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DOB: March 7, 1918. On 2/28/68, he was convicted with Masferrer re Haiti. On 7/1/77, Mary Ferrell had lunch with WerBell at Brass Rail in Dallas. While discussing Kennedy assassination, WerBell said, "There is something -- not CIA nor NSA -- that is bigger... What if it were a group of 'concerned citizens' -- not government at all?" (WerBell and Walt Machem were in Dallas 'for the day' at the Passport Inn, 8051 LBJ Freeway, 234-2431, in room 120.) Rumor (from George Burnett) in Atlanta that WerBell received telephone call from Havana just before Castro took over. WerBell took man with hollow leg to Havana and brought back $3 million in man's hollow leg. WerBell was Chairman of the Board of Military Armaments Corporation, a firm based in Georgia. Bernardo De Torres was Latin American sales representative for Military Armaments Corporation. WerBell died December 16, 1983, in Los Angeles.

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