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CIA Pseudonyms & Aliases

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Adams, RayRay Adams was an alias used by Rene/Ray Dubois. A memo in June 2, 1961, mentioned that Ray Dubois used the alias Ray Adams when he was with Manuel Ray and Rogelio Cisneros.
Allen, Mr.Mr. Allen was an alias for Alva King.
Americano, ElWilliam Alexander Morgan, better known as William Morgan. After fighting with Fidel Castro in the July 26 Brigade and overthrowing Batista, he was a triple agent by 1959 - an agent of Trujillo in 1959 who then was doubled by Fidel Castro, and then reported all this to the American Embassy. Suspect in 3/4/60 bombing of the La Coubre. Used by Army Intelligence in the days before his 10/21/60 arrest. He was executed by the Cuban government on 3/11/61.
AndresAndres was an alias used by Andrew D. Rohlfing, WH/SA/SO/HH when contacting AMBIDDY-1 on December 7, 1964. Rohlfing was a colleague of CIA officer Carl E. Jenkins.
Andrews, CarlosCarlos Andrews was an alias used by CIA officer Charles Anderson III. Two memos from Thomas J. Flores in January of 1965 stated that Andrews was an alias for Anderson.
Antonelli, AlbertAlbert Antonelli was an alias for Albert J. Amori.
Archer, Mr.Mr. Archer was an alias used by Desmond Fitzgerald in 1963-1964.
Atilaco, HermanoCover name for Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Quesada, the Miami chief of the November 30th organization.
Attila, FrankOne of the several aliases of Frank Sturgis, who legally changed his name from Frank Fiorini. Anti-Cuban activist, head of the International Anti-Communist Brigade that merged with Gerry Hemming's INTERPEN group after the Bay of Pigs. Best known as one of the Watergate burglars.
Barton, DonaldDonald Barton was an alias used by Michael C. Choaden when meeting AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero). Choaden was a pseudonym used by CIA officer David A. Phillips.
Bastear, KeithKeith J. Bastear may have been a alias for Keith Botsford. He gave orders to CIA agent June Cobb, who identified Bastear as a probable alias for Botsford. [status: Probable]
Bender, FrankFrank Bender was a alias used by CIA officer Gerard Droller.
Berger, JohnJohn (also Jacques) J. Berger was an alias for Jose Marie Andre Mankel. Mankel had the cryptonym of QJWIN-1.
Bernada, LeonLeon Bernada was an alias used by Peter J. Digerveno. In turn, Digerveno was a pseudonym for Emilio Americo Rodriguez (AMIRE-1) in 1965.
Bertelli, CharlesCharles Angelo Bertelli and Andrew Robert Menicucci were Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificates for Casimiro Barquin.
Blair, DavidDavid Blair was an alias for Frank Estancona, Mexico City CIA officer in the 1950's and early 1960's.
Booth, FrankFrank Booth was an alias used by Edward D. Knapman. A dispatch in 1963 stated that Knapman used the alias of Frank Booth when meeting Elvio Rivero Limonte. Knapman was probably a pseudonym used by CIA officer Warren E. Frank.
Bowdin, JimJim Bowdin was an alias for Jim Pekich. A memo from Calvin Hicks in October of 1961 stated that Pekich used the name Jim Bowdin. He was also known as Jim Boulding, Jim Bender, Jim Smith and Jim Brown. His actual name was Fravel S. Brown, a Miami case officer and and old China hand. He was a military expert who assisted Gerard Droller.
Bowen, JackJohn Cesar Grossi. Worked with Oswald using the alias of Jack Leslie Bowen. Frequently arrested for impersonating individuals, including a Navy officer. Unknown if he worked with the CIA or any agency.
Bowen, John HowardAlbert Osborne, missionary in Laredo, Mexico. Believed to have rode with Oswald on the bus to Mexico City,
Boxley, BillBill Wood, former CIA agent or officer and employee of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.
Boysen, HenryHenry Boysen was an alias used by CIA officer Henry Hecksher.
