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Cryptonym: SLANK-1

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Cuban intelligence officer Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez, who defected to U.S. via Canada in April 1964, and was interrogated about Oswald in addition to other matters. Originally AMMUG-1, he became SLANK-1 during the 1970s.

104-10183-10355: CIA FILE ON AMMUG-1

3/3/70 dispatch from Chief, WH/Miami to Chief, WHD: "On 26 February when Henry S. Pachankis met with AMMUG-1 (201-749651) on his citizenship problem...AMMUG-1 was asked if he had anything new to report. He brought up a most interesting case, one which could prove to be a valuable lead. AMMUG-1 has known the Rodriguez family since his childhood in Regla (a small town across the bay from Havana). The father had been a bolita banker since the Batista era. AMMUG-1 was very friendly with Rodriguez's two sons. Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (note: 201-865547, Government, assigned to a foreign embassy)...and Hector Rodriguez Llompart (note: 201-276598, Cuban ambassador to East Germany)...AMMUG-1, who was in the police force in the initial stages of the revolution, states that he deleted an incriminating page from his father's dossier (showing he paid off the police to save his bolita operation) and thus saved him from prosecution. AMMUG-1 continued to be close with the family, especially Roberto, 'whom I saw everyday and ran around with.'...Since Roberto appears to be an excellent recruitment target, we will have him watchlisted with a view toward having AMMUG-1 make an approach to him at the first opportunity."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

10/23/74 memo from Director to REDACTED: "Appreciate REDACTED'S offer attempt approach SLASH-1. However, wish stand-down for moment on op, since we see no chance of success using only name of SLANK-1. SLANK-1 disappeared several months ago. Henry S. Pachankis, who in contact with SLANK-1, presently NY where involved other operational priorities, and unable return Miami try track down SLANK-1. We hope do so when Pachankis returns Miami, and will then think in terms of SLASH-1's next trip out. File: 201-365547 (typo - should be 201-865547) LA comment: "Ref offered CO (case officer) REDACTED to approach SLASH-1 using name SLANK-1 (childhood friend of SLASH-1) using bona fides."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

April 1978: Pachankis has been SLANK-1's case officer since 1970. Pachankis uses the alias Joe Norris. SLANK-1 agreed to keep monitoring "SA" - Salvador Aldereguia. At p. 7 - Aldereguia identified James Cogswell as a "retired ONI officer". At pages 4, 7 and 8 see the ID for Aldereguia, who was the aide to a major banker and financier of the Cuban exiles, Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya, head of the world's largest drug-laundering bank in the 1970s - the World Finance Corporation. For more on Hernandez-Cartaya, one of the members of the 2506 Brigade & allegedly Operation 40 - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillermo_Hern%C3%A1ndez-Cartaya


08/01/78, Cable from Director to Mexico City: Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT SLANK: "1. Following FYI only: House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) desires interview SLANK-1 (S-1) in connection with their investigation of President Kennedy's assassination. 2. Please advise priority if Henry S. Pachankis is still in contact with S-1 and confirm if S-1 still resides 2931 SW 19th Terrace, Miami, phone (305) 443-3027. 3. Above info needed for preliminary planning. Do not report not reveal HSCA interest to S-1. We plan to have any HSCA interview of S-1 conducted at HQs under controlled conditions. Will advise future developments when known. End FYI. 4. File: 201-749651...ORIG: W. Sturbitts - C/LA/STB...COORD: OLS (Joannides), PCS/LOC (Shepanek), DC/LA/CO (LATRASH), C/LA/CAR/Miami. REL: C/LAD Warren..."

104-10326-10098: WITHHELD

4/6/93 memo from CIC/LA to REDACTED: "SLANK-1, REDACTED originally encrypted AMMUG-1, 201-749651, was one of our earliest Cuban defectors. He was a DGI officer who defected 24 April 1964 in Canada. Following lengthy debriefing, he was used operationally and finally terminated in July 1967...we recognize that the DGI double agent program did not begin until after SLANK-1's defection and that the DGI never used DGI officers as doubles. Nonetheless, as SLANK-1 provided information which indicated that the government of Cuba played no role in the Kennedy assassination, we need to tie up all loose ends as we approach the thirty year declassification time limit of files covering that era..."

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