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JFK Database Explorer - Search Results: Document Type = PAPER, TEXTUAL DOCUMENT, PHOTO, PHOTOGRAPHIC NEG

Records where field Document Type matches value [PAPER, TEXTUAL DOCUMENT, PHOTO, PHOTOGRAPHIC NEG], sorted by record number.

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Number of matching records: 1

1. [No Title]
Record Number: 124-10173-10160
Record Series: MX      Agency: FBI
Agency File No.: 105-3702-A-SEE COMMENTS      Originator: FBI
From: LEG, MX      To: [No To]
Date: 00/00/0000      Pages: 102
Subjects: LHO, POST-RP, ASSOC, TRA, TRIP TO MX 9/26/63, RTN TO DALLAS 10/3/63;
Restrictions: OPEN IN FULL      Current Status: OPEN
Date of Last Review: 10/22/1996      Opening Criteria: [empty value]
Comments: 105-3702-A-1A,1A36,1A37,1A38,1A39,1A40,1A41,1A42,1A43,1 A44,1A45,1A46,1A47,1A48,1A49,1A50,1A51,1A52,1A53,1A54, 1A55, BULKY ENC, INC EXH, ENV, PASSENGER LISTS, GREYHOUND INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE ORDER

ABOUT FIELD: Document Type

Type of document, for example: Letter, Report, Cable, Memorandum, Pres Clipping, Audiocassette, etc.


  • Document Records. Each matching document appears as a tan card showing the complete set of fields from the NARA database entry for that record.
  • View Document. If a red "View Document" button is shown (~1/3 of total), click to view the document.
  • Planned for 2017. If checked in a record's titlebar, this document is in set scheduled for 2017 release.
  • Released. If present, shows date(s) this document was released in 2017/2018.
  • On MFF. If checked, this document is available in MFF Document Archive (click View Document).
  • Sort. Sort the mtching records by title, record number, agency file number, or date.
  • Paginate. Documents are shown in sets of 20; use page labels to view other pages of results.
  • Filter. Click the Filters link to open the filters box, and apply one or more filters to winnow down the view to records matching your filters.
  • More Like This. Field values in each card are live! Click to see all documents which have a matching value in that field.

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For more information about this Explorer, the database upon which it is based, and tips and tricks for using it effectively, see this help page:
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