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Cryptonym: WUBRINY-1

Thomas Devine, former CIA staffer who then became an "oil-wildcatting associate" with George Bush at Zapata Offshore Drilling Company. Devine also became a member of the investment firm of Train, Cabot and Associates, New York. He also does financial consulting.
By 2007, he is described as a financial consultant: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/23/fashion/...ml?ref=weddings Published: September 23, 2007 ...Thomas J. Devine of New York. ....is a financial consultant in New York and a managing member of Nine Exploration, an oil and gas exploration company in Dallas. ....


4/26/63: Memo by C. Frank Stone: WUBRINY-1 reported that Clemard Charles brought George de Mohrenschildt to his WUSALINE office. deM wanted to explore Haiti's resources and start a seisal plantation, as well as a number of business interests in the country.

104-10164-10110: CHARLES, CLEMARD JOSEPH.

4/30/63: Contact Report - WUBRINY - Haitian Operation, written by C. Frank Stone, III, Chief, DO/COEO: "WUBRINY said that he believed that the meeting that is to be held between Mr. Charles and WUBRINY-1 plus an unnamed party would involved a Mr. Tardieu.


5/9/63, Contact Report by Chief,, DOCO C. Frank Stone: "WUBRINY-1 said that REDACTED is briefed him in (illegible) on the difficulties that apparently have built regarding WUBRINY-4's suspicions and that he plans to have RECKREY devote himself to this soonest...WUBRINY-1 suggested that it might be useful to send him to Greece in conjunction with the Mohawk tire recap plant."


5/15/63 Contact Report by Chief, DO/COEO C. Frank Stone re George de Mohrenschildt: "A meeting was held in Suite 417-8 of the Sheraton-East Hotel, New York City, from 1030 hours till 1720 hours. Present were WUBRINY-1, WUBRINY-2, and the undersigned (C. Frank Stone). I told WUBRINY-1 that we had completed rather exhaustive traces on (de Mohrenschildt) and had obtained a large amount of derogatory information...he had written to the State Department regarding the manuscript of his trip through Mexico with the strong implication that this manuscript would be sent to Russia and that it contained derogatory information regarding the USA. In the letter he had offered to edit out objectionable parts, but WUBRINY-1 was quick to pick up the fact that he probably would like to sell the manuscript as a form of blackmail or obtain other concessions for the editing job." (at p. 7): A 5/9/63 memo to Stone by Anna Panor describes George's brother: "Dimitri von Mohrenschildt, born 11 April 1902 in St. Petersburg, USSR, (is) an editor, an educator, a lecturer, and an author in Russian history and Slavic culture, and one who holds doctorate degrees from Yale and Columbia Universities."

124-10212-10361 [No Title]

6/5/63: Thomas J. Devine is listed in this FBI document as contacting symboled informants 3134-S and 3234-S, on case of Richard Cyril Frank, a NY Communist. 124-10320-10176, page 6: 3/3/62, 3134-S reported that members of the Lower Manhattan CP Youth Club were writing a petition to draft Mark Lane for Congress. 124-10264-10441, p. 52: 3134-S had nothing subversive on Martin Luther King. 124-90120-10202, p. 2: 3234-S was a source as of 11/29/63 on the FPCC. 124-10223-10258, pages 1 and 3: 3234-S was a source on Richard and Susan Frank.


WUBRINY-1 granted covert security approval on 6/12/63. Personal friend and unofficial foreign policy advisor to George HW Bush. "Subject's current role in Project WUBRINY is limited to being a cleared and witting contact in the investment banking firm which houses and manages the proprietary corporation WUSALINE." 1/30/68 memo by DO/CO Gale Allen.


Jan. 1964: Devine’s fraternity housemate at M.I.T., Garry Coit, was interviewed by the HSCA, but only discussing that he was Priscilla Johnson’s CIA handler who met with her for two long session in late January, 1964, but did not discuss the Kennedy Assassination with her...Coit’s second wife and widow, Barbara was also CIA, and some of Devine and Coit’s surviving fraternity roommates from 1944 to 48 still find time to visit with Barbara Coit. Spring 2009 – Beaver Sig – Sigma Chi Fraternity – MIT http://sigmachi.mit.edu/docs/beaver_sigs/BeaverSig-spring2009.pdf‎ This being the first issue of The Beaver Sig ….. we visited Barbara Coit, the recent widow of another Alpha Theta Sig,. Garry Coit Beaver Sig Vol. 1946, No. 1 – Sigma Chi Fraternity – MIT http://sigmachi.mit.edu/docs/beaver_sigs/1946_bsig_vol1946_no1.pdf‎ school; Brother Coit enlisted in the Naval Radio Training Pro- gram. Fall Term, 1944. Shortly after the inception of the fall term of 1944, Brothers. Devine and…. Students Don Ear Muffs to Shut Out Band Music ‎Daily Boston Globe – Aug 14, 1947 Students Don Ear Muffs to Shut Out Band Music MIT students who … one of 16 Tech students livings in the adjoining Sigma Chi fraternity house said the use of … and shut windows so he could study or sleep Other student(s) were Thomas Devine...


1964: "Thomas J. Devine was a former CIA staffer and, later, oil-wildcatting associate with Mr. Bush. Their joint activities culminated in the establishment of Zapata Oil which they eventually sold. After the sale of Zapata Oil, Mr. Bush went into politics, and Mr. Devine became a member of the investment firm of Train, Cabot and Associates, New York." 1975 memo from the Chief, Cover and Commercial Staff.

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

9/27/66 cable: "Edward G. Tichborn, a long time DYVOUR/Mexico contact agent for political action operations has recently been transferred from Mexico City and assigned to the New York City office of his new cover organization WUSALINE which is a DO (Directorate of Operations) proprietary and a subsidiary of WUSALIFY. Tichborn will accompany WUBRINY-1/Thomas Devine, the witting head of WUSALINE, on a business orientation trip to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico City 3-10 October."

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

6/21/67 from DOCO to Chief, DO, re Operational Survey in Spain by Tichborn: "Tichborn's mission is to identify operational targets, primarily in the business community but not excluding those in the military establishment, the Government, and the church, including Opus Dei. Identification is desired of elements, particularly in the business community, who have political influence now and who could be more important after Franco's death...WUBRINY-1 will meet Tichborn on 28 June and make appropriate introductions. At page 16: "The transfer of Tichborn from an exclusive WHD status under UOACE (Note: a Mexican-based project) to a wider-ranging assignment under WHBRINY makes him available for DDP-wide use."


9/23/07, New York Times: ...Thomas J. Devine of New York. ....is a financial consultant in New York and a managing member of Nine Exploration, an oil and gas exploration company in Dallas. ....

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