Bracket, AlvinAlvin Bracket was an alias for Leon C. Fluteo. In turn, Fluteo was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Bruce MacMaster.
Bracton, WalterWalter Bracton was an alias used for CIA officer David A. Phillips.
Braden, JimJim Braden was a alias for Eugene Hale Brading, a messenger for organized crime elements, who was arrested at the Dal-Tex building, Dallas, on 22 November, 1963, in the aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination.
Breitheim, JohnJohn Breitheim was an alias used by CIA officer Sidney P. Di Ubaldo. Sidney P. Di Ubaldo was a pseudonym for John Sherwood.
Brickham, TadTad Brickham was an alias used by Andrew K. Reuteman. Andrew Reuteman was a pseudonym used by Theodore (Ted) Shackley, CIA officer and Chief of Station, JMWAVE, between 1962 and 1965.
Brooke, Paul Paul Gregory Brooke and Paul Thomas Aquinas Borden were Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificates for Paul J. Burke.
Bruton, WilliamWilliam Emmett Bruton was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for William Blair.
Bull, SittingErnest W. Sparks. Also known as Ernie, Bernie, and Ned. Chief of Base for Cuban project JMATE that became the Bay of Pigs - first in Florida, then in Guatemala.
Cabal, BillUnknown identity. Bill Cabal was an alias used by a desk operations officer when running a trainees course named CIWOOD. CI was the CIA's diagraph for Venezuela. [status: Unknown]
Campbell, FrankFrank Campbell was probably an alias used by Frank Kappel. [status: Probable]
Capolillo, MichaelMichael E. Capolillo was possibly an alias used by CIA operative Mickey Kappes. Capolillo submitted reports to JMWAVE colleagues from at least December 1963, to November 1964, on SW messages. [status: Speculative]
Carela, RafaelRafael Carela was an alias that was to be used by anti-Castro Cuban activist and CIA asset, Rafael Quintero (AMJAVA-4), when meeting with Carl E. Jenkins in late May of 1964.
CarlosCarl E. Jenkins.
Carl, Calvin WilsonCalvin Wilson Carl was an alias used by Calvin Hicks in September 1963.
Carpenter, BillyMajor Billy B. Campbell, who was described in the Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I and II, as initiating the air training program at JMADD, and as the Chief of Air Operations at JMADD respectively.
Carswell, DanielDaniel Carswell was an alias used by CIA Technical Services Division (TSD) operative David L. Christ. Christ was, along with two others, arrested by Cuban Intelligence in Havana in 1960.
CayoRicardo Cabrera Amoedo, informant with Cuban intelligence.
CesarOctavio Barroso Gomez
Chernetsky, LeopoldoLeo Cherne was a lawyer, economist, US policy advocate, and he advised multiple directors of the CIA.
ClarenceClarence was an alias for Cecil Cartwright.
Clark, JamesJames Clark was a alias used by CIA officer and Chief, Special Affairs Staff Desmond FitzGerald in Paris in 1963.
Conway, Phillip. Captain W. C. Arms. Phillip Conway was an alias used by Captain Arms when meeting anti-Castro Cuban, Antonio Veciana, in January of 1963.
Cook, PatPerry Crookham.
Cordova, Maximo deTony Sforza. This alias also spelled as Maximo de Cordoba. Sforza had a variety of pseudonyms, including Henry J. Sloman and Oliver Fortson. [status: Probable]
Corwin, JuneJune Corwin was an alias for Violet June Cobb.
Cossio, MiguelMiguel P. Cossio was an alias used by David Morales. Possibly used in the 1970's.
Cox, GeneGene Cox was an alias for Peggy Maggard. Dan Hardway's HSCA interviews with Gene Cox and Peggy Maggard on March 28, 1978, were virtually identical.
Crafard, CurtisHe was born Curtis La Verne Craford, also known as Curtis Crafard and Larry Curtis La Verne Craford. Janitor and bookkeeper for Jack Ruby until he left suddenly at noontime on November 23, 1963. Strong resemblance to Lee Oswald. No proof that he was affiliated with intelligence. Army veteran.
