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WC Vol 26, p. 428; HSCA, VOL. III (301-2, 304); HSCA Mexico City Report; CIA Box 6, Folder 8 (MMF 447, 452, 461); CIA Box 11, Folder 10, Doc 05953 (MMF 1149); CIA 592-593; HSCA Reel 10, Box 8, Folder D, E, F (AMKW 7); HSCA Reel 11, Box 8, Folder A, B, C, D, E, F (AMKW 8); HSCA Reel 54, Box 30, Folder B (AMKW 31); MMF 2146; CIA Doc JFK-104-10007-10037, p. 3


CIA asset. LICOOKY-1. P-9381. Described as blonde, flew an airplane, track record for hitting a lot of beds in Cuba, had a twin sister involved in aviation. Following assassination, Cobb spent several days in home of Sra. Elena Garro de Paz in Mexico City (former wife of Mexican poet Octavio Paz). Cobb sent by a mutual friend, Eunice Odio, a Costa Rican and Cobb's roommate by Dec. 1965. Odio was former mistress of Dr. Jose Vasquez Ameral when he was with Rockefeller Foundation. In a Spanish language magazine, "Bohemia Internacional", an article by Herminio Portell-Vila "Change of Disguise", February 2, 1964, Fidel Castro is quoted as saying, "The first time OSWALD was in Cuba..." and "Fair Play, with the aid of JUNE COBB, organized excursions of 'students' and agitators from the United States to visit Communist Cuba with all expenses paid." HSCA asked CIA why there was no "P" file on her. "The name June Cobb as a double agent appears in the Rorke papers... Cobb forced, in the fall of 1960, a cousin of ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge to have an abortion when 'Lodge's' cousin (Marita Lorenz ?) was six months' pregnant with Fidel Castro's child" (MMF 2146).

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