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JFK Database Explorer: Record Number/208

Listing of values of field Record Number starting with [208], sorted alphabetically.

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Number of rows: 1

Total Counton MFFRecord Number

ABOUT FIELD: Record Number

13-digit unique record number assigned by NARA, of the form XXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. The first 3-digit part signifies the agency releasing the document, such as:

  • 104: CIA
  • 119: State Dept.
  • 124: FBI
  • 157: Church Committee
  • 178: Rockefeller Commission
  • 179: Justice Dept.
  • 180: HSCA
  • 198: Army
  • 202: Defense Dept.


  • Table Columns. Each row has these columns:
    • Total Count: # docs matching value
    • on MFF: # docs viewable on this site
    • Record Number: value with these counts
  • Sort. Sort the list alphabetically or by number of matching documents.
  • Paginate. For listings with more than 100 rows, use page labels to view results in sets of 100 per page.
  • Drill Down. Click on any value to "drill down" to a more detailed list or a page showing matching documents.

For More Information

For more information about this Explorer, the database upon which it is based, and tips and tricks for using it effectively, see this help page:
Frequently Asked Questions about the JFK Database Explorer


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