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TAG, Vol. 5 (R-36-7); WC Vol. 22 (504-5)


No. 112, Jack T. Furlong, 2415 No. Haskell, Dallas (214) 824-6837 - employee of Columbo's Pizza Parlor; No. 114, Daniel Aureli, 2415 No. Haskell, Dallas (214) 824-6837 - Employee of Columbo's Pizza Parlor; No. 135, Columbo's Pizza Parlor (Antonio Alentado Leon, CPA for Columbo's - friend of Silvia Odio - high official of JURE; No. 173, George Lee, President Comercial Travelers Insurance Company; No. 174, Charlie Brown, KLIF Disc Jockey; No. 175, J. B. Gruber and B. A. Ralton, Must'y Bar; No. 209, Sue Blake, 10746-D Lake Gardens, teller at Merchants State Bank; No. 210, Pauline Foshee, 8726 La Panto, teller at Merchants State Bank; No. 211, Donald Wiley, 3438 Daniels Ave., teller at Merchants State Bank; No. 212, Jack Etheridge, 5217 Ross Ave., Asst. Cashier, Merchants State Bank; No. 225, Murray Wynn, 1513 Commerce, Smokers Lounge; No. 227, Roy Hawkins, 5119 Live Oak (214) 821-5196; No. 231, Graham Koch, Attorney, Mercantile Securities Bldg.; No. 233, Henry D. Akin, Jr., Attorney; No. 238, R. A. (Ronnie) Wisk, 6011 Winton (later connected with Bob DePugh); No. 239, Harold L. Helm, 11216 Flamingo Lane (later connected with DePugh).

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