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Cryptonym: UOAMBER-2

Miguel Geullerion Truyul-Gemeiro.


5/11/64 dispatch from Chief of Station, WAVE to DC/WH/SA: "On March 3, one BYRON CAMERON...held an informal meeting with the following persons: Teofilo Babun Franco (201-292105), Oscar Fernandez Viego (201-739108), Eliseo Gomez Fernandez, AMCANOE 1/2, UOAMBER-02 (marginalia reveals "Miguel Geullerion Truyul-Gemeiro"). Babun is co-owner of the Antillean Marine Shipping Corp. at 3050 NW North River Drive, Miami, and Fernandez, Gomez, and UOAMBER-2 are his employees. The AMCANOES are friends of Babun. Contact between Babun and Cameron is frequent since they are friendly shipping business competitors in the Caribbean area...Cameron mentioned that he was in contact with a particular group who would be willing to assassinate select (Cuban) officials for cash; specifically, the Cameron group was interested in assassinating AMTHUG-1 (Fidel), AMLOUT-1 (Raul), and AMQUACK-1 (Che, 201-19673)..." See 104-10310-10186: During June 1964, Richard Helms wound up reporting this entire incident and many events that flowed from it in the following months to DCI John McCone. It came out that Julio Lobo was willing to pay $100,000 to have Fidel Castro assassinated. The story was that Cameron had a friend who was the head of the St. Louis Vice Squad who had many Mafia contacts. No one was able to find such a man, even when interviewing the vice squad chief of St. Louis. See 124-90059-10121, page 3 of 4: Richard Cain was Chicago chief Sam Giancana's right-hand man, and also a Chicago Vice Squad detective who "left Chicago PD under a cloud as result of alleged irregularities."

124-10214-10251: No Title

7/31/64 FBI memo from W. O. Cregar to D. J. Brennan, "Plans of Cuban Exiles to Assassinate Selected Cuban Government Leaders": "On 7/30/64, Mr. Austin Horn, CIA, advised the Liaison Agent of the following: The sources of CIA's memorandum of 4/6/64 and CIA's letter of 6/10/64 are identical. They are Miguel Guillermo Truyol-Gimeno and Oscar Fernandez Viega. CIA is of the opinion that the FBI has interviewed both individuals. In this regard, it is noted that both individuals are employed by a small firm in Miami whose officers and employees are aware of the plan to assassinate selected Cuban government leaders. CIA is of the opinion that if the Bureau were to reinterview the two sources, it would suggest to them that the FBI's interest in a reinterview resulted from information received by this Bureau from CIA. Sources have expressed the opinion to CIA that, should it become known that they were reporting this type of information to CIA, they would immediately be fired from the firm where they are presently employed."


10/16/64: Transmittal of TCDS Information Report (Orig: Withheld, Unit: WH/2/HAITI): "BASED ON: IN 94154 (WAVE 3380), UFG-6049, NP (UOAMBER/2 from UOAMBER/5)..."

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