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Cryptonym: UNSNAFU-12

Flora Diaz Parrado. UNSNAFU-12 was a female Cuban, who probably worked in the Cuban Embassy in Paris in 1963.
A December 1962 cable mentioned a recent fight between UNSNAFU-12 and the ambassador in the Cuban Embassy in Paris. A memo in April of 1963 stated that according to Conchita Fernandez, Harold Gramatges, Cuban Ambassador to Paris, had engineered the transfer of Diaz to UNESCO, Paris, because her non-Communist views were not to his liking. Fernandez also said "that Castro plans send Diaz back to diplomatic post in Paris against wishes Gramatges." This possibly indicated that Gramatges and Diaz had had an argument. In addition, UNSNAFU-12 appeared to be in contact with Captain Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez (AMLEO-3) and his wife in 1963. A December 1963 CIA cable from Paris stated that UNSNAFU-12 had apparently said that Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with President Kennedy's assassination. A memo in 1977 stated that UNSNAFU-12 was "a Cuban alternate delegate to UNESCO and an unwitting FI source at that time." A memo in May, 1963, on Jose Antonio Casas Rodriguez, mentioned that he had identified Flora Diaz Parrado as being a counselor at the Cuban Embassy in France. The memo mentioned that she was among those who may in the future be used for possible FI leads. In particular, Diaz was among the group who may be of "specific operational interest to SAS/FI components." Furthermore, as mentioned above, Flora Diaz Parrado had a link to UNESCO in 1963.

104-10185-10265: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

08/13/62: Cable from Withheld to Director: "1. 10 Aug according to AMPAPIST/1: A. IDEN A who private sec to Fidel Castro arrived PARI on or about 8 Aug returning from Helsinki. IDEN A departed 11 Aug for Madrid by air on way back PBRUMEN (Cuba). IDEN A close friend SIPOSY/1. B. Unidentified Cuban arrived PARI 8 Aug on way back LOND on 'important mission for Raul Castro.' This man went Peking last year on similar mission. Mission possibly connected with purchase weapons and spare parts for sea furies. 2. AMPAPIST/1 illicited above info from IDEN B on 12 Aug." - - - Page 129: 08/13/62: Cable from Withheld to Director: "IDEN A: Conchita Fernandez, married to Alfredo Alberu. IDEN B: Flora Diaz Parrado minister Cuban Emb. PARI."


12/13/62: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN UNRUMBLE UNBOUND: Page 4: ...."6. During course cafe meeting another UNBOUNDER joined group and continued debrief UNRUMBLE-2 about Latins in PARI and UNSNAFU-2. UNRUMBLE-2 stated did not know while no names mentioned, UNBOUND probably referring to UNSIGMA. UNRUMBLE-2 negative and vague replies brought meeting to end. In process however UNRUMBLE-2 became aware UNBOUND fairly well informed Cuban activities PARI including intimate affairs inside embassy such as recent fight between ambassador and UNSNAFU-12. UNSNAFU-8 probably source this info..."


12/18/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Personal Diplomatico y Consular Cubano Comunista: Page 3: ..."Lugar de Destino: Francia. Nombres y Apellidos: Harold Gratmages. Categoria: Embajador. Observaciones: Esta enfermo. Flora Diaz Parrado: Ministro Consejero, Encargado de Negocios."

104-10185-10266: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

04/23/63: Cable: "1...L-9 reported that after Conchita Fernandez unsuccessful persuade Raul Roa return L-9 to MEXI post she went see Fidel Castro 13 Apr. Roa told Fernandez that he had no control over reassignment L-9 that he now under jurisdiction Ramiro del Rio of the Consejo Cultural RPT Consejo Cultural (CC)...Nuances Conchita Fernandez who implied he should watch his step if he returned MEXI etc. on other hand L-9 now believes recall result Communist maneuver directed by Edith Garcia Buchaca, who heads CC, and from whom del Rio gets orders. Conchita Fernandez told L-9 she opinion his case similar that Flora Diaz Parrado, who former Cuban cultural attache Paris. According Fernandez, Harold Gramatges, Cuban Amb Paris, engineered transfer Diaz to UNESCO Paris because her non-Communist views not to his liking. Fernandez added that Castro plans send Diaz back to Dip post in Paris against wishes Gramatges..."

104-10163-10019: https://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-Oct2017/2018/104-10163-10019.pdf

05/15/63: Memorandum of Contact: Subject: Jose Antonio Casas Rodriguez (201-327702): Pages 7-9: ..."10. Subject was shown the KUBARK (CIA) list of Cuban diplomatic and consular personnel abroad dated April 1963 and was able to identify a number of individuals appearing on this list as known to him. These individuals would be basically FI leads and Subject indicated he was not well acquainted enough to describe their personalities or otherwise aid in an operational approach to them. We are listing them below, however, in the event some of them may be of specific operational interest to SAS/FI components. Any individuals falling into this category can be the subject of future detailed debriefing on the occasion of my next meeting with Subject...f. Flora Diaz Parrado, born about 1910, is currently employed as a counselor with the Cuban Embassy in France. Subject believes that Diaz is apolitical and has been a member of the foreign service for a long time. He also believes her to be homosexual..."


09/19/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 4: ...."12. Mrs. AMLEO-3 has also mentioned that UNSNAFU-12 was most kind to her during her recent home leave in Cuba, and made it quite clear she was anxious to get in touch with AMLEO-3. During the latter part of August Mrs. A-3 again mentioned to her husband that UNSNAFU-12 had written Identity B from Paris stating she was surprised at not having heard from AMLEO-3..."