Crespi, JoeJoe Crespi was an alias for Edward D. Knapman - Edward Knapman was probably a pseudonym used by Warren E. Frank. [status: Probable]
CucoMiguel Angel Leon, aka Miguel de Leon Rojas, former Cuban senator and aide to Manuel Artime. Used the alias of Domingo Beltard when he helped Tony Sforza and other CIA officers escape from Cuba in the wake of the Bay of Pigs
Curbelo, EduardoEduardo Curbelo was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Thomas J. Flores.
Darkin, HenryHenry W. Darkin was an alias for Horace W. Davis, case officer of Edward G. Tichborn (Henry Preston Lopez).
David, PaulUnknown identity. Paul David was an alias used by a CIA employee during an interview for the Church Committee in July of 1975. David was a Special Assistant to Richard Helms from 1961 to 1964. [status: Unknown]
Davis, RicardoAllegedly an alias for Rudolph Richard Davis, Jr., also referred to by CIA general counsel Lawrence Houston as Richard Rudolph Davis.
Delgado, AlexisMajor Alexis Delgado was an operations alias for Peter Digerveno in 1966. In turn, Digerveno was a pseudonym for Emilio Americo Rodriguez.
Diaz. H.Jose Carbonell Marrero
Diaz, NicolasFrancisco Rodriguez Tamayo, a ultra-rightwing anti-Castro activist, a gangster, and a double agent. Also known as El Mexicano.
Dimitry, Mr.WH/4/PM James S. Pekich, who ran the nets inside Cuba.
Donaldson, DonaldDimitur Adamov Dimitrov, also known as Dimitrios A. Dimitrof, "Diko", and a variety of other spellings. Also used the pseudonym Lyle O. Kelly in the early fifties.
Quijote, DonLt. Col. Harold Feeney, intelligence commander at Guantanamo.
DouglasDouglas was an alias for David Phillips.
Duarte, JulioManuel Aguilar Alvarez. The Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook entry for August, 1965, mentioned that Aguilar was also known as Julio Duarte.
Durvard, DavidDavid Durvard was an alias for David Tzitzichvili.
EagleEarl J. Williamson. Williamson was known as both the "Eagle" or "The Eagle" to AMBADGER-1 (Dr. Julian Gallo) and his CIA colleague, Harry T. Mahoney.
Eggeter, BettyAnn Elizabeth Goldsborough Egerter, CI officer within CI/SIG.
Ekrlson, FrankFrank Joseph Ekrlson was a Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Frank J. Egan.
Elfmont, RudolfRudolf Albert Elfmont was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Rudolf (Rudy) A. Enders.
Elliot, BenBen Elliot was an alias for Ben C. Evans.
El GordoLuis Balbuena Calzadilla, an ONI consultant at Guantanamo Naval Base.
EnriqueEnrique was an alias used by Henry J. Sloman. Sloman was the pseudonym probably used by CIA officer Tony Sforza. Also, Henry D. Hecksher used Enrique as an alias in 1963 and 1964.
Evans, MarkThomas Edward Beckham.
Extrano, ElJesus Gonzalez Cartas. A gangster and narcotics smuggler, one of Tony Varona's bodyguards. Also active in the AMAPOLA double agent/triple agent network in Miami during the 1963 period.
Faron, CharlesCharles Andrew Faron was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Donald R. Heath.
Farshtey, ClaytonProbably Cal Hicks. [status: Probable]
Fedder, JamesJames M. Fedder was an alias for Ross Crozier in 1963.
Figolak, StanleyHorace Speed III.
Fiscalini, CharlesCharles D. Fiscalini was an alias used by CIA officer Charles D. Ford. Ford was assigned to Task Force W in 1962, working with the Chief, Task Force, W, William K. Harvey.
