, KennethHe could have been Basil Beardsley, who worked at the American Embassy in Cuba at the same time, and continued in various WH positions well into the 1970s. Kenneth L. Veausell was a long standing CIA officer, working from at least 1959 until 1972. [status: Speculative]
Vedder, BruceUnknown identity. Bruce P. Vedder was Chief, Psychological Warfare (PW) at JMWAVE from at least July 1964, to October 1966. [status: Unknown]
Walker, WilliamWilliam Walker was an alias issued to CIA officer William King Harvey. Harvey was Chief of Task Force W from 1962 to 1963.
Wally, CaptainA retired naval officer, may have been JMWAVE Deputy Chief of Station Robert Moore who appears to have used the name "Gordon Campbell" after Campbell died in 1962. Gordon Campbell passed away 9/62. Campbell and Moore had worked closely together on the Eisenhower Cuba Project and ultimately on the operation at the Bay of Pigs. In later maritime operations conducted by JMWAVE Campbell would secure the boats used in missions overseen by Moore. Campbell ran Maritime out of Miami and Moore out of Key West until Campbell passed. Moore then started using "Gordon Campbell" as an alias. His main CIA pseudo that he used for memos was probably Frederick Inghurst. He may also have used the aliases of Irving Peggins and "Mr. Bishop" when he was not at JMWAVE. [status: Speculative]
Warren, JackJack Warren was probably an alias used by CIA officer Jack Stewart. [status: Probable]
Watlington, Roy V.Neill Prew, aide to Bill Harvey. Also known as M. Neill Prew, legal name Maurice Neill Prew. Roy Watlington worked in CI and in Mexico during the sixties. Linked in a still unknown manner to Junius Adelbert Watlington, Jr. of ACSI, who strengthened coordination with JMWAVE in 1962. [status: Probable]
Weatherby, WilliamWilliam Wainwright. William E. Weatherby was an alias used by Wainwright to testify before the Church Committee in August of 1975.
Weening, JonathanCynthia J. Hausman (T). A ARRB request on May 30, 1995, on information on Jonathan Weening and others was answered by the CIA on the same day. Weening's true name was Cynthia J. Hausman.
Weldrake, AnthonyUnknown identity. In February, 1963, Irving N. Peggins asked Weldrake to interview AMLEO-3 on AMTRUNK target personalities. Furthermore, a cable on November 15, 1963, noted that Weldrake would act as cutout to AMLEO-3 on a operational visit to Mexico. [status: Unknown]
Wellbank, ClaytonUnknown identity. Clayton S. Wellbank was a local U.S. businessman and U.S. Government employee. Wellbank was a source for a report on May 22, 1954, and was described in the above terms. [status: Unknown]
Wenmead, WilliamUnknown identity. William D. Wenmead was a CIA contact of AMTIKI-1 (Manuel F. Goudie) in late 1961. [status: Unknown]
Whiting, Harold S.Frank G. Wisner, he was a lawyer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and a high ranking CIA official that led the Office of Policy Coordination in the nineteen forties, a media article reports he "masterminded the (Agency's) successful anti-Communist coup in Guatemala in 1954", and Wisner operated during the nineteen sixties under State Department cover.
Wibalda, WilliamRobert Wall, trainer and case officer of media commentator Luis Conte Aguero. [status: Probable]
Wiesinger, CharlesRene Dubois, also known as Ray Dubois. He also used the alias Ray Adams.
Wilensky, MelvinMay be John Tilton, as Wilensky was known as "Juan". Melvin T. Wilensky worked with CIA officer Desmond FitzGerald, Nestor Sanchez, David Morales, AMCORE-2 (Luis Conte Aguero) and AMCOUP-1 (Ralph Brent) in 1963. CIA officers Desmond FitzGerald, John Tilton and (Colonel) Arthur Maloney appear regularly on documents mentioning Wilensky. [status: Speculative]
Wilkie, AntonioLewis D. Nicklas, counterintelligence (CI) operative. In turn, Nicklas was a pseudonym used by an unknown identity.
Willings, Dudley R.Sam Halpern, executive secretariat of Task Force W and the Special Affairs Staff, also known as the "ESEC". Also used the pseudonym Kent Pollock.
Wills, HarryHarry Wills was an alias used by CIA officer R. H. Webster. This alias was used when meeting with AMWHIP-1 in 1965.
Wilson, JimAccording to a memo in March of 1966 Manuel Artime Buesa (AMBIDDY-1) was to be given the alias of Jim Wilson.
Windecker, TheodorePossibly Tom Clines. AMHAZE-2523's PRQ Part II in November, 1961, stated that Theodore Windecker was known as "Clarence" to the former. [status: Probable]
Winett, KeithUnknown identity. Keith D. Winett was a LCFLUTTER (Polygraph, "lie detector", testing) operator at JMWAVE from at least March of 1963 to July of 1966. [status: Unknown]
Woodhead, PeterCalvin E. Davis, interrogator and polygraph operator for CIA.
Yasuinas, NigelUnknown identity. A dispatch in January, 1964, stated that Yasuinas was the interpreter for Tattersfield's two courses on UDT. In addition, a dispatch in January, 1968, stated that Nigel P. Yasuinas was exposed to AMHINT-56 as "Marty." [status: Unknown]
Zaboth, James D.Carl Jenkins. [status: Probable]
Zamka, Stanley R.David Morales.
Zannettos, PhilipDavid Morales. Philip S. Zannettos was the Authenticating Officer and/or originator of a series of cables on Operation Tilt in June, 1963. Andrew K. Reuteman (Theodore/Ted Shackley) was the Releasing Officer. [status: Probable]
Zeephat, TheodoreUnknown identity. A memorandum in November, 1968, noted that Zeephat met AMCORE-2 while wearing a disguise, and using the alias "John Kennington." [status: Unknown]

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