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Dallas Morning News, Fri, 9/25/81, p. 28-D; Dallas Times Herald, Fri, 9/25/81, p. 14-A; Crime and Cover-Up, Scott, pp. 15, 53-54; Deep Politics, Scott, pp. 96-97; Destiny Betrayed, DiEugenio, pp. 216-217; Power on the Right, Turner, pp. 172, 185; Power Shift, Sale, p. 100


DOB: May 4, 1896. POB: Maryland. Social Security Number 214-09-1648, Founder of Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, 1514 Jefferson, Jefferson, LA 70121-2483 (504) 842-4111. (Brent House Hotel, 1512 Jefferson, Jefferson, LA 70121-2429 (504) 835-5411 - accommodates families of patients at Ochsner Clinic) Director and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Schick Laboratories, Inc. President of INCA - sponsored "Latin American Report" edited by William George Gaudet who admitted a CIA connection. Three of INCA's backers previously associated with CIA-backed Cuban Revolutionary Council at 544 Camp Street (Crime and Cover-Up, p. 15). DOD: Thursday, September 24, 1981, at age 85. Survived by wife: Jane Kellogg Sturdy Ochsner; sons: Dr. Alton Ochsner, Jr., 1407 State St., New Orleans, 70118-6046 (504) 899-3025; Dr. John Lockwood Ochsner, 84 Audubon Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70118-5540, (504) 866-9922; and Dr. Mims Gage Ochsner; daughter: Sis Mann.

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