Frank, ColonelEither Jack Hawkins or Colonel Frank Egan. [status: Speculative]
Fruzyna, RexDavid Ronis, SAS/EOB. Two cables on October 8, 1963, stated that Rex G. Fruzyna, HQs case officer, was David Ronis.
Gallego, ElEl Gallego (The Galician) was an alias for a number of individuals.
Garcia, MarcelinoEvelio Duque Miyar, a Cuban agent assessed by CIA as candidate for possible training as an eventual guerrilla leader. Head of the ECA - Anti-Communist Cuban army. Also active with the ELC. Often allied with Orlando Bosch/AMDITTO-23.
Garcia, PedroMarcos Diaz Lanz, used between 1961-1964.
Geidel, MikeKarl Rohrer.
Germosen, GeorgeLt. Col. George Gaines, Chief of JMCLEAR and Project Officer for JMATE.
Goelet, HoraceHorace Goelet was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Stanley M. Figolak. Goelet was an alias used by CIA officer Horace Speed III, SAS. Memos in September 1963, and October 1967, on Richard Cain, mentioned Horace Speed, SAS. Horace Speed was an alias of Figolak.
Gold, JonFred Lee Crisman, aka Dr. F. L. Crisman.
Gomez, CharlieCharlie Gomez was an alias for Rolando Cubela Secades (AMLASH). Two CIA documents in July of 1964 identified Gomez as AMLASH.
Gonzalez, EduardoEduardo Gonzalez was an alias for Gustavo Villolbo.
Gudino, Margain, CarlosCarlos Margain Gudino was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Cecil Mario Goudie.
HalleyTed Shackley. [status: Probable]
Harbin, PhilipGeorge de Mohrenschildt - but Harbin's existence is based on the word to FBI/CIA informant Herbert Itkin. Not a registered alias with the CIA. [status: Speculative]
Harper, DavidCaptain David L. Harper was an alias for Richard Kinsman.
Harris, BernardBernard Harris was a long-time alias in the 1950's for Barney Hidalgo (formal name was Balmes N. Hidalgo).
Haskins, JohnJohn Martin Haskins was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Colonel Jack Hawkins.
Heberden, RogerRoger Andrew Heberden was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for CIA counterintelligence (CI) officer, Rufus A. Horn.
Hedgman, VictorVictor S. Hedgman was an alias used by Lawrence Devlin, who was Chief of Station, Leopoldville, Congo, from mid-1960 until mid-1963.
Hennessey, PaulPaul Hennessey was possibly an alias for Paul L. Loeb. [status: Speculative]
Hernandez, CharlesCharles Hernandez was a training alias for AMIRE-1 (Emilio Americo Rodriguez) for the JMATE (note: the Bay of Pigs project, as well as Cuban operations overall) Program.
Heubner, HenryHenry Heubner was an alias for Harry Hermsdorf.
HilarioEduardo Betancourt.
Hitch, CalCal William Hitch was an alias used by CIA officer Calvin Hicks.
HowardHoward was probably an alias used by CIA PW officer, George E. Joannides, in communications with the DRE. [status: Probable]
James, CarlCarl James was probably an alias for Carl Jenkins. [status: Probable]
Jefe"Jefe" was an alias used for Desmond FitzGerald, Chief, Special Affairs Staff (SAS), in late 1963. [status: Unknown]
Jenrette, AliceAlice P. Jenrette was probably an alias for Alice B. Caponong. In turn, Caponong was probably a pseudonym for Evalena S. Vidal. [status: Probable]
JimmyPA CIA operative named "Jimmy" appeared in a number of documents in the 1960's, including one which mentioned Operation 40, in May of 1961. Possibly Jim Pekich. [status: Speculative]
JoeJoe the courier was an alias used by Santos Trafficante, Tampa godfather. Trafficante was involved with Sam Giancana and John Roselli in a CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro.
Jose, JuanJuan Jose was an alias used by Matthew H. Ontrich during Operation PBSUCCESS. Ontrich was a pseudonym for CIA officer Nestor Sanchez.
