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DOB: October 31, 1922. CIA. Chief, WH/COG. In Mexico City Embassy in 1962-1963. "...PHILLIPS newly appointed Chief PBRUMEN [Cuba] in Mexi..." On June 21, 1973, while Chief of WH Division, he evaluated Ann Goodpasture. Died Thursday, July 7, 1988, in Bethesda, MD. Widow: Gina; Helen Phillips was Phillips' first wife. In 1990s, Helen lived in La Jolla, CA. Surived by seven children and nephew, Shawn Phillips. Brother: James Olcott Phillips, Ft. Worth, TX. Phillips married a relative of John Scelso. (Scelso testimony to HSCA on May 16, 1978, p. 1-21.) Second wife is Gina -- married Gina in 1969 (Night Watch, Phillips, pp. 204, 276) Gina had previously been married to a CIA officer (Night Watch, p. 199) Gina had worked for National Conference of Catholic Charities (Night Watch, p. 199) Gina lived with her parents in Potomoc, Maryland (at time of marriage to Phillips).

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