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CIA Box 3, Vol 3, Doc 02777 (MMF 775-788); CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10019, p. 75; CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10027; CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10047 and CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10304 (had been previously released as CIA 5-1A); CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10048, p. 3 (originally released as CIA 7-2); CIA 49-545 (first released as JFK 104-10015-10324, Lifton's pp. 323-326); CIA 55-546 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10335, Lifton's pp. 338-364); CIA 60-550 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10326, Lifton's pp. 332-336); CIA 61-575 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10337, Lifton's pp. 368-371); CIA 62-24 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10325, Lifton's pp. 328-331); CIA 77-558 (first released as JFK 104-10015-10272, Lifton's pp. 190-192); CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10074 and JFK 104-10015-10273, Lifton's pp. 193-197, and JFK 104-10015-10287, Lifton's pp. 228-233 (originally released as CIA 78-559); CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10080 (originally released as CIA 87-564); CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10091 (originally released as CIA 56-20); CIA Doc JFK 104-10015-10114 and JFK 104-10015-10328, Lifton's pp. 341-343 (originally released as CIA 40-541); CIA Doc JFK 104-10007-10152 (originally numbered CIA 1011-945 denied); CIA Doc JFK 104-10009-10116 (originally numbered CIA 1010-944 denied); CIA JFK 104-10015-10064 and JFK 104-10015-10276, Lifton's pp. 206-208 (originally numbered CIA 65-25; CIA 262-671 (first released as JFK 104-10015-10256, Lifton's pp. 157-159); Inside the Company, Agee, p. 527; CIA 77-545 (re-released as CIA JFK 104-10015-10124, Lifton's pp. 76-78); CIA 133-594 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10275, Lifton's pp. 202-205); CIA 82-563 (first released as JFK 104-10015-10286, Lifton's pp. 224-227); CIA 90-568 (re-released as JFK 104-10015-10292, Lifton's pp. 251-253); CIA 100-569 (first released as JFK 104-10015-10293, Lifton's pp. 254-256)


Joint telephone tapping operation between Mexico City station and Mexican security service against Mexican revolutionary organizations. LIENVOY is only mentioned on one page - "1964 Work Load for LIENVOY Project" (MMF 787); "...as much as we know re time of day where Oswald was from LIENVOY."

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