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Cryptonym: QJWIN-1

He was known as Jose Marie Andre Mankel. A document makes it unclear whether this is his real name or an alias. John J. Berger appears to be an alias.
See 104-10331-10194, a name information sheet created by CIA: Jose Marie Andre Mankel. It states at bottom: "Virtually all data on Mankel - except his true name - have been released." Standing by itself, the statement is ambiguous. Is Merkel his real name or not?

104-10185-10009: ZRRIFLE

July 1962: Arnold Silver writes to William K. Harvey: "I happen to know that QJWIN can do more spotting in Corsican circles whenever we want him to." He mentions that the two candidates in Italy are available that QJWIN spotted "a year and a quarter ago". The math suggests April 1961 - the month of the Bay of Pigs.

Lamar Waldron, Ultimate Sacrifice (2005) pp. 495-496.

"QJWIN was run out of the CIA's Luxembourg station, and was paid from the CIA's Paris station, and there are indications that they - and McCone - were not fully briefed about QJWIN's assassin-recruitment activities...(in May 1978) Phillips de Vojoli, who headed French intelligence in the US in 1963..,'talked generally about plots against Castro and an offer by French Intelligence to the CIA to carry out the Castro assassination for them.'" This is based on notes from Senate investigator James P. Kelly, on file at the Assassination Archives Research Center. Kelly had worked for RFK in the late 50s. De Vosjoli was also referred to in the late 70s as TOPAZ.


List of cryptonyms and pseudonyms was provided to HSCA staffers at their request by the CIA. See 104-10079-10112: This document states that Merkel is his real name while John J. Berger is his alias.


Jose Marie Andre Mankel is linked to QJWIN from another page in the document that appears in this list of cryptonyms and pseudonyms that was provided to HSCA staffers at their request by the CIA.

104-10185-10409: QJWIN CONTRACT

A contract for QJWIN containing the identity of the person being compensated as Jose Marie Andre Mankel.


This document states Jose Andre Mankel was part of Central Intelligence Agency Project ZRRIFLE and was undertaking identical activities during the time Agency employees assigned them to QJWIN. Mankel's last CIA contact was the same month QJWIN was terminated.

104-10185-10011a: Altman met Mankel

Justin O'Donnell, the CIA representative of Richard Bissell, using the pseudonym Oliver Altman met with Jose Mankel to discuss his assigned duties.

104-10185-10078: Subject now in Paris, Possibility will contact Jouvenoy 29 October

This cable relates "Subject now in Paris" and a note on the bottom of the message states "Gave contact instructions for Mankel meet Fran."

104-10185-10079: Oliver B. Altman Identity Follows, would like to meet Mankel Fran 30 October

These cables reveal that Oliver B. Altman is Justin O'Donnell who officials schedule to meet Jose Mankel (QJWIN) in France.

104-10185-10428: Adminstrative/Finance - QJWIN

This official document presents some files notes about the operational costs and accounting regarding the use of QJWIN.

Summary of Pertinent Testimony Pertaining to Richard Bissell

A summary of Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell's testimony to Congress that states the person who recruited QJWIN for William K. Harvey was Arnold Silver.

1993.07.22.14:50:39:340280: Reel 14, Folder L - QJWIN ZRRIFLE

This document links QJWIN to Project ZRRIFLE for developing "executive action capability" or the potential use of assassination targeting foreign leaders. While the file does not indicate QJWIN was used for assassination, it was among his considered uses in the Congo. The document clarifies "...the virtual absence of any written material on this subject suggests that activities dealing with the 'executive action capability' were not intended to be committed to writing."

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