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Cryptonym: WIROOT

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Possibly a Congolese intelligence or military service.
A cable in March of 1961 referred to the possibility that WIROGUE-1 might work for SMOTH (MI6), UNION (probably French Intelligence), and WIROOT. In addition, a cable on May 14, 1961, mentioned that WIROOT had requested WIROGUE-1 to check the bank accounts in Belgium and Switzerland for GOC (Government of Congo) officials Bohulu and Bhunde, who were suspected of corruption in recent GOC aircraft purchases. Furthermore, a cable on May 31, 1961, stated that WILDCAT-5 had requested a name check on WIROGUE-1 on behalf of WIROOT.

104-10182-10052: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

03/23/61: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: Slugline RYBAT WIROGUE: "1. WIROGUE contacts Station at periodic intervals. 19 March W appeared discouraged and a little desperate. He still works for Congolese Air Force, making 15,000 BCF per month. Says he needs more just to live. Feels KUBARK (CIA) used him unfairly. W wants travel Germany and Italy to try make business arrangements concerning his intentions. Also would search for another job. Said he still owns car for which he thinks he can get about 260,000 BCF to cover cost trip. 2. Station concerned by W presence LEOP and possibility he could, if financial situation becomes sufficiently desperate, work for another service. Doubt he would cooperate with bloc services but cannot be certain. Also there is possibility he might work for SMOTH (MI6), UNION, WIROOT, etc. LEOP does not believe he has yet turned to other services. Appears hope KUBARK will again take him on. (In discussions desire go Germany said he would like meet with KUBARKER to determine if any job available for him. Salvack finessed direct reply this point but said LEOP not able do any more for him than advise HQs of his desire)..."

104-10182-10052: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

05/14/61: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: Slugline RYBAT WIROGUE: REF LEOP 3462 (NOT SENT FRAN) (IN 47511)* "1. CNA adviser Louis Maliere informed Guthman he checking out WIROGUE (W). Does not trust him. Said W suspect as drives expensive car and lives in expensive house. Maliere also querying Stahl for W traces. 2. GOC (Government of Congo) has asked W for police clearance from country of origin. W told them would take time and spoke of forging own one. W has told GOC ministry defence he needs to go Europe for medical purposes and GOC is paying W round trip. WIROOT is asking W to check bank accounts in Belgium and Switzerland for GOC officials Bohulu and Bhunde who suspected of graft in recent GOC aircraft purchases. WIROOT is giving W mission order and W states he intends contact police in both countries for this purpose..."

104-10182-10052: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

05/31/61: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: Slugline RYBAT WIROGUE: "On 28 May WILDCAT/5 requested name check for WIROGUE on behalf WIROOT. Apparent cause was application by WIROGUE for permanent residence card though Station not aware he applying until name check requested. WIROOT/2 suspicious Major Pierrot who has been in opposition WIFLAT/3. Thus WIROOT suspicious WIROGUE view his contacts with Pierrot. Station replying no traces. Depending on depth, check could cause difficulty for WIROGUE."

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