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CIA 354-719; CIA 383-157 - CIA Box 3, Vol 3, Doc 03015 (MMF 769); CIA Box 3, Vol 1, Doc 02183 (MMF 660); CIA Box 3, Vol 1, Item 1 (MMF 689-694) covers photographic and electronic coverage; CIA Box 3, Vol 3, Doc 02827 (MMF 767) is a copy of CIA 354-719 with a note attached from Anne Goodpasture. IMPORTANT NOTE! CIA Box 3, Vol 3, Doc 03016 (MMF 768); CIA Box 15, Folder 15, Doc 08964 (MMF 983); HSCA Reel 48, Box 26, Folder CC (AMKW 26) re 200-5-41


"PLS DO NOT ERASE ANY SOVIET OR CUBAN TAPES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. ADVISE HOW MUCH _________ YOU NEED." Dated Dec 9, 1963, to Mexico City from Director. D-200-5-41 and 201-289248 are both on message. Note attached to CIA 354-719: "Mr. Scott: _____ was told yesterday but I told him not to tell the _____ people -- just keep bringing in the reels to me (the ones I give them are not labeled so they don't necessarily know which ones return). The storage problem is one for us and as the reels come in with transcriptions, I store them. When we can erase them, I'll take off the labels and send them back out. _____ agrees with me that we have a __________. Nevertheless, am requesting ___ new ones - if not needed for this, we can store half of them with _______FOR not-yet-known targets. anne 10 Dec 63"

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