Kempton, JohnJohn P. Kempton was possibly an alias used by senior CIA officer John Doherty, or Jack Stewart, who were involved in Project PBSUCCESS. [status: Speculative]
Kinslow, JohnJohn William Kinslow was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for John W. Kennedy.
Komer, FredFred K. Komer was an alias for SR/DOB case officer, Fred Kirkpatrick. Komer was used as a cover when working with David Durvard (David Tzitzichvili/AEASPIC).
Kramer, JosephRichard Case Nagell
Kraus, PeterUnknown identity. Peter J. Kraus was a Mexico City case officer in October of 1966 who used Kraus, or the war name of "Pepe", as an alias when meeting Doctor Amaro Alvarez Tormo (LISASSY-1). [status: Unknown]
Laffitte, RaymondManuel Aragon. Two cables on October 30, 1963, stated that Raymond N. Laffitte was an alias for Manuel Aragon.
Lee, GeorgeGeorge Lee was an alias used by Irving C. Devuono in 1963 in the Miami area. Devuono was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Grayston Lynch.
Lee, Harvey OswaldThe man calling himself Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City used this alias during his visit when he filled out his visa form in New Orleans to go to Mexico.
Leminger, Raphael G.Philip K. Tessarolo (T). A ARRB request on May 30, 1995, on information on Tessarolo and others was answered by the CIA on the same day. Tessarolo used the alias Raphael G. Leminger (T). In turn, Tessarolo was a pseudonym used by the lawyer, Judd Austin.
Livingston, John R.John R. Lucey, Latin America Division officer.
LucasJose Pepin Fernandez Badue, the leader of a small faction that split the Catholic labor organization MDC in the 1961-1962 period.
LucasJose Pepin Fernandez Badue, leader of a faction that split the Catholic labor organization MDC in the 1961-1962 period.
Manganello, StephenStephen P. Mangello. It is a modified alias. A cable in March, 1966, stated that Stephen R. Manganello (M) was the Case Officer of AMWEST-1.
Manning, FrancisFrancis Manning was an alias used by CIA officer David Murphy.
Mannix, BillBill Mannix was an alias used by "Clyde K. Shryock" - a pseudonym used by CIA officer Thomas Hazlett.
ManolinJose Manuel Hernandez, acting chief of MRR in the early sixties.
Mardones, DiegoDiego S. Mardones was an alias used by CIA officer David Sanchez Morales.
Marin, AlAl Marin was an alias used by Norris W. Damicone. Damicone was probably a pseudonym for Al Malone. It is unclear whether Malone is a true name. [status: Probable]
Marshall, William R.William J. Murray, the replacement for David Morales in Havana, 1960-61. Chief of Station, Monterrey, 1962-1964.
Martinez, LazaroEloy Gutierrez Menoyo, an admitted double agent in 1960. Working with Army Intelligence as DUP-749 and Antonio Veciana at least as early as March 1963.
Martin, LuisLuis Martin (Hernandez) was an alias used by anti-Castro Cuban, Evelio Duque Miyar. He was also known as Comandante Luis.
Maxwell, IanWin Scott, chief of the Mexico City CIA station.
Morales, DavidDavid Morales was to be an alias used by Bernard Reichhardt in 1959. In turn, Reichhardt was probably a pseudonym for CIA officer Ken M. Crosby. [status: Probable]
Moskalevskiy, Yuriy IvanovichAlias used by Yuriy Ivanovich Moskalev, who was almost certainly the "Mystery Man" in Mexico. All signs are that this was a GRU alias, not a CIA alias. Also used the alias Yuriy Mikhailovich Moskalev.
Mulroney, MichaelMichael J. Mulroney was an alias used by or for CIA officer Justin O'Donnell.
Munoz, ArturoArturo Munoz was an alias to be used by Samuel G. Orrison when meeting Manuel Artime in Mexico City in late 1959. In turn. Orrison was a pseudonym for Stanley M. Moos.
