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CD 913, pp. 67-68; CD 1484, pp. 8-10; HSCA Vol 12, pp. 91-92; The Iconoclast, march 19026, 1976, p. 3, Vol X, No. 2; CIA 225-89, released as CIA 104-10015-10221, Lifton's pp. 107-111


Nuclear-powered, deep-diving submarine sunk April 10, 1963, with 129 aboard. See Edward Frank BRAY. "Lt Cdr Harry Hull (housemate of George deMohrenschildt in Washington, D.C., September 1941) commander of Thresher during World War II according to Who's Who in America, 1968-1969." On page 2, paragraph 5, of CIA 225-89, Polish chauffeur told of Soviets' part in sinking of U.S. Navy nuclear submarine (see Lifton p. 110).

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