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WC Vol 22, p. 587; CD 4, p. 278; CD 205, p. 180; HSCA Vol 5, p. 437; HSCA Vol 9, pp. 25, 151, 156, 517, 1129; Life Magazines, 9/1/67 and 9/8/67; Chicago Crime Commission, p. 6


Owned Apex Amusement Corp., Apex Phonograph Co., and DeLuxe Cigarette Service, music and vending machine companies, with Julius Zimberoff and Wm. W. Vogel. An associate of Sam Giancana. On Dec. 9, 1963, FBI Laboratory advised that Specimen Q227: Personal history sheet bearing the name "LEE OSWALD" had two names erased: Arthor or Arther Abear and Edward Vogel.

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