Naback, ClaytonTheodore (Ted) Shackley, Chief of Station, JMWAVE from 1962 to 1965. [status: Speculative]
Nelson, Larry Louis Napoli, C/WH/4/CI-FI beginning in June 1961, WH/4/PA during 1963. Giles E. Corrigan was known to AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) as Larry Nelson.
NesbittNesbitt was the training alias for Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1) in 1964.
NotbohmNotbohm may possibly have been an alias for CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher during PBSUCCESS. [status: Speculative]
Olds, JamesJames Paul Olds was an alias for James P. O'Connell, a former FBI employee and long-time CIA Office of Security officer.
Ontrich, MatthewMatthew H. Ontrich was an alias used by Nicholas Sanson. Nicholas Sanson was an alias used by CIA officer Nestor Sanchez.
Oswald, Harvey LeeLee Harvey Oswald, as described in a 1972 counterintelligence document.
Oswald, Lee HenryLee Harvey Oswald. The CIA denied that this was an alias used for Oswald for internal purposes, but there is evidence that CI/SIG Ann Egerter deliberately named him in this manner on December 1960 when she opened his 201 file.
Oswald, LeonAn alleged alias of Lee Harvey Oswald, reported on two occasions, both unproven. James Ronald Lewallen, Clay Shaw's neighbor and David Ferrie's former roommate, may have been the bearded man named "Leon" seen by Perry Russo in New Orleans in 1967. The other alleged sighting of "Leon Oswald" was by Sylvia Odio in Dallas in September 1963. [status: Unknown]
Otero, OrlandoRolando Otero Hernandez. Bay of Pigs paramilitary cadre; may have known a few things about 11/22/63; involved in the CORU bombing campaign in the 1970s in Miami.
Parker, HaroldLieutenant Colonel Alex V. Drashpil. Harold Parker was an alias used by Lieutenant Colonel Drashpil when meeting anti-Castro Cuban, Antonio Veciana, in January of 1963.
Parlett, WallaceWallace A. Parlett was an alias used by CIA officer Frank Bender. Frank Bender was a pseudonym used by CIA officer Gerard Droller.
Parra, RicardoA cable in July of 1960 stated that Ricardo Parra was an alias used by Peter Licari when registering in the Hotel Del Prado, Mexico City. Licari was a pseudonym for Willard Carr.
Pascillo, LorenzoLoran E. Hall of Wichita, Kansas was considered for debrief by the CIA's Domestics Contact Division after his release from Cuban prison in July 1959. Accused of visiting Sylvia Odio in Sept 1963 with a man calling himself Leon Oswald.
Paslode, JosephJoseph P. (and S.) Paslode was an alias used by CIA officer Joseph Stephan Piccolo.
Patrick, JerryGerald Patrick Hemming, admitted by James Murphy of the CIA's Domestic Contact Division to be a source dating back to 1961 with an "ad hoc clearance". Also used the alias Gerry Patrick, Heming and Hannon.
PecosLt. Jack Modesett, an ONI officer that worked with Hal Feeney/Don Quixote on a regular basis in the early 60s. After the assassination, he became a minister.
Pedro, DonPedro Albizu Campos, a leading nationalist figure in Puerto Rico. A CIA document on March 8, 1954, a week after the Puerto Rican nationalist attacked on Congress, claimed that Guillermo Davila Cordova had been Don Pedro's Chief of Intelligence in Guatemala. [status: Probable]
Perrel, GeorgeFermin de Goicochea Sanchez, DRE gunrunner in Dallas.
Peters, JackGlenn Farnsworth, aka Dominick Pantleone
Pino, AsbaldoOsvaldo Aureliano Pino Pino
Polacek, HenryHenry Franklin Polacek was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Robert Butler Moore.
Preslake, Mr.Floyd R. Coatney. Coatney was known to AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) as Mr. Preslake. It is unclear whether Floyd R. Coatney was a pseudonym or alias or a true name.
