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The Nation, 4/23/83, P500-1; David Brinkley ABC, Sun 7/21/85; Newsweek, 11/18/85, p. 45; Washington Post, 3/4/88, p. D3; Washington Post, 10/29/91, p. A11; Games of Intelligence, West, pp. 122-123; Who's Who in Espionage, Payne, pp. 102-103


In 1979 he abandoned his KGB post in Japan where he was a KGB recruiter. He was shown on ABC in silhouette. Wears glasses and parts his straight hair on left. Soviets would like to see him dead. James Angleton said that Levchenko recruited a number of people who were very high in Japanese government. He was living comfortably in this country when, earlier this year (1985), testimony in the Miller spy case in L.A. revealed that KGB is operating in this country. He says that Dept. T handles KGB external intelligence. From 35 to 40% of all Russians n this country as tourists, diplomats, etc., are KGB spies.

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