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Cryptonym: TPFOCUS

Unknown identity. A memo in June of 1968, on the Garrison investigation of President Kennedy's assassination, stated that on December 13, 1950, William Clarens Wood was granted a CSC for utilization as a staff agent with Project TPFOCUS.
Wood used the alias of Bill Boxley during his work for New Orleans District Attorney (DA), Jim Garrison. Project TPFOCUS was mentioned in the 1976 Church Committee document on CIA proprietary companies and entities.


06/05/68: Memorandum No. 9: Subject: Garrison and the Kennedy Assassination: Page 7: "c. William Clarens Wood, born 17 August 1920, was approved for OSS duty in December 1944, but was not utilized. On 13 December 1950 Wood was granted a CSC for utilization as a Staff Agent with Project TPFOCUS. He suffered a nervous breakdown in March 1952. He was assigned to OTR as an instructor (GS-11) in May 1952. He resigned 27 January 1953, after his resignation had been requested, because of alcoholism. While under the influence of sodium pentothol during a medical operation in July 1953 Wood made statements showing extreme antagonism toward the Agency. The FBI reported in April 1957 that Wood had offered assistance to the Nationalist Chinese Intelligence Service. DCS requested clearance to use Wood in February 1967 but dropped the request after the FBI reported that he was drinking heavily again..." More information in 104-10104-10412.

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

00/00/76: SSCIA document: Proprietaries: Page 59: ..."Project/Entity: TPFOCUS. Highest Net Equity Balance on Agency Records 1952-1974: $1,764,000..."

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