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Cryptonym: QJWIN

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QJWIN plans were created to develop foreign agents for spotting recruits to conduct sabotage operations and intelligence code seizures.
These plans eventually were included within other projects and this entailed some agents being lent for potential assassination plots under the larger hierarchy of Project ZRRIFLE. These operations evolved into a support mechanism for recruiting agents internationally and this allowed the use of QJWIN offices in multiple areas to fulfill the various aforementioned objectives under the purview of related project goals.

157-10014-10102: WILLIAM HARVEY

The document states that William Harvey told investigators that in the case of QJWIN-1 he was leant to Arnold Silver for a potential ZRRIFLE operation in the Congo. In that specific instance, QJWIN-1 became an asset of the ZRRIFLE project while still feasibly a part of QJWIN related projects.

157-10014-10102: WILLIAM HARVEY

William Harvey notes to investigators in the document that he would use a combined cryptonym of "QJWIN/ZRRIFLE" to signify the primary ZRRIFLE designation but also to note the use of the "QJWIN operation".

104-10308-10287: REVIEW OF ZRRIFLE FILE

A review of the Project ZRRIFLE files offers that one Harold Meltzer furnished information to "our QJWIN California office...he has the background and talent for the matter we discussed but it is not known whether he would be receptive". The prior statement would indicate officials were interested in using this criminal for possible sabotage or assassination projects under the QJWIN cryptonym prior to the recruitment of Jose Marie Andre Mankel (QJWIN-1).


8/19/75, Ted Shackley, using the alias of "Mr. Halley" said that when he hears the phrase QJWIN it "has something to do with Spain."

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