Ralston, JohnJohn Ralston was an alias used by organized crime figure John Roselli. The CIA worked with Roselli, along with Chicago godfather, Sam Giancana, and Robert Maheu, in an assassination plot in the early 1960's against the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.
Ramos, FelixFelix Ramos was probably an alias for Felix Rodriguez. [status: Probable]
Reynolds, FrederickFrederick C. Randall, CIA officer in Japan at the time finance officer James Wilcott was stationed there in 1963.
RICARDOJose Francisco Rodriguez Espada, secretary-general of UR in the early sixties.
Roberto, Don Don Roberto was an alias used by CIA agent Robert Owen. Sometimes the alias was just Roberto (used in Paris from 1962-1965).
Rodemeyer, AlfredAlfred (or Alfredo) Rodemeyer was an alias used by Willard Nauman and Alfonso Rodriguez. Both the latter two names were probably pseudonyms used by CIA officer Earl J. Williamson. [status: Probable]
Roderick, ColonelRocky Farnsworth. He used a variety of pseudonyms and aliases. This alias was tied to his pseudonym "Eustace Keator" and another of his aliases, "Jack Peters". [status: Probable]
Rodgers, RobertAl Cox. Robert Rodgers was an alias for Robert Reynolds. Reynolds was a pseudonym for Al Cox.
Roux, MichelAllegedly used by Jean Rene Souetre, an OAS militant in 1963 linked with assassination attempts on French President Charles de Gaulle. Roux was also linked with de Gaulle assassination attempts. Roux was in Dallas during 11/22/63, and Souetre may have been as well. [status: Probable]
Rutherford, WilliamWilliam Rutherford was probably an alias used by William (Rip) Robertson. [status: Probable]
Sanson, NicholasNicholas Sanson was an alias used by CIA officer Nestor D. Sanchez in Paris in 1963/64.
Santell, NormanNestor D. Sanchez. Norman Santell worked with Martin Ferrer (Raul J. Hernandez) on the AMWORLD project in 1964.
Santiago, MrMr. Santiago was an alias for Al Gonzalez.
Sarno, Alfred J.Alfred J. Sarno was probably an alias used by or for Anthony (Tony) Sforza in testimony to the Church Committee. [status: Probable]
Scalzetti, RichardAlias used by Richard Scully Cain, Chicago law enforcement officer and Mafia higher-up. Also a CIA informant and FBI source.
Scelso, JohnJohn Whitten, Chief of WH/3 in 1963. Informally referred to as Jack Whitten.
SchmidtSchmidt was an operational alias for Miami CIA officer Walter Koch in 1961 when working with Evelio Duque.
Seljack, LawrenceLawrence B. Seljack was possibly an alias for Lawrence Sternfield, Chief, WH/COG, in May of 1973. [status: Speculative]
Sharp, Clarinda E.Viola June Cobb. Clarinda E. Sharp was an alias used by and for Viola June Cobb. Cobb also used the pseudonym Joyce H. Pineinch.
Simpson, SeigConnie Seigrist. According to the Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I, Seig Simpson was an alias used by Connie Seigrist. Seigrist was a training instructor of Cuban pilots in Guatemala.
Sims, JosephJoseph Sims was an alias used by Joseph Smith when he was introduced to Robert Maheu in Project HARPSTAR in the 1950's.
Smith, JimFravel S. Brown [status: Probable]
Staten, SamuelSamuel Addison Staten was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Jack Wallen, aka Victor Wallen. In turn, Wallen was probably a pseudonym for Harold Swenson. [status: Probable]
Stevens, JohnJohn Stevens was an alias used by John Stent, CIA Chief of Station, Paris in 1963.
Stevens, RobertRobert C. Stevens (AMDENIM-2) was the captain of the Tejana. Cuban exile Captain Juan L. Cosculluela alleged that Robert C. Stevens (also Stevenson) used the alias Bob Burke. Robert C. Stevens may have been an alias used by Bob Simon. [status: Speculative]
Teels, CarlCarl Teels was an alias for CIA officer Gerald R. Lapsley when meeting Agustin Guitart in 1963. In turn, Lapsley was probably a pseudonym for Carl Trettin. [status: Probable]
Telegades, EugeneEugene B. Telegades was an alias for CIA contract agent Robert Kiley, who was a past president of United States national student association (USNSA). Later Kiley was an influential transportation expert.
Temster, JoanAnne B. Crolius. Two cables on October 29, 1963, stated that Joan Temster's identity was Anne B. Crolius.
Tenney, CalCal Tenney was short for Calvin W. Tenney, born in 1912 and died in 1980. Strictly speaking, this nickname may not be an "alias", but his data is important in determining if he had a pseudo as well as his role in CIA counter-intelligence. Was he any relation to the hard-right anti-communist Jack Tenney, former Congressman from Los Angeles, who ran for vice president in 1952 as a member of the Constitution Party and other third parties. General MacArthur was named as the presidential candidate by these parties, although without his explicit permission.
Thompson, HarveyWilliam Wainwright. A cable in July, 1962, from JMWAVE, mentioned that AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) knew Fallucci as "Harvey Thompson". Fallucci was another pseudonym of Wainwright's.
Thompson, WilliamWilliam Wainwright. A cable on July 20, 1962, stated that Richard M. Fallucci was IDEN and would be using the name William Thompson. A cable the same day stated that IDEN was William Wainwright (TFW/FI), who also originated this cable.
Tigre, ElRolando Masferrer Rojas
Tigun, GarrGar (Garfield) M. Thorsrud, who was described in the Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume I, as the Air Operations Commander at JMTIDE.
Turquito, ElJose Ramon Fayat, aka Maceria, a member of the OESA (Secret Army Organization) and allegedly one of the killers of Albert Anastasia.
Von Mohrenschildt, JerryGeorge de Mohrenschildt used this alias during World War II.
Walker, WilliamWilliam Walker was an alias issued to CIA officer William King Harvey. Harvey was Chief of Task Force W from 1962 to 1963.
Wally, CaptainA retired naval officer, may have been JMWAVE Deputy Chief of Station Robert Moore who appears to have used the name "Gordon Campbell" after Campbell died in 1962. [status: Speculative]
Walsh, TedTed Walsh was an alias for Thomas Keenan, Mexico City CIA officer.
Warren, JackJack Warren was probably an alias used by CIA officer Jack Stewart. [status: Probable]
Weatherby, WilliamWilliam Wainwright. William E. Weatherby was an alias used by Wainwright to testify before the Church Committee in August of 1975.
Wickman, WilliamWilliam Wickman was an alias used by William E. Wainwright in March of 1965.
Wilkie, AntonioLewis D. Nicklas, counterintelligence (CI) operative. In turn, Nicklas was a pseudonym used by an unknown identity.
Wills, HarryHarry Wills was an alias used by CIA officer R. H. Webster. This alias was used when meeting with AMWHIP-1 in 1965.
Wilson, JamesJames E. Wilson was an operational alias used by Earl J. Williamson to met Manuel Artime Buesa (AMBIDDY-1) in January of 1967.
Winters, CliffMajor Gordon Young.
YITOEladio Ceferino del Valle y Gutierrez

About Pseudonyms

CIA documents often feature false names of the following main types:

   • pseudonyms: false names used in internal reports and documents
   • aliases: assumed names used in public, sometimes as "covers"

Like the abundant use of "cryptonyms" for people, organizations, and projects, the widespread use of false names in CIA documents can hinder understanding of these records. In many cases, the corresponding true identity is revealed or can be inferred from the public records themselves.

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More Information

This Pseudonyms & Aliases project gathers those identifications from documents available on this website, providing a handy look-up chart. Source references are provided to corroborate the provided definitions. Bookmark this page for use as you read CIA documents.

To understand cryptonyms, pseudonyms, and aliases, see this help page: Decoding False Names in CIA Documents. If you have information about one of these entries, or one not listed here, contact us at info@maryferrell.org.

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