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WC 22 (826); CD 75 (293, 680, 683); Plot or Politics, James (43, 49, 110-1, 113, 125); CIA 1338-1052; CIA 1357-506; CIA 1359-503; CIA 1363-501; CIA 1436-492-AE; CIA 1453-492-AV (MMF 2046-2047); HSCA, Report (143-6,219n); HSCA Vol IX (590,674,922); HSCA Vol X (110-2, 118, 120-2, 124-36); Coincidence or Conspiracy, Fensterwald (225-7, 296, 298, 391, 475); Conspiracy, Summers (316,319-26); Rolling Stone Magazine, 5/20/76 (49); Cover-Up, Shaw & Harris (92-3); Heritage of Stone, Garrison (79, 94-101, 103-4, 106, 118, 122, 140, 144, 210); Plot to Kill the President, Blakey & Billings (46,165-9)


Born March 7, 1901 in Vixen, Louisiana (in rural LA). Became FBI agent Nov. 5, 1934. In Chicago FBI office from 1937 to 1954. Served as Special Agent in Charge of Chicago FBI office from February to November 1954. Retired December 31, 1954. Died 6/6/64. Questioned 11/25/63 re Sergio Arcacha Smith. He and Maheu worked together in FBI in Chicago during World War II. During this time, Ruby was arrested in connection with murder of Leon Cook in Dec. 1939. CIA memo states "Banister was regular FBI contact of Sergio Arcacha." Banister's number was 428810 (?CIA number?).

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