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WC Vol. 26, pp. 334-337; CE 2880; CD 4, p. 649; CD 21, p. 25; CD 75, pp. 573, 588, 649, 652; HACA Report, pp. 218-219; CIA 761-329-A; Bloody Treason, Twyman, p. 375; Coincidence or Conspiracy, Fensterwald, pp. 228-230, 470; Destiny Betrayed, DiEugenio, p. 220; The Man Who Knew Too Much, Russell, pp. 30, 120, 163, 301, 391, 394, 405, 441; Oswald and the CIA, J. Newman, pp. 309, 346-347; Reasonable Doubt, Henry Hurt, pp. 229-230, 291


DOB: Sept. 21, 1908; POB: Georgia DOD: January 1981; POD: Waveland, Hancock County, Mississippi 39570. Social Security Number: 252-01-0373. CIA connected. Reported to FBI that Jack Ruby purchased paintings from E. Lorenz Borenstein in New Orleans in summer of 1959. Stood directly in front of Lee Harvey Oswald when Oswald obtained Mexican Tourist Card on Sept. 17, 1963 in New Orleans (Gaudet - FM 8-24084; Oswald - FM 8-24085) Carrying U.S. Passport 1744987. Oswald carrying U.S. Passport 1733245). Latin American Report, magazine established 1956 - editor and publisher, W. G. Gaudet, International Trade Mart, New Orleans, Box 2567. (WILD IDEA: Could the Gautier on bus with Oswald 10/2/63 be Gaudet? See WC Vol 25, p. 620) (Could there be a connection between Gaudet and Manuel Vicente Porras Rivera?) On May 7, 1975, Allen Stone had telephone interview with Gaudet. On May 13, 1975, Bud Fensterwald and Allen Stone traveled to Waveland, Mississippi, to interview Gaudet.

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