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Cryptonym: WOFIRM

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CIA - a cryptonym used in the 1970s.


104-10335-10001: Memo from AARB Executive Director to CIA Historical Group Director, May 30, 1995 This document was sent by Assassinations Records and Review Board Executive Director David Marwell to the Director of the CIA Historical Review Group John Pereira. It offers a list of Agency cryptonyms and pseudonyms and requests officials to provide the corresponding true names or a general description of the type intelligence relationship the related person, group, or location had with official projects. Compare item on page 7 with #55 on page 10. The document states that WOFIRM is the CIA.

Meeting with LICOOKY/1 5 April 1968: Four page report from Figalan. 104-10266-10026: FOLDER ON COBB, VIOLA JUNE (VOL VII)

04/17/68: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Withheld to Chief, Withheld: Subject: ISOLOG/LICOOKY - Termination of Contact with LICOOKY/1: "1. During a meeting with LICOOKY/1 on 5 April 1968 agreement was reached that the WOFIRM relationship with her would be terminated. A memorandum of contact (NYM-2689) concerning the meeting is attached herewith, and indicates the reasons for this termination. No administrative action is required of either the Base or Headquarters in this instance, as LICOOKY/1 was not being paid by us here, and was formally terminated once before (1966). Her file can be retired, again, and this time presumably will be the last time. 2. Termination was very amicable, and LICOOKY/1 holds no ill-will for WOFIRM: she just does not wish to have any relationship with WOFIRM anymore. 3. The writer fully expects to hear from LICOOKY/1 from time to time by phone (in fact, she called later the same day of the meeting to wish the writer a pleasant Easter, as she had forgotten to do so during the meeting), but does not plan any further personal contact. Howard G. Figalan."

Bill Simpich

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