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Warfare - more in the context of sabotage than weaponry. Examples would include psychological warfare, political warfare, and economic warfare, in the Cold War context.
This can be deduced from reading three different WS cryptonyms at the Research Aid below.
Sources: at page 63

The CIA provides the definition for WSSIREN as "Psychological Warfare", and the definition for WSSPEAR as "Political Warfare". In that context, the definition of Berlin as "WSCORNY" makes sense, as Berlin was a prime site for Cold War drama - some of it corny.

Philip Agee, Inside the Company, CIA Diary, p. 74.

"The Economic Warfare Section of the PP (Psychological Warfare and Paramilitary) Staff is a subsection under Paramilitary Operations because its mission includes the sabotage of key ecomomic activities in a target country and the denial of critical imports, e.g. petroleum. Contamination of an export agricultural product or associated material (such as sacks destined for the export of Cuban sugar) or fouling the bearings of tractors, trucks or buses destined for a target country may be undertaken if other efforts to impede undesired trade fail."

Bill Simpich

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