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WC Vol 24, pp. 18, 481; WC Vol 25, p. 884; CE 150; Bookhout report SS 70; CD 1405; Assassination File, Curry, p. 114; Gerald L. Hill Exhs A & B; Kramer Exh 1; Yarborough Exh A; CD 1405; Sat Even Post, 12/14/63, p. 26; Trial of U-2 (courtroom scene); Lee, Robert Oswald (next to last picture - LHO holding Cathy)


FBI determined shirt known as CE 150 is same shirt LHO was wearing as he was led into City Hall on 11/22/63, but CANNOT determine that it is same shirt LHO was wearing when arrested at Texas Theater. LHO claimed he changed shirt and trousers in his room, putting dirty clothes with his other dirty clothes. (Why did he put bus transfer in his fresh shirt?) LHO described his 'dirty clothes' as: reddish colored long-sleeved shirt with button-down collar and gray trousers. (Compare shirt LHO is wearing with Anita Zieger and Mrs. Zieger - wearing sweater over it - with pictures in Lee, Assassination File, in Kramer Exh 1, and in Trial of U-2 courtroom scene.) FBI unable to determine from pictures that shirt LHO was wearing when being arrested at Texas Theater is same one he had on when being led into City Hall 11/22/63 (CD 1405).

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