104-10103-10250: 18 OCT-18 NOV AMLASH HIGHLIGHTS, PARIS

11/27/63: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline KAPOK KEYWAY PBRUMEN UNSIERRA: "UNSIERRA highlights period 18 Oct thru 18 Nov 63: 1. 21 Oct. UNSNAFU/16 states Flora Diaz Parrado to be promoted to minister rank and retired at same time. She to receive retirement pay abroad (i.e. in France). UNSNAFU/12 very bitter about this unusual action. 2. 29 Oct targets visited by Jao Santiago. Santiago complains bitterly that Gramatges trying to fire him. States she writing letter to important officials in Cuba exposing situation in embassy. Santiago states embassy received letter from one Mr. Touzet (Comment: of Touzet Laboratories, Paris) who taking court action freeze embassy Hurricane Flora relief bank account. Action based on expropriated Touzet property in Cuba. Santiago states he will withdraw relief fund from bank on 30 Oct. If he can. UNSNAFU-16 mentions embassy may have to move. (Comment: This subject has been mentioned several times UNSIERRA and UNSOX but no definite word as yet. (REDACTION) has been queried). UNSNAFU/12 states Mario Garcia (Handwritten: Varela, the code clerk??, INT CI DDI Rpt 3 SO/N) was recalled to Cuba and states he drinking heavily. 3. 30 Oct. UNSNAFU/12 complains bitterly about official visitors to Paris and how they denigrate revolution. States she wishes she had concealed tape recorder to record these conversations. She includes Papipo Serguera (as transcriber) and Rolando Cubelas in this group. 4. 7 Nov. Wilfredo Lam visits. Telephone call from Edith Sorel in which Sorel states 'Franqui is leaving on the 12th.' Lam confirms this, stating Franqui wrote Lam saying he coming PARI, LOND, then Prague and HAVA. Mention of Tete Casuso and fear Casuso will try talk with Lam and UNSNAFU/12 (Comment: Via UNRUMBLE/2, PARI having Casuso attempt talk with both Lam and UNSNAFU/12). Lam discussed possible trip to Spain but states he would only go with diplomatic passport for fear of arrest. (CONTINUED BELOW)

104-10103-10250: 18 OCT-18 NOV AMLASH HIGHLIGHTS, PARIS

11/27/63: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline KAPOK KEYWAY PBRUMEN UNSIERRA: "5. 9 Nov. UNSNAFU/12 gives HAVA address of Nay Revnelta: Calle 22 No. 3704, 3/37 Y 41, Miramar tele 25936. UNSNAFU/16 states 'any day now we will be given 30 days to move out of the embassy.' 6. 12 Nov. UNSNAFU/12 reacts to Juan Marinello appointment with anger, frustration, and tears. (Comment: Apparently feels betrayed but no firm indication what course of action she will take). 7. 13 Nov. More talk about Marinello. UNSNAFU/12 states she feels desperate and will attend to her private affairs. UNSNAFU/16 states she may bring evidence of embassy chaos and corruption home for safekeeping and UNSNAFU/12 encourages her to do so. Andres Moreno, who visiting, states Corona may have trouble being accepted by French in view his Communist agitator past. States Corona has seen French Ambassador (Unintelligible) several times (unintelligible) support for his nomination. UNSNAFU/12 comments that Fidel Castro making personnel changes now so that when Khrushchev visits Cuba it will imply his tacit acknowledgement of these changes. UNSNAFU/12 mentions that Fidel is afraid of her because of recordings of conversations which took place in 1958 which UNSNAFU/12 has in her possession. (Comment: No further clarification and possibly be typical UNSNAFU/12 boasting). Further comment about Marinello and UNSNAFU/12 states she may have to vacate apartment. States 'we will find something but I don't believe we will be here for many more months.' 3. Comment. Scattered comments through out later transcripts to effect that many personnel changes going on in Cuba and that told 26 July people seem to be gaining strength. UNSNAFU/12 seems feel that Marinello and Corona being sent abroad to get rid of them for a while."


12/10/63: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline RYBAT GPFLOOR: "1. UNSIERRA for 24 and 25 Nov gives target reaction to Kennedy assassination. UNSNAFU/12 and UNSNAFU/16 appear happy about it, and sorry for Oswald. Comment that Oswald is 'dead duck' since to be judged in Texas. 25 Nov after Oswald shot, UNSNAFU/12 states Oswald poor boy and 'he had nothing to do with Kennedy's murder.' Targets laugh when hearing of Chinese reaction to assassination. 2. No index. C/S Comment: *Requested stations screen all audiotapes since 22 November 1963 for comments on assassination of President Kennedy."


Page 81: ..."Patronymic. Given Name. Matronymic (Type): Diaz, Flora Parrado (T). Photo No: MB/01/655. DOB: 10 Dec 10. CITZ: Cuba..."


04/20/77: Memorandum from Chris Hopkins, LAD/Task Force (JFK): "The sensitive source cited in paragraph 4, page 29, of Book V - Final Report of SSC to Study Governmental Operations (REDACTION) in Paris, France encrypted UNSIERRA. It is defunct and the files are retained in Archives in Warrenton. The French Desk will order for us if needed. A copy of the referenced communication, PARI 1664 (IN 69266) dated 27 November 1963, is attached. It was located in Volume 4 of Rolando Cubela's official file, 201-252234. UNSNAFU-12, cited in paragraph 3 of that cable, is (REDACTION), a Cuban alternate delegate to UNESCO and an unwitting FI source at that time. Please note that a copy of this cable was provided to Mr. Breckinridge to carry to a meeting on 11 June 1976 with Senators Hart and Schweiker."

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