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CD 1472, pp. 116, 118; Dallas Arrest Report, Dallas City Archives; FBI 105-82556-4672 (letter from Alton C. Gilless, Jr., of Shelby County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Office); Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy? Joachim Joesten, pp. 72-73; Houston Post, 11/14/93, p. A-1; 89A-DL-60165-43 (MMF 2430, 2433); 89A-DL-60165-69 (MMF 2529)


Date and Time of Report: 11/22/63, 2:45 p.m; W/M 31 yrs; DOB 11/12/32; SS# 450-48-1299 (issued in Texas); 5' 11"; 220 lbs; brown hair, blue eyes; arrested in 3400 blk Harry Hines on railroad tracks, charged with investigation of murder and co vagrancy; location of offense - 400 blk Elm St; How Arrested: On View; This man was arrested on railroad tracks a few minutes after radio call was dispatched that man was walking along railroad carrying a rifle; this man was not carrying rifle at time of arrest; this suspect is unemployed; states that he has been in Dallas for 2 wks; lost his job last week at El Fenix; states he has been arrested for theft and DWI. Arresting Officer: C.M. Barnhart, ID 924; assisting arrest: M.A. Rhodes, ID 974; other officers: M.M. Hart, ID 678 and F.A. Kellinhansen, ID 1437. Held in Cell 10 on fifth floor. On bottom of report: GONE Is this the 31-yr-old man who gave a Knight St address "...and was still in jail three weeks later..." mentioned in Joesten's book? Elrod was arrested in Quitman, TX, in Aug 1963. (Also held in Cell B-10: James Gibbe, Richard Gamble, James Davis and Billie Williams. See CD 1444, p. 4) In Nov 1993, Elrod told story of having LHO for a cellmate on 11/22/63 when Lawrence Miller was moved past the cell. Allegedly LHO identified Miller as one of five men he met with at a Dallas motel several days prior to assassination. He said Jack Ruby was one of the five. FBI number 91 666 E. (Elrod's brother, Lindy, worked at El Fenix on Lemmon Avenue at Inwood as Manager for many years.)

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