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Cryptonym: QUANTUM-55

Unknown identity. QUANTUM-55 was an acquaintance of Blanca Martinez de Hoya, AMSPELL National Coordinator for Civil Resistance. Martinez in turn was a personal friend of AMCOG-3, Ramon Grau San Martin.
A meeting between QUANTUM-55 and Martinez inadvertently led to the arrest of AMFRET-7 and his brother, after the latter had a shoot out with Cuban G-2. In addition, a cable in October 1963 stated in February 1963 that a CIA agent gave a letter to QUANTUM-55, who was a friend of his. QUANTUM-55 was to then send it to Jorge Antonio Abasolo Garcia, who became LICRAFT-1 later that year.


02/04/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 2: "4. Reference C is a chronological summary of AMHINT-33's activities subsequent to his infiltration in Cuba, and his contacts with Chelin, the brother of AMFRET-7. AMFRET-7's arrest was reported in Reference B. The AMFRET-7 Case Officer states that both AMFRET-7 and his brother were arrested, after shooting it out with G-2 and being wounded. As noted in Reference D, AMFRET-7's arrest was made after QUANTUM-55 and Blanca Martinez de Hoya, aka 'Cuca,' aka 'Cuchi', brought Medina, AMSPELL's National Military Coordinator for Reception and Supply, to Iden A where Medina recognized AMHINT-33. AMHINT-33 said Medina was an old friend of his and had lived near him..." Page 3: ..."d. 'Cuca' or 'Cuchi' Martinez, who has held the position of AMSPELL National Coordinator for Civil Resistance, is a personal friend of AMCOG-3 and family. She is believed to have taken asylum in the Mexican Embassy. SW Message 12 from AMCOG-3, dated 8 December 1962 and received 12 December, reported that QUANTUM-51 advised 'Cuca' to hide or be cautious because Medina had turned out to be a G-2 member. The message said that this was learned from AMSPELL prisoners and that, during interrogation, they were asked many questions about 'Cuca' and AMCOG-2..."


10/29/63, Cable from Director to Mexico City: "1. Subj ref was granted POA 7 May 1963, 201-356959. Requesting 6 months extension of POA. 2. FYI: POA was requested when HQs attempted recruitment of Subj through (REDACTION), CIA agent and close friend of Subj who now residing in U.S. Recruitment pitch was made in letter written to Subj by (REDACTION) at HQs direction. (REDACTION) gave letter to his friend QUANTUM-55 in February 1963 for ultimate (unintelligible) delivery to Subj in Cuba. We do not know at this time whether QUANTUM-55 even delivered the letter to Subj. In any event no reply from Subj has been delivered by (REDACTION) to date. (REDACTION) has assessed Subj as probably being in opposition to the regime in Cuba, and as probably willing to cooperate in a clandestine reporting operation. 3. In view fact MEXI has successfully established contact with Subj through AMSEVER-2, HQs defers to Mexico City Station for further operational development of Subj. 4. HQs traces on Subj indicate PDOB Havana, 24 Aug 1929; that he attended St. Bernard College, Alabama, 1946; that he attended Georgia Tech in 1948; and that on 2 Jan 1949 he was excluded from admission to USA at Miami because he did not have a valid visa. 5. Since Subj has access high level Cuban officials as well as SOVS and he apparently has agreed furnish info, request MEXI proceed to develop this op on priority basis. Please Cable developments. WH Comment: *Requested traces and POA for Jorge Antonio Abasolo Garcia, Cuban, Chief of a Division in Ministry of Industries."

Gavin